Why You Feel Unhappy Even If You Don’t Want To

Why You Feel Unhappy Even If You Don’t Want To

Sometimes, we can fall into a bubble that pressures us at the same time. That is, we imagine a perfect world, in which smiling is the only option and it seems that feeling sad, angry, or frustrated is wrong. Life is not linear, we cannot stay in a single state of mind, because we would fall into monotony, we would not learn anything. Each zodiac sign faces its ups and downs, but why do you feel unhappy even if you don’t want to? Perhaps it is time to make changes, to take responsibility for your well-being.


You feel stuck because you have been falling into conformity for a long time. It seems that you do not want to disappoint others, but you are disappointing yourself. Don’t stay with a person who doesn’t fill you up, or do things that leave you with that half feeling. You’re trying to fool yourself when you know you shouldn’t be there. You are not giving yourself your place, what do you want? Stop worrying about the well-being of others and go out and find what you really want. Aries, it is time, it is not worth it that you continue sinking.


When was the last time you really breathed? Without that, you will be left with that concern in your chest. It is hard to accept that you have been giving and giving, much more than what you really get back. You are unhappy because it has become a vice to control everything and when a tiny piece moves everything falls apart. Create Taurus, trust that everything will be fine, because as long as you don’t let it flow you will feel pressured all the time. You deserve peace, simply enjoy the present without blaming yourself for what has already happened or for what is just going to happen. Start thanking for the little things, there is your happiness.


Imagine a world where you only focus on what you want, what makes you calm, what makes your heart race, and nothing else. You have been pleasing others for so long that you have forgotten your essence. You became the puppet you always criticized because you stopped putting yourself Gemini first. It is good that you have a good heart, that you help, and that you give everything of yourself for the people you love. However, you should not do it all the time, because you are exposing yourself to constant emotional wear and tear and it is not worth it. You have fallen into a sick cycle, in which turning off your dreams is the goal. Break with that, it’s the only way you’re going to get your freedom back.


Drop Cancer, stop giving everything for nothing. Loving you is also staying by the side of the right people and you know very well that there are those who only approach you out of convenience because they want to shake your emotions until they break you in the worst way. Cancer is not worth it, it is not fair that they know that you do not know how to say no and take advantage of it. You are not their savior, you need to save yourself because there are many wounds that you have not resolved and you are giving your attention to others. You are a wonderful being, do not let them take over your light, because you deserve much more than crumbs.


I wish it was that easy to let go, I wish the memories didn’t come unannounced and make you want to throw it all away while the pain fills your chest. Leo, you are a very strong sign, but you have become an expert in hiding that everything is fine when it is not. You know it’s time to let go of the past, not to hold on to those thoughts that fill you with tears and that have become a shadow of your present. It is very difficult, but you can change, you will do it the day you begin to face your emotions and do not avoid them. Cry what you have to cry, it’s the only way to cleanse your soul and receive the new.


You know that not everything is perfect as you would like. There are days when getting out of bed is an eternal nightmare and seeing yourself in the mirror is hard. When was the last time you felt good about yourself? You are unhappy because you have become accustomed to pretending that everything is fine, hiding your emotions, and hiding from others that you do not need anything from anyone. It is not fair that you pressure yourself in that way Virgo, you are going over yourself in order to appear and it is not worth it. It is time for you to say that you are not as strong as you seem, so you will be able to free yourself from everything that does not belong to you.


Until the day you don’t start putting yourself as a priority, you will realize what you deserve. You are unhappy because you have dedicated yourself to please your friends, your family, your partner, but what about you? , what do you want? The worst of the case is that many times these people do not know you at all, they do not know what you are capable of or they are not familiar with your qualities. It’s time for you to listen to yourself, Libra, to do all that you’ve been postponing in the box of your dreams. Where your heart really is. You deserve all the attention you give others and much more. Start worrying about yourself and don’t give up, because it won’t be easy to make the big change.


On the outside, you seem to be a strong being, who is not easily affected and when he intends to take someone down, he does it without fear. However, there are many things that scare you and you don’t count, because you are afraid of being judged. Scorpio, not everything has to go well for you and nothing happens, you are like any other human, with flaws and insecurities. But, if you keep hiding, the only thing that will happen is that you will sink into your own bitterness. Start by being true to yourself, you don’t like masks, but you’ve been wearing the same one for a while now. Don’t be fooled Scorpio, your happiness is somewhere else and you know it.


You like to feel that you are free, you love when there is nothing to interfere with your emotions and you simply want everything to flow in a way that control is not necessary. However, you let go of that long ago because you got lost in your own lies. You are unhappy because you have been pretending to be someone you are not for a long time because you have realized that the people you love seem calmer when they are not you. When your rebellious, restless, and curious side doesn’t take control. Do not conform to the expectations that other Sagittarius have, start believing in yourself, in what truly makes you feel at peace and steals smiles from you. You deserve to be happy, not make others happy.


One thought after another. There are times when you feel that nothing else overwhelms your mind, but at the least expected moment, all that accumulation of insecurities returns to you. There are so many things you want to do that you forget the simple. It is not worth sinking in the midst of pain for your Capricorn demands. You have become your own worst enemy and you know it, you are not letting things flow and honestly, it is difficult for people to help you because you have become an expert in putting up barriers. Capricorn is not worth it, you try too hard and you have achieved too much for you to let yourself fall that way. Success is at your feet, just stop for a moment to listen to it.


You love your lifestyle, you are very determined when it comes to setting rules for someone and you will not allow them to feel entitled to have an opinion about what you like and what you do not. However, there are many things that you do just because you don’t want to be dominated and that’s when you fall into the toxic. The fact that many also feel happy to see you does not mean that it is wrong. You don’t have to go against others all the time, coincidence is very healthy. You are too intense in matters of your freedom, but not all people want to dominate you. Aquarius, lower your intensity to two little lines because imaginary enemies do a lot of damage.


Until when Pisces? It’s time for you to stop wanting more and more, you don’t value what you already have. You are unhappy because you find detail in everything. Nothing you do or acquire is enough for you. You have fallen into this toxic idea that everything others do is fine, but you minimize yours. What’s going on Pisces? You also strive and give everything. It is not healthy for you to let yourself fall that way because it is disrespectful. Just as you want to applaud the achievements of others, you should also recognize your own. You deserve to admire yourself, love yourself, and choose yourself above anyone else. You are your priority.


Why You Feel Unhappy Even If You Don't Want To

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