Why Your Sign Loves To Be Single Even Though Your Family Insists That It Is Not Okay

Loves To Be Single

Why Your Sign Loves To Be Single Even Though Your Family Insists That It Is Not Okay

Hopefully, in 2023 one of the most common purposes is not to interfere in the lives of others. Hopefully, everyone focuses on her goals and lets the rest be happy her way. You are starting in the best way, with yourself, focused on eating healthy, exercising, enjoying your loved ones, and not letting go of your hobbies. The heart for the moment is resting, you want peace, but they don’t understand it. Why does your zodiac sign love being single even though your family insists it’s not okay?


You feel complete and that was not overnight. After so many emotional crises, you learned that you can continue being you, being with someone or not. You are a wild, freedom-loving sign and relationships are not always the best for you, especially if they do not understand that you are used to doing whatever you want, without being accountable to anyone. 


The first time you experienced being single after a relationship, it was very hard, you felt small, terrified, and with the feeling that you were not going to get over it. In a way, you run away from the broken heart, because you know that you get too upset. That is the reason why you are not willing to put your feelings in the hands of just anyone. You prefer being single until they show you that it’s worth it. 


Versatility is part of your personality, you can’t help it, you get bored easily and you like to walk from one place to another. Relationships for you are to be thought about because it is synonymous with saying goodbye to your crazy, daring and fun side. Few people are able to keep up with you. Singleness is much better than trying to pretend that you can be chained, that does not go with you. 


You’re annoyed with having to deal with feedback you don’t ask for. It is important to make it clear that the fact that someone is your relative does not give them the right to have an opinion about your love life, as if you were a five-year-old boy. Failures have made you selective, meaning you still love with the same intensity, but before you let romance do the talking, you seek a true connection. 


One of the things that annoy you the most is when your family emphasizes that you are surely very sad about not having a partner. It is not like that, being single became your best teacher, it has given you the serenity you needed in your soul and now you love yourself more than ever. It was very hard, you had to cry a couple of times and miss the company, but now you know that if you choose someone, it is by decision and not by necessity. 


It is already very clear to you, Virgo, there is no point in being with a person who does not want to give himself completely and at this point, you are too lazy to have to beg them to do what they are supposed to do, for love. You are fine like this, being single does not hurt anyone, you are understanding that a reciprocal relationship is what you want and that you are not going to settle for less. Also, you are not in a hurry. 


It is one thing to be single and quite another to be alone. Just because you don’t feel ready to be in a commitment-first relationship doesn’t mean you don’t date anyone. You still have a lot of life ahead of you, maybe you will meet more hearts and maybe they will break yours again. It’s about living, swimming among many fish until you choose the right one. 


It is very sad that people are left with the idea that love is reduced to a relationship. You know that life is a range of possibilities and you like to form lasting bonds, your friends and family are your greatest support, but that is not why you are going to give in to their requests. You appreciate that they are with you in the worst moments, however, you decide if you stay single or not. 


The person who says that breaks are bad, Sagi, has no idea what singlehood is. Being in a relationship is not always equal to happiness, especially when they are only appearances. Loving is the opportunity to show yourself as authentic as possible and receive understanding. You are so aware of that that you prefer to take time and not spend it with the wrong heart. 


You are not going to lie, it is exhausting to go from a relationship to being single, but when you have to let go, there is no more. You are not going to force yourself to be with someone who fills you with anguish and stress, your partner is supposed to be your refuge, not another hell. If they want to criticize you for that, go ahead and do it. Your peace of mind is priceless and there are times when you just have to shut up. 


There are people who are bothered by what does not hurt them, that is, they insist on getting into your life when you are not interested in their opinion at all. Aquarius, you don’t care if they call you delusional, what you want is real love, in which there is no need to pretend, someone who makes you see the world as you have never seen it before, who contributes to you in every way. 


The kindness, love, and empathy that is in your heart are so great that it would be foolish to think that being without a partner is going to sink you. Pisces, what your family doesn’t know is that you have plenty of suitors, but your level of consciousness is much higher than that they dazzle you with just nice words. You are single because you do not want unnecessary discomfort and your soul is just as warm with or without a partner. 

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