The day he let you go, he felt very brave, he maintained that your pace of life is very fast and the best thing is for everyone to go their own way. However, when you got over it, he came back more regretful than ever, because he realized that your company had made a difference in his ideas. Everything he once complained about, he misses now, because his new partners have neither your charisma nor your strength. He doesn’t know how to tell you that his life has become boring and that he would give anything to live one more experience with you. It’s your spontaneity that no one can match. However, there you understand that someone looking for you when they want is not worth your time.


Of course, your way of loving is very firm, you don’t give hints and when it comes to building something for the future, you take things very seriously. You’re the type of sign that always listens to your logical part before your heart and has helped you control the tears in the worst times. Come on, it’s not that you don’t suffer, you also have crises in which you feel like you can’t get up, but deep down you find your breath and once you turn the page you don’t come back . However, this ex regrets it because it is not easy to find someone so loyal, deep, passionate and who is not afraid of commitment. When they tiptoe him, he wants to come back. What he doesn’t know is that you’re not second rate,


This person didn’t touch his heart when he left, Gemini, he didn’t wonder if you ate, slept, or could go on with your normal life. These were nights when you felt worthless and you had to control the desire to go out looking for him. However, you did, and it’s not fair that after working on fixing your hurt, you want to come back like your feelings are a toy. Now he regrets it because you opened a new door for him, awakened his dreams, and reminded him that it’s never too late to fight. This person cannot find a way out, they are going through the ordeal you have already gone through. It cost you to recover your energy to return to the same place. Let him leave as he came back, because his seat has disappeared.


There is something in you that gives you the security that sooner or later this person will come back and it is not because you believe in the most important thing. Simply, you are aware of all that you have given and you will hardly find someone so unconditional. Your soul is pure, you don’t need to pretend, you were born to help, protect and be loyal. When you have a relationship, you want it to be something healthy, lasting, with whom you can share your fears, but also your dreams. It’s clear that your ex-partners usually come back because they can’t find someone as caring as you. You enjoy telling your partner how attracted you are to them inside and out.


What you like least about relationships is pretending, you don’t want to be with someone to get people’s attention, you hate it when they say they’re the perfect couple, because you know everything has its ups and downs. That’s why you strive to find someone like-minded, who isn’t one to run when things go wrong. For you, it’s having no pants and it hits you right in the ego, so you’re not going to wait for him to tell you he doesn’t love you anymore. If it doesn’t give you honesty and loyalty, it won’t do you any good. This person comes back with regret because you are a Leo charm, you break their monotony and encourage them to go further. How sad that he found out too late.


Although you are not one of those who show it, you also throw yourself into depression when someone finishes you off. Virgo, you don’t like the unexpected, even less when you think things are going well and you reserve these kinds of surprises. You are not one of those who cry in the face of bad love, but you face a few complicated days in which you reflect and put this person out of your mind, no matter what it costs you. It’s no surprise that your ex reluctantly comes back, because you know you tend to become a pillar in the relationship. It is your meticulous and organized personality that is not forgotten. This person discovers that it was you who gave them the motivation and now they do not feel heard, she downplays her emotions. How ugly, but you’ve already given what you had to give, you’re not coming back.


How many cards for a broken heart? How many nights without being able to fall asleep, the forced farewell was very hard for you Libra. The worst part is that you had hope that he would reconsider and come back to your arms like always. However, he didn’t, he went his own way and that’s when you realized that it’s not worth waiting for someone who doesn’t value you. You’re not one of those who beg anyone, your pride is too great to humiliate yourself like this and that’s good. Now this person is sorry for letting you go, because he understood that you gave him everything without measure, not only did you fill him with attention and love, but you also gave him the peace that he had never felt before. You have become its balance, and it made him miss faster than he imagined. He tried to replace you and now his karma is to find you in every love.


The twists and turns that life takes, yesterday you were the person who couldn’t even with their soul anymore and now you trust who you are and how much you’ve worked on yourself to allow someone who has decided to leave to come back looking for you to be himself. That Scorpion stayed on those walls where you cried to sleep. It took you several deep thoughts to turn the page, like to write on it again, plus you’ve already torn it out. You can understand that this person regrets leaving you, because you taught him the meaning of intensity and let things flow without stopping your emotions. You really loved him, with everything and his hobbies, which are now a problem for his new partner. It’s normal, your passion is irreplaceable, he had everything, but it’s over.


The thing is, the more you say you’re lonely, the lonelier you end up. The departure of someone with whom you have shared so much hurts you a lot, because you are not the kind of sign that is satisfied with superficial relations, you are banking on an intense and deep connection. You miss the lover, but also the friend and maybe it hurts a lot more, realizing that the person you told everything to is gone. There have been times when you wanted to tell him that you were feeling sad, but you held back. It’s not fair that he comes back with regret, because he didn’t find someone who had your courage, this energy to live an eternal list of adventures. No one has that one and now that they’ve realized they don’t have a case anymore, you’re not interested.


It’s not pride, it’s having the courage to take your place and not allow anyone to treat you like you’re worthless again. It’s not worth being so loyal and dedicated in a relationship, if in the end you’re going to receive the worst betrayal. It’s hard to accept that the castle is collapsing before your eyes and you can’t do anything. All those romantic moments you experienced with her have troubled your mind for a long time. At the same time this person takes the opportunity to get other lips. He didn’t think of you and he does now after screwing up. Now he misses you, he regrets it because no one else cared for him and loved him like you. Yes, you gave meaning to his gray days and now he wants to come back.


The same person who once said he wasn’t coming back, the one who said he was exhausted from being by your side. The one who said she felt trapped and unhappy in the relationship; this same returns, and with a very different version of the facts. You know your love is second to none, when someone really matters to you, you jump into the ring and give your best. You have the gift of awakening souls and adding that dreamy touch to everything. You don’t suffocate, you leave room for the other and at the end of the day you take refuge in his arms. Maybe your laid-back personality made him think he could come see you as many times as he wanted, but no. He was wrong, because you also have a determined side and you’re not going to go back to someone who scared you and didn’t care. Not anymore, that person doesn’t deserve it. You forgive him, but they are much better.


First he ignores you, pushes you away, then he tells you he wants to come back. His ego is such that he believes that no matter how much time passes, he dreams that you are going to stay waiting until his time of exploring here and there is over. Of course not, that dignified Pisces you buried in the past a long time ago. The day you saw yourself in front of the broken mirror, you understood that you couldn’t let yourself down like that and that no one deserved your suffering. Undoubtedly you understand that he returns, because your character is not easy to find, your sensitivity and empathy do not compare. Not to mention the soft and affectionate touch you put on everything. You taught him what it is to embrace emotions and showed him that he was by his side through thick and thin. However,


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