Why You’ve Been Single Longer Than You Want

Why You’ve Been Single Longer Than You Want

This being single is synonymous with an opportunity, a time in which you can be with yourself. After a broken heart, it is very difficult to smile again, there is a part inside you that struggles with emptiness and it is very hard to assimilate it. However, there comes a point where you fall in love with yourself, focus on what you want, and embrace your self-love like never before. The bad thing is that you become quite demanding, it is no longer possible for anyone who comes and talks to you nicely to have a place in your days. Each sign of the zodiac faces it in its own way. Surely many times you wonder why you have been single longer than you want. Here are the reasons:

1.- Aries 

At first glance it seems that you have everything under control, you are sure of yourself and you do not get carried away by what people say. However, there are times when you are terrified of taking the first step. It’s been so long since you’ve dived into this love thing, you don’t even know how to handle it anymore. You feel scared, you distrust the way you look, the way you speak, everything. There is no worse critic than you, you really do not forgive yourself even the slightest mistake. This makes the other person receive the wrong message, you are showing yourself as someone you are not just for fear of feeling rejected. Aries, you are putting obstacles, there are people who are eager to meet you, but your attitude prevents them from approaching. Also, your emotional lows take you away from everything. It is important that you know how to be alone, but also in company. It is not healthy for you to sink without saying anything and you know it. Deep down you just want to know a good heart, someone you can trust.

2.- Taurus 

Without a doubt, the worst companion of being single is apathy, the moment they decide to team up behind your back, things get pretty bleak. And you have become very skeptical when it comes to meeting someone. You are too demanding and do not hesitate for a second to find the worst of the defects. Also, you are lazy to start playing courtship games. You’re really not sure if a passing love is worth spending time on, but how are you going to figure it out without trying? Before thinking that it is something boring you have to give yourself the opportunity. Just speeding things up doesn’t guarantee you anything. That is, dating a person, kissing them on the first date and a little more is not synonymous with the fact that they will be the love of your life. Take the time to really know, find out if they have chemistry or not. This is what love is all about, at least you already have the emotional maturity to let go in time in case it doesn’t work out. Trust Taurus, you are leaving beautiful loves for putting that huge shell in your heart, Taurus.

3.- Gemini

No one here is going to doubt that you are one of the most charming signs of the zodiac. It is not too flatter, it is real, you have a mixture of qualities that become a magnet for everyone who knocks on your door. To begin with, you are very intelligent, you save so much information that it becomes a treat to talk with you, you always leave great lessons. In addition, you hate falling into monotony, when you feel that you are not moving forward you look for a way to add a new meaning to your life. However, your brilliance becomes a double-edged sword. That is, you feel that your way of being is too much for some people and you do not want to be ignored for it. It is your anxious thoughts that deceive you, those that tell you that you are not worth it and you end up believing it. However, the time has passed and you do nothing but put one pretext after another, to avoid a bad experience. Gemini, trust a little more because there is a funny soul out there waiting for you. Just because you give yourself another chance at love does not mean that you are going to lose your friends, hobbies, or anything else you like.

4.- Cancer 

At this point in life, the only thing that Cancer seeks is to breathe and feel that stability is with it. It is a very dedicated sign, but he is also tired of giving and giving, without receiving anything in return. When you decide to close the doors of love it is because you really found your comfort zone, you feel comfortable with your family and friends, what more do you need? The bad thing is that you have pigeonholed yourself, your circle does not give you more and you have already got used to living with the same people as always. Be careful because your radiant, sweet and brave personality is being lost, you can become the shadow of others, but what about you? Stop boycotting your relationships just for fear of being broken up. You have already lived through hard times and here you are reading a couple of lines that will make you reflect. They will make you wonder if you really like the life you lead. Just wanting someone to hug you from time to time and tell you that everything is going to be okay doesn’t make you weak. Remember that you are here to love, do not take that opportunity away.

5.- Leo   

The truth is that after dealing with being single for so long, you have found it to be quite sweet. There is nothing more pleasant than walking free through life, falling asleep without worries, and knowing that in the end, you have you. Being single has taught you great lessons, above all, that you will not allow anyone to trample on your dignity. However, there is a part of you that feels scared. She doesn’t want to be humiliated, much less rejected, so you prefer to pretend that you don’t need anyone’s company. Life has treated you hard, but that does not mean that all the love that knocks on your door will tear you to pieces. There are beautiful people who hug you, kiss you, listen to you, remind you that you are here to give your best. Don’t take that opportunity away, Leo, because you know you deserve flowers at the door, ready breakfasts, and conversations until dawn.

