Which compliment goes down well with your zodiac sign

Compliments trigger a true hormone cocktail in the body: among other things, the bonding hormone oxytocin, the happy hormones opioids and the reward hormone dopamine are released through sincere compliments.

And Mark Twain also appreciated the miracle effect of hormones: “I can live for two months on a really good compliment,” he once said. And now let’s be honest: who doesn’t like to receive serious compliments? You can read here which, according to the zodiac signs , you can score particularly well with your colleagues, friends and acquaintances and which make yourself shine. 

Small fun fact on the side: Compliments are particularly popular when they are spoken into the left ear. This is what researchers from Sam Houston State University found out. The left ear and the right hemisphere of the brain are closely linked and react more intensely to emotional stimuli. You can find out here which compliments you can whisper the zodiac sign in your left ear.


Aries are naturally confident and determined. In your professional life, in particular, you like to face challenges and are not afraid to take on responsibility. You can make a particularly big friend to the  Aries on a successful project with a compliment. “I admire you for your determination” are words that flatter him. 


Taurus are the perfect hosts. They listen carefully, are there for their guests and always give them a feeling of security and warmth. The words “You are a feel-good person” describe the qualities of Taurus particularly well and are therefore the best compliment for this caring zodiac sign.


Twins are real fashionistas. They are not afraid to wear the latest trends or try out flashy suits. The twin has long had what is shown on the catwalks of the metropolises  in his closet and is particularly happy about a compliment on his style. “I love your sense of style” cannot be heard the twin often enough. 


Cancers are just as emphatic as they are caring, and that is why they are valued by those around them. If there is a problem in the circle of friends, Cancer is called first and asked for advice, because he is not only excellent at listening, but also gives the best advice. Cancer is particularly fond of hearing “You just always find the right words”.  


At Löwen, the glass is always half full. No matter how stressful everyday life or annoying the customer appointment is, Leos always see the good. With their warm and amiable nature, they quickly make friends and infect others with their optimistic manner. The perfect compliment for Leo is therefore: “You have such a great way of seeing the world.”


If anyone can be trusted, it is Virgo. Loyalty is her middle name and that is what her friends particularly appreciate about her. The virgin always knows what the other person needs: be silent for a while or a night of partying. You can make her happy with the words “With you I can be who I am and don’t have to pretend”.


Libra love harmony and would do anything to avoid disputes. Diplomacy and tolerance are at the top of the Libra value compass. This is appreciated by their fellow human beings, which is why Libra also has a particularly large group of friends. If you want to make the scales shine, just say: “I think it’s great how you manage to bring people together.”


Scorpios are passionate, strong-willed, and cheerful. If they are interested in something, they rush into it head over heels, read books and attend events on the topic. Scorpios are particularly valued by their fellow human beings for their charisma . “You have a great charisma” particularly flatters the Scorpio.


If the Sagittarius has an idea, he will immediately communicate it to his fellow human beings, no matter how absurd and unreachable it may sound at first. Sagittarius is also brave in his spare time . No mountain is too high for him when hiking, no slope too steep for skiing. With the words “You inspire me again and again” one makes the Sagittarius a real pleasure.


Capricorns are best known for their stamina. No matter how long and complex a project may seem, the Capricorn tackles it – and is particularly proud when he can present his solution. Confirmation is very important to Capricorns , which is why they appreciate the words “Respect! I couldn’t have done that so well” very much.


You can steal horses with watermen. Spontaneously at midnight to a party or over the weekend at the seaside? Aquarius is there and always has a lot of humor at the start. Aquarius thinks it is especially nice when he can infect others with his good mood. The words “I love to laugh with you” are the most beautiful confirmation for Aquarius. 


Pisces always listen to their gut instincts, whether it is about their own business or those of their friends. As a result, Pisces always have the right words ready and stand out as particularly good listeners and loyal friends. The words “You have a heart of gold” can make fishing a pleasure.

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