Why You’re Scared Of Falling In Love Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The fear of love (or falling into love) phobia is known as philophobia. Finding true love is not easy, but the hardest part is letting go of your love. That fear of heartbreak sometimes takes a step back to actually fall into love. Sometimes these people fall in love but are reluctant to admit it. Maybe the reason may or may not be irrelevant, but this can be scary to limit your feelings. But once you find your reasons and start acknowledging these fears, you may be able to work on them and find the courage to fall into your head.

While it will be an exaggeration to think that our zodiac signs can change our destinies, it is also true that our stars affect our love life and thoughts, and as a result, astrology may have some answers as to why some people are afraid, to fall in love. Here we have tried to take into account the personality traits that are unique to the characters and from there we have tried to find possible reasons for the fear in the areas of attachment, romantic intimacy, and relationships.

1. Aries (March 21st – April 19th)

They are very fiery in their passions. If you are romantically obsessed with a particular person, then you are fervently doing it. Her greatest fear is that her passionate intensity will backfire; that is, their passion is not reciprocated and, in turn, they just appear as arrogant personality. They are hard to bond, but when they do it’s not impossible to shake them out of their determination. And that’s why they never want to be the one to break up the relationship and that’s why they’re scared of falling into love.

They don’t want to strangle you, and no matter what it looks like, they just want to protect you; especially. But their execution of this protection is often known to be problematic, often using the phrase “I protect you from myself (by separation)”; so be prepared.

2nd Taurus (April 20th – May 21st)

Like bulls in a fighting enclosure, they are focused when in love. They are traditional at heart and believe in finding the right person. The thing is that they are very independent and career-oriented, they like to move around in a systematic way. And that’s why they are scared of relying on someone for their feelings.

Your greatest fear would be the effect your romantic other has on their chalked-out perfect life and goals. Once they let someone in, they stay in one way or another. Their greatest fear is the change, falling into love now scares them because they think that love will change the way they live, their habits and also themselves. They are not quite ready for that.

3rd twin (May 22nd – June 21st)

A twin is an airy sign of that. They spend their entire lives figuring out how to be around people and how to fit in. Your thought is constantly wavering. They are unpredictable and that is why falling into love scares them as they are always thinking about whether or not the other person is a better fit for them.

Another of Gemini’s greatest fear is not knowing how to behave around their partner and how to behave appropriately. And more importantly, they are an indecisive bunch. If they fall for you, they will be confused, about anything, because they will keep trying to figure out how to be around you and other people and while trying to sail in two boats sticky situations will ensue.

4. Cancer (June 22nd to July 22nd)

They are by far the most ideal romance character, tailored for long-term relationships. You are dedicated, thoughtful, imaginative, loyal, friendly; if you end up marrying a Cancer, the only arguments you will have will be about what to have for dinner; and the most likely outcome would be that they match you.

Sounds perfect? There’s just one small catch. You are insecure at a morbid level. And it’s mostly about whether you’re happy, whether they treat you well enough. As is well known, this has already led to many a dispute. Plus, they have high expectations for romances, which makes them commit as much as they do. If you don’t find these expectations, episodes can occur. They firmly believe in love, but they fear that their feelings will not be reciprocated.

5th Leo (July 23rd – August 22nd)

They are a proud people who put their pride and extreme rationality above everything else. They think a lot of themselves and of course their expectations of their partner are also quite high. They think their partner may not be good enough for them or may not be able to meet their emotional needs. This is why they are pretty careful when it comes to falling into love. They know and will not settle for anything less.

Your only fear: love itself. You are aware of the rose-colored glasses that love comes with as an additional package and of its consequences. They know how their senses are compromised and their pride shaken when something goes wrong, and that thinking itself inevitably makes them shrink back.

6. VIRGIN (August 23rd – September 22nd)

Her greatest strength is also her greatest shortcoming: the ability to see the best in those around her. There is something pre-lapser about their personalities, harmless and incapable of processing the thorns in the rose bed. As a result, they will inevitably be afraid of falling into love for fear of betrayal; something that has been a constant in some minor or major way all of her life. Virgos are perfectionists and they only allow people to see the perfect things, they think if they let someone in they become vulnerable and transparent which is definitely a no-no for Virgos.

