Why Women Of The Zodiac Are Neither Bad Nor Holy

Neither Bad Nor Holy

Why Women Of The Zodiac Are Neither Bad Nor Holy

Never dare to underestimate a woman’s intelligence, because you don’t know what she is capable of to get what she wants. Call her manipulative if that makes you feel better, but she prefers to keep a low profile so that when she delivers the final blow you’ll be twice as surprised. Sometimes, it seems that she is walking in her world, distracted, but she is analyzing every movement, she is one of those who enjoys putting in the last piece, the one that makes the difference in everything. Does it sound familiar to you? Why are women of the zodiac neither evil nor holy? They treat you how you treat them. 


Perfect? That has never been your intention, You are a woman who has a taste of gallantry, but with a lot of manias, that even you get angry. Each of your imperfections and scars has made you more reckless, explosive, and authoritarian. You are not a sweet pear, but you are not naive either. If they try to see your face they will lose, you know how to hit where it hurts the most and you won’t regret it


What you have is stubbornness, you have courage. You are the type of woman who hates being ordered around, you are not here to please anyone. Your character is firm and you don’t plan to let your guard down, You don’t care, you’d rather stay with just one friend than surround yourself with hypocrites. Life has taught you that you have to keep your heart away from emotional parasites. Your soul is kind, but do not let them test you, because your touch of evil will make them cry. 


You are not interested in his sermons, you are tired of people who feel they have the right to criticize your steps. You know that they make mistakes, like everyone, but you are not going to allow them to use you to vent their emotional shortcomings. You always look forward, you don’t get hooked on those who remain behind you. However, don’t let them provoke you because you won’t stay silent. 


Your sensitivity is not in doubt, Cancer, You are one of those who do not hide your tears, but that does not mean that you are going to allow yourself to be treated with the tip of the foot. You are very intelligent and your intuition is also well developed. When someone doesn’t give you a good feeling, you better continue on your way. You don’t want them to give you explanations or promise that they will change. You’re already tired of dealing with people like that, if they insist they’re going to know your bad side and they’re not going to like it. 


At this point in life, you are already used to people saying a lot of things about you that are not true. It’s not ego, it’s that you realize that you are a very valuable woman and that you don’t have to deal with people who only want to see you on the ground. You strive every day to give your best and it is not worth letting the bitterness of others contaminate you. As long as they don’t mess with you everything is fine, but if they do let them know that you are not one to let your guard down. 


You’re the type of woman who doesn’t take anything lightly, Virgo, You prefer to put your meticulous side first because that has helped you stay calm. That is the reason why you do not tolerate conflictive people in your life, you are not willing to deal with other people’s problems. It is already difficult enough to assume everything that goes through your head. You are not going to argue with anyone, but you are not going to keep silent about truths that hurt either. It’s that simple. 


A part of you got used to giving and giving for a while. You are too empathetic and always concerned about the well-being of the people you love, but there came a time when you understood that there are those who do not deserve the best version of you and you have to act strong. It hurts because they are people you love, but at the same time, they show you their envy and superficial side. That’s definitely what you don’t want in your life. 


You are the woman who is neither bad nor holy, Scorpio, the one who reacts according to the way she is treated, neither more nor less. You’re tired of allowing your emotions to do their thing and humiliate you whenever they feel like it. Your feelings matter and those who want to harm you with hurtful comments do not deserve to be in your life. You don’t hurt, but if they hurt you, you will defend yourself. 


Without a doubt, your fun, dedicated, social, and free soul can be misinterpreted. Above all, for those who are just seeing how to unload their emptiness on brave people. They can’t tolerate seeing you happy and that’s why they become an obstacle. Those types of people are the ones who take up your time and you are not going to argue, but you are going to get them out of your life. You are very determined when you put your mind to it, don’t be surprised because you don’t take a step back. 


You have no need to lie, people say that you are ambitious, demanding, and obsessive with what you like. It’s real, you have too many projects to complete to sit idly by. Being a conformist is not your thing and if people find your determination bothering you, it is important that they come and ask for help to solve their insecurities. That doesn’t stop you from sleeping. 


And what does it matter if they call you crazy, daring, changeable? You are, you don’t care what they say, Aquarius. You have too many ideas running through your head to stop and think about what other people want. Your soul is revolutionary, it’s not that you’re bad, it’s that acting conventionally is not your thing. They say you don’t fit in, but that has never been your goal. Breaking the rules is definitely your passion. 


On the outside, they see you as a kind, empathetic, romantic woman, who is always willing to help those who need it most. That humanitarian side may speak for you, but you are also a resilient woman. The one who doesn’t ignore anyone and the one who when she is willing to say what she feels no one stops her. Don’t let them look for you from negativity, because your dark side will intimidate them. 

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