Why Can’t You Get That Person Out Of Your Heart Once And For All

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Why Can’t You Get That Person Out Of Your Heart Once And For All

It’s about turning the page, letting go, and putting an endpoint. It is simple to write it, you can do it in a thousand ways, but facing reality is extremely painful. Suddenly there are good days and others that rip up your soul. However, that love is still there, clinging, without giving you the opportunity to meet someone else. Why can’t you get that person out of your heart once and for all? Your zodiac sign answers. 


Something tells you that you’re ready, that you can’t keep going back to the memories of the past, but the problem is that you hate being denied. Aries, realize, it’s a game of your ego, it’s telling you that you always have to win and it’s not real. Your peace of mind is priceless, do not let a whim take away your happiness. Hearts will come that do value you. 


Love is beautiful, but one of the worst mistakes is wanting to live on hope, that is idealizing and the only thing you will achieve is ending up with a doubly broken heart. The idea has gotten into your head that it was not his time, that his love could be later and it is very difficult for you to accept the breakup. But that’s what you think, without realizing that the other person has already released you. 


I wish everyone understood that a healthy love doesn’t hurt, you don’t suffer, you live. You got so used to the drama that you normalized it. Tell me, what do you miss? That person and you spent their time arguing about everything, there are few moments when they really had peace. You want it back because you have the idea that love is related to chaos, but it is not. 


I understand you, falling in love does not warn, it comes and permeates your most hidden emotions. I know that this person was very important to you because you managed to connect on an inexplicable level, but believe me, she will not be the only one. Imagine, if you could do it with the wrong person, something magical will come with the right one. Stop romanticizing something that is unrequited. 


If there is a sign on this list that is not at all used to losing, it is you and in love, the situation gets even worse because you build castles in your head, where you are the bad guy in the movie. That is, your ego tells you that they are rejecting you, that you are not giving your all and you do not want to give up easily, but what they had expired a long time ago. 


It even seems ironic, but there are times when you disconnect so much from reality that you end up believing that you are not giving your best version. With so much mortification on top of you, it is impossible for you to leave the past in its place. It is not true that you had the opportunity and you let it go. Ask yourself how they got to the end, there was nothing anymore, and don’t cling to the impossible. 


If there were tests on letting go, you probably wouldn’t do very well. And it is that you need time to fully understand the situation, there are many mixed emotions. Normally, you create very strong ties, so much so that you can even try to be their friend, but along the way, you realize that it hurts more. Libra , now, stop treating yourself in such a cruel way, you don’t deserve it. 


A part of you is very attached to pride, that’s why you don’t let go, that person made you leave your comfort zone and then decided to leave. At first, you were unattainable, he tried hard to conquer you, but everything changed. You totally disapprove of that, your ego is desperate to prove that you are still just as attractive and you are a Scorpio. However, that person no longer thinks the same and he is fine. 


Your memory can be very cruel, because it doesn’t let a moment go by, it relives each laugh, each tear, each moment in which you felt in heaven by his side. It is impossible for you to forget the way in which they confessed what they felt, but that is over. It meant a lot to you and that connection made you see life differently, it’s okay, but it’s time to let go and move on, there’s no more. 


The point here is that you are not the type of person who goes around opening your heart to everyone who comes along. It usually takes a long time to give the key to someone, but when you do, the intensity is not lacking, you bet on something lasting and when they don’t correspond to you, it hits you very hard. Your feelings are real, cry until you drop, but then be ready to let go 


That person taught you a part of yourself that you did not know, he did it very subtly, but you were able to trust at a beautiful level, in which you felt respected, loved, and listened to. Of course, that is missed, but you know that not everything was perfect, and seeing things without a blindfold will help you. Don’t let go of what healed you, but let go of the person, just think, someone even better will come. 


You are not difficult to love, it is just that there are few people who manage to go to the depths of your heart. That person opened your emotions, they were on the surface and you felt very comfortable, but it does not mean that she is the only one with whom you can live beautiful moments. Stop comparing it to new loves, you’re putting too much pressure on them and they’re going to run away. 

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