Virgos want the best, sometimes they are sure that no one around them is worthy of love, not even themselves. Yes, they are critical that way. They fear that they will be with someone who cannot live up to their high expectations.

7th Libra (September 23rd – October 22nd)

They are all too aware of their own flaws and inadequacies. They know that they are not perfect. And that is exactly their greatest fear: in the end, to show their mistakes to the one they love and cause disappointment. Giving someone else pain is the last thing on their mind, which is often driven by a strict sense of justice.

You are romantic souls and a born peacemaker. In this endeavor they make many compromises and develop the fear of showing their real self, their negative and habitual traits. They are looking for true love, but their indecision makes them stick with only fleeting affairs.

8th SCORPIO (October 23rd – November 22nd)

They are some of the most observant and astute people you will find in life. Also, it happens that they are quite a judgmental type. You can spot weaknesses in others very quickly and fairly accurately. This is also their greatest fear, because if they fall for someone, they know that there is a chance that they will find something later that they don’t like. That would spoil the whole romantic experience. The fear of being rejected sits deep in her mind.

Scorpios are known for their secrecy precisely because of their inability to trust you. They fear the idea that someone is cheating on them, that once they let go of their barrier, someone could come and sabotage their feelings in the name of love.

9th Sagittarius (November 23rd – December 21st)

They are restless and nomadic by nature, even when it comes to relationships. You are not afraid; it is their partners who should be afraid of them. You never want the other to be too comfortable and stable in a relationship; simply because it means settling down. For them everything has to be a far-reaching adventure and people have to come to terms with them and never the other way around.

Their curious and adventurous nature makes them fearful of obligations in a relationship. They are also brutally honest beings, they are more looking for a companion than a soul mate. This is why they think it is difficult to find someone who matches their level of honesty and originality. Their greatest fear is that they will lose themselves in order to find love.

10. Capricorn (December 22nd – January 20th)

The most disciplined and practical sign of all. You are stubbornly loyal. And they realize that even if things don’t work out, their loyalty won’t get out of bed anytime soon and that is their greatest fear. They don’t want to stray an inch from their disciplined, orderly life and they fear giving in to feelings will do just that.

Unpredictability is what scares them and so is love because it comes with a package. Capricorns are the most ambitious and work hard to get their success. They fear that falling into love will make them unfocused and distract them from their goal. It is their fear of losing that scares them of losing their hearts.

11. AQUARIUS (January 21st – February 18th)

They are often paradoxical in the way they have high expectations of themselves and pride as well. When they fall in love with someone, they know that in the end they will surpass themselves, which would be too difficult to bear. They will constantly fear that they will not get your approval and fear that they will disappoint you.

They are called the loners, they don’t mind being alone, they even like it. They can pursue freedom more than the Sagittarius people. They fear falling into love because they don’t want to stay tied up. They think that their individuality, their uniqueness, would be compromised if they followed in the footsteps of this common cause called love.

12. Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Their greatest fear is to be torn out of the waters of self-control that they embrace around them. They fear the vulnerability that comes with sharing their deepest and darkest secrets with the person they love. They also fear the fact that their partner might only enable this tendency of theirs to become too emotionally attached.

Pisces are the giver, the breadwinner, the most compassionate of all. This is why people tend to take advantage of them or may have already taken advantage of them so that they are broken. That is why they are afraid of being broken again, of falling into love again. They are the dreamers, they build a perfect fantasy land for themselves and they are afraid that someone will not appreciate these dreams.

On our journey of life we ​​see that some people desperately want to fall for love, they cannot wait. But there are also people who never want to fall into love, maybe they want to, but they are too scared to get their feet into it. Here in this article we have named the greatest fear that every zodiac sign goes through and that prevents them from falling in love. Let us know what yours is.


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