Libra can be so cold. You may have received the silent treatment or you received the cold shoulder from a Libra, and now you wonder why.
Libra are not afraid to tell you how they feel and will not hesitate to put you in your place, even if it means distancing themselves from you.

Why are Libra so cold?

When a Libra acts icy towards you, it is because something is out of balance.

Everyone needs a Libra in their life due to their balanced nature and the way they treat close friends and family fairly.
Libra zodiac signs like to keep their surroundings without drama.
A drama-free environment does not necessarily mean that a Libra zodiac sign is there to shoot others down.
No, a Libra wants unity and that means keeping everyone in line and orderly.
With each good personality trait of a Libra, there is a list of negative attributes that follow.
(And that goes for every sign on the zodiac list, not just for Libra!)
When friends of a Libra see them mad or irritated, it surprises everyone. Libra people tend to be quiet even when not everyone is.
However, Libra are known to be a little bit keen on their family members.

For example, one of the most peaceful Libra in the world is none other than Mahatma Gandhi.
Gandhi began his career as a lawyer, but then left his job to become a full-time nationalist and spiritual leader.
Although he is known for engaging in passive disobedience, Gandhi was not all the sun and his family’s rainbows at home.
He denied his eldest son. Her son married instead of abstaining from love.
Yes, like Gandhi, even the most peaceful Libra can have a fiery personality towards anyone, no matter who you are.
If you are wondering how and why Libra can be so cold at times, we have found a list of reasons below!
Here are some reasons why Libra can act so coldly, according to astrology:

1. Libra are so cold when they get angry.

Libra will give you the silent treatment for days.
If you ever cross a Libra in any way, be prepared to feel the anger of being ignored.
They will not hesitate to let you know that you have hurt or embarrassed them by simply ignoring your existence until you understand the trick.

2. Libra acts like ice when it does not know what it wants.

The Libra are too indecisive on anything.
The Libra don’t know how to decide, even if a million dollars is at stake.
If you ever need to rely on one for a quick response, you wait for years.
This indecisive nature can make a Libra very irritated or agitated and they will take away their emotions, whatever the case.

3. When Libra holds a grudge, it is freezing.

The Libra will hold a grudge for a long time.
Everyone knows that Libra is not quick to anger, and they are very rational when it comes to calculating their movements and responses to everyone.
Once all their anger and frustration has been suppressed, the Libra will explode, even with the smallest argument.
They will speak to arguments from the past and will not cease until an apology is heard.

4. Libra are distant when they are irritated against you.

Libra will forgive but will never forget.
Reverting to holding a grudge, Libra will eventually simmer your heated argument, but they will never let go.
A Libra will always keep your moment of anger towards them in the back of their mind and will be sure to let you know that they are always embarrassed by it during any confrontation.

5. The Libra cuts you, then gives you the cold shoulder.

Libra will cut you off when enough is enough.
The Libra will not hesitate to cut off all communication with you if they feel that you have hurt them too much.
They are not the ones who go everywhere like a doormat.
Cheating Libra once, shame on you, cheating twice, and you will feel a hard kick behind the door.


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