Why do Pisces make such bad decisions?

Poor Pisces, when are you finally going to get it right? As the youngest zodiac, you tend to learn a lot after making some bad decisions that can affect your life.

Why do Pisces make bad decisions?

Could it be that they no longer want to do something and therefore make terrible decisions?

Pisces have vibrant and dynamic personalities that can make it difficult to feel understood or appreciated.

They tend to seek advice in their decisions, but that won’t keep them from their original thoughts.

The other signs also take Pisces bad decisions as a lesson and know that they should not be as rushed in making decisions as they do.

Instead of asking others for advice, Pisces need to be in tune with their minds and make their decisions more intuitively.

Pisces are also very caring and loving, which are good qualities, but they are easily influenced and tricked into being naive or blind to the truth.

Pisces are prone to making bad decisions through astrology for these reasons:

Pisces does not have a strong will.

Pisces have a tendency to change their minds often, and that is what makes it difficult for them to make a decision.

Everything seems possible, but when it comes to a simple decision, they just can’t make up their mind, which is ironic because they are said to have great intuition.

Pisces can be gullible.

As stated earlier, Pisces can tend to see the best in people, even people with bad intentions who are easy to manipulate.

Pisces can be manipulated and easily exploited by their gullible personality.

You have to use your lunar sign intuition and not get yourself into trouble or danger.

Pisces can be pessimistic.

If Pisces cannot make a decision, it can lead them into a vicious spiral of what-if.

They need plans or steps that are tailored to them because forcing them to make a decision is too difficult.

The fish are not doing well at all under a lot of pressure and that can make them quick to make a decision and it will likely be a bad decision for not thinking about it.

Fish care too much.

Pisces care too much about what is right and wrong, they don’t want to hurt themselves, which is too easily done with Pisces.

If you have to make a decision for someone else, good luck, because most likely you are worrying too much about the wrong decision and will not make any at all.

It could also lead them to worry too much about people from the past and make bad decisions by turning to an ex or something.

There are times when a Pisces just doesn’t want to deal with something and makes a hasty and bad decision so that it is off their hands, or they don’t deal with it at all and hope that it will resolve on its own.

They wait to make a decision until they can get someone else’s opinion as if it would ease the burden of a bad decision a little.

Fish, you are smart! Use your intuition and don’t worry so much. You know deep down what is right.


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