6.- Virgo 

Your personality is unique, Virgo, there is no reason why you have to change. However, if you do, let it be because you want to, because it will help you improve. Sometimes you prefer to be single because it is difficult for you to deal with people who do not understand the way you are. You feel judged by wanting everything to be perfect. You are the type of sign that does not get easily carried away by romanticism, you want facts, but… you don’t always give the opportunity to be demonstrated. It is your fears that block you, make you doubt your potential, and the idea that someone will fall madly in love with the way you are. You know that you are passionate, that you fight for yours, and that loyalty for you is the key to forming a bond. Actually, there are many people who share similar thoughts, you just need to start dating a little more, meet new faces, visit some unusual places. Get out of your Virgo comfort zone.

7.- Libra  

He loves me, He Loves Me Not. Sometimes, your relationship with love is like this idea of ​​leafing out daisies, you like to feel all those sensations in your stomach during falling in love, but … when things get more serious, you want to run away. It is not you, it is the ghosts of the past that do not let you move forward, those that tell you that this person is not convenient for you, that they may also be unfaithful, or that they do not treat you with the love and empathy that you expect. Libra, you are not a judging sign, but when your heart is in the way you become the worst critic. Do not do this to yourself, your life is running out for thinking a lot of things that do not let you surrender. You are more than all that, Libra, stop showing your claws ahead of time. What you need is to calm your fierce part a bit and tell them that it’s okay if they give you a caress from time to time. Do not be yourself who clouds your walk, you deserve much more. Start to believe it, it is the way you can attract the right person.

8.- Scorpio   

How hard it is to be a Scorpio because all the time you are struggling with duality. There is your reserved, mysterious part, the one that does not let anyone see you weak and that when you get upset makes many tremble. However, your emotional side, the one that only wants to be understood and loved, the only thing that is waiting is a hug from the person in your life. Scorpio, you are a charm, you know that your jokes are exceptional and that you have the gift of touching the deepest fibers of people. Also, you don’t beat around the bush, when you really like someone you don’t have eyes for anyone else, without a doubt, being loyal is one of the things you like the most. Deep down, you want a fun, passionate partner who is not afraid of formality. You are no longer here to invest your time and energy in a passing love. But, you’re not giving anyone a chance to earn that spot. Take off the bad guy’s mask from time to time. Nothing happens if your vulnerable part shows up.

9.- Sagittarius 

Oh Sagittarius, if you just trusted your instinct a little more and you would lower two lines on your demanding side, things would look very different. In reality, it is your fear that makes you find something wrong with everything. It is true, you are no longer to be enduring abuse, or settle for someone who does not make you feel special, but remember that it is not good to judge a book by its cover. If you do not give the person the opportunity to meet you, how is it that he will be able to conquer you? There are so many times that you have had to deal with the imposition of love in the past, that you are already on the defensive and you think that everyone wants to manipulate you and break your freedom. Not all are like that, there are mature minds that understand that you are an independent being and that your way of loving has nothing to do with ties. Sagittarius, trust a little more because there are people who would give everything to end up in your arms at the end of the day.

10.- Capricorn 

Work, worries, debts, the house, your hobbies. It is clear that your schedule is synonymous with going from one activity to another. It is good that you put your dreams as a priority, that you focus on building what you have always wanted. However, Capricorn, do not leave aside your emotional part, feelings matter, and the fact that you try to hide it will only make the glass fill up sooner or later and end up spilling. You didn’t even realize it the moment having a partner took a backseat. Your heart matters, being with someone who adds to you as well. Out there is a heart ready to share your same interests. However, do not expect everything to fall from the sky, you are not like that. When you want something you work hard and you don’t care if you get your hands dirty. The same thing happens with love, if you want to say goodbye to being single, you have to go out and meet a lot of people, it is the only way to find the love of your life.

11.- Aquarius 

If there is a zodiac sign on this list that loves loneliness above all else, then without a doubt, we are talking about Aquarius. He is the one who enjoys breathing peace and not having to depend on anyone. However, there comes a point where you go to the extreme and become the most listless when it comes to building new relationships. Not only with couples but also with friends. You already have your support network well established and it is very difficult for someone new to become part of it. The truth is that there are times when you just want a little love, someone who can listen to all your projects and dreams. Your way of seeing life is unusual, that’s fine, you don’t have to pretend to be accepted, but don’t hide or run away from someone who is willing to give you the best of their life. Do not fear Aquarius, there are companies that inspire you, support you and make you grow as a person. All you have to do is trust.

12.- Pisces 

A respite for all those times when you have kept quiet about things that you feel. Sometimes you like the person, something moves you, however, you prefer not to say anything for fear of not being reciprocated. It is not fair that you fall in love and live a duel in silence when you have not even tried to see if the other person is interested… Pisces, you are idealistic, your dreaming part is not in doubt, but do not let your thoughts show you a reality that you have not even verified. It is time for you to be more in the present, release those shadows of your past that do not let you move forward, and focus on today. Flirting is healthy, looks, kisses, caresses, comfort your soul. It is good that you fall in love again, maybe you do it in a more stealthy way because you do not want to be hurt and it is very valid, but stop feeling like it. Send that message and let life decide what will happen.


Why You've Been Single Longer Than You Want

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