Why the 3 fire signs are the most loving partners there is

Why the 3 fire signs are the most loving partners there is

When we observe the 12 zodiac signs, we tend to look at them individually, often forgetting that the elements also have a strong influence on them.

So it’s really interesting that zodiac signs of the same element are so naturally and flawlessly attracted to each other.

At the same time, they maintain a healthy level of curiosity about the signs of the other elements.

It is also often the case that the zodiac signs of a certain element also get along very well with the second most flattering element in the correspondence to their own.

This is why fire signs, for example, are most attracted to air signs after their own fire element signs.

If you too are confusing to understand how this natural connection occurs, then perhaps this consideration of the elements will be of use to you.

Fire is amplified and spread by wind, but it is extinguished by water.

The earth is nourished by water but destroyed and devastated by fire.

However, that doesn’t mean that a fire sign can never have a romantic relationship with a water sign, just that their relationship will be highly volatile.

But that also means that she will be exciting, passionate and intriguing as the possites sometimes dress in unusual and amazing ways.

As is the case with Aries and Scorpio, although represented by opossitic elements, are ruled by the same planet Mars.

This makes them very unique and even compatible on a soul level, perhaps in a more flattering way than any other zodiac sign might be.

But when it comes to relationships, passion, and loyalty, Fire signs are a rare opportunity not to be missed.

Especially if you have been badly disappointed in love and have lost faith that you will ever find the right person.

However, what you really need to know is that fire signs believe in love because of the way they love.

Even those who melted away peacefully in their warm embrace felt it.

Because fire signs are zodiac signs that hug a little tighter, love a little more often, and even love a little more than zodiac signs from the other elements.

1. Aries

While the Aries zodiac sign is known for their direct and aggressive attitude, they are also known to be the most loyal of lovers.

However, it is very difficult to see at first, because behind the beautiful eyes of these people there is a very intimidating fire.

One you can’t be sure whether it will warm you forever or burn you to the core.

Maybe both, or nothing at all, but it’s sure to keep them floating around in your head for a long time.

Because it’s very hard not to be somehow magnetically attracted to their energy and raw passion.

No matter how many times you love them, it’s never enough, and it’s more than easy to get hooked on them.

Because they can feel as light as anything you’ve ever wanted until the next day, they’re gone forever.

But when you are lucky enough to win her love, then you know that there is nothing in this world that will make her leave your side.

Because an Aries love is real and reserved for only one special someone who cannot be replaced.

Making them leave all their conquests behind so that they may find peace in his arms.

2. leo

What else is there to say about the lion but that no hug is as warm and loving as his.

Where, with just the right amount of love and passion, they can easily transport you to another dimension.

In which you feel completely safe as well as being dominated and protected.

Because Leos just have that overwhelming love that expresses itself in raw passion.

So it takes a lot of self-control not to fall in love with her and lose control.

But that’s the wonderful thing about them, you feel like you can lose control with them, and that’s totally fine.

Because they are able to accept every part of you and love you for who you really are.

That’s why people who are closed off and have trouble connecting with others often find that they can connect beautifully and fearlessly with Leo.

As they are so effortlessly confident yet gentle with those they admire.

As they help them thrive in the ray of their endless sunshine.

3. Sagittarius

The warmth of Sagittarius ignites the same fire as that of Leo and Aries, but with a very different intensity.

This is because they can become even more fickle than Aries, but they can also love even more strongly than Leo.

Mostly because they are free spirits who are somehow different without even trying.

As they do everything their own way while being nothing short of unique and remarkable.

It’s also what everyone is looking for in their life: to meet someone who feels like something out of a dream.

With which it is possible to create a different kind of reality, or to escape from it, if only for a moment.

To realize that there are more valuable things out there to live for, beyond the ordinary.

A relationship with them therefore feels like the warmest summer, even in the winter of a person’s life.

Though that really goes for all fire signs, because they’re the ones who just love and risk a little more than other elemental zodiac signs.

Which is no wonder, because a fire burns in them that can never be extinguished.

Why the 3 fire signs are the most loving partners there is

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