What stresses your zodiac sign on the first date

First dates are of course totally exciting and the joyful anticipation ensures a lot of butterflies in your stomach. But of course the first meeting with a potential partner is not always easy, after all, we want to show ourselves from our best side and often go on a date with high hopes.

These feelings can also bring pressure and anxiety. According to astrology , the energy of the stars is said to have an impact on what puts you under the most pressure on the first date. We reveal what stresses you particularly stressing you according to the zodiac sign at the first meeting. 


You’re one of the impatient  signs of the zodiac and your biggest fear on the first date is getting stuck there – if the vibes aren’t as good as you imagined. And no matter how much you’re looking forward to the date, that thought is always in the back of your mind. Our tip: stay calm and invest this extra hour in your counterpart. Sometimes it might just take a little to thaw, or you might just become good friends. Stay open and patient – then your karma will reward you. 


You’re looking for depth and a solid foundation to build a serious relationship with. That’s why the ease that a first date needs and usually brings with it doesn’t quite match your nature. Nevertheless, this phase is also important in order to get to know each other without pressure. We recommend: Find a cool bar or a particularly hip restaurant and let yourself be carried away by the atmosphere there. And who knows, sometimes the conversations get very deep on the first date.


You just can’t commit yourself, especially not a week in advance. After all, someone better could come over. But unfortunately, that’s not particularly fair to your date. Jump over your shadow and commit yourself. What could help you with that? Combine the first date with a fun activity – a visit to the museum, mushroom picking or whatever you enjoy. 


Cancer is one of the most emotional signs of the zodiac. You like to shower your counterpart with your emotions. Stop! That doesn’t fit on a first date and can quickly overwhelm one or the other. The solution is simple: call a good friend on the way to the date and talk to her about your feelings, then you can easily start the evening. 


The Leo likes to be the center of attention and sometimes talks a little too much about himself. That doesn’t go down so well on a first date. The attention should be balanced