With Each Sign The Good And The Bad Of Falling In Love

Falling In Love

With Each Sign The Good And The Bad Of Falling In Love

It is true, in the world there are very good people, the kind that you fall in love with for their qualities and it is inevitable when you least realize it you are already imagining a whole life by their side because it gives you peace. It’s okay, but that doesn’t mean you’re blind, you know there‘s good and bad about falling in love with each zodiac sign and that doesn’t mean the relationship is going to fail, it’s part of putting tolerance into practice. 


The sign that will never leave you adrift, shows you that when you need it most it will take you by the hand. He does not allow them to make fun of you and becomes your best adventure companion. However, he has an impulsive side, so much so that he can become childish because it is difficult for him to control his temper and if things do not go his way, he gets very angry. 


When it comes to relationships, Taurus does not waste time, if someone gives him a bad feeling, he prefers to walk away. He is very loyal, therefore, he looks for people who are at his level of commitment, and he does not like to play with your emotions. However, the bad part of him has to do with stubbornness, when he gets an idea in his head he is capable of arguing to tears, be careful. 


If you are really ready to add a spark to your life, then he is the right person. He is the type of sign that loves to know everything around him, loves topics that test his intellect, and likes deep ties. The bad thing is that it can get very difficult because he doesn’t like to feel governed and his rebellious side scares him. 


The delicacy with which Cancer enters your life is wonderful, always cautiously, taking care of your feelings. If things go wrong for you, he gives you back your breath, he knows how to paint gray days. However, the bad side of him is that he does not keep anything, if something bothers him, his character speaks for itself. He is not one to forget after being hurt, better stay away. 


Leo loves to set the tone in everything, he is the king of the party and knows very well how to lead around him. He is the type of partner who shares his achievements with you, but he also encourages you to achieve yours. His company illuminates, that, there is no doubt. The downside is that his ego can get in the way and that’s when he unexpectedly gets defensive. That can be exhausting. 


If Virgo decides to share their days with you, it is because you are truly special, it is one of the signs that prefer to have only one person than surround themselves with fake people. His confident side of him draws you in and at the same time makes you feel very safe. The bad thing is that he can be very rigid with his thoughts, he does not allow himself to be manipulated and that can generate tension. 


It is not something that he plans, but Libra ends up stealing glances everywhere he steps, coexistence is born from his soul. In fact, her advice is usually very special, she has a very high level of empathy and which makes her personality very warm. The bad thing is that she doesn’t like confrontations and many times she prefers to keep quiet about what she feels. 


The character of Scorpio intrigues them, there is no doubt about that. He likes to put up barriers when he sets his mind to them, but deep down he is someone extremely deep and emotional. He cares a lot about the people he loves and is very trustworthy. However, he has a bad side, if you lie to him or betray him, forget it, he will not have compassion on you, even if you beg on your knees. 


He is the person who lifts your spirits and awakens your concerns with everything that comes out of his mouth. He is optimistic, he loves to stay one step ahead and he loves to explore everything around him. He’s honest, if he’s with you it’s because he really appreciates you. The bad thing is that he has no limits and there are times when his comments can be very hurtful, but it is not his intention. 


At the moment in which Capricorn considers you someone important in his life, there is no way to go back, he will give you the best of his life. It is a sign that does not like things by halves and if someone messes with you, they do not remain silent. However, he has a bad side, sometimes he focuses too much on his projects that he ends up ignoring what really matters. 


The life of Aquarius is like that, unpredictable, crazy, and very daring. He loves everything that he is capable of adding interest to his days. He is very humanitarian, he loves intense conversations and everything that he has to do with future projects. But the bad part about him is that he is extremely independent, he can become alarmingly isolated and lose important people. 


You don’t have to explain to Pisces twice how you feel, because they are capable of perceiving in other ways, they pay attention to each of your gestures, they understand you and do not judge you, but they show you that you are not alone. The bad thing is that there are times when he is so concerned about the lives of those he loves that he puts his own aside and puts his decisions in other hands. 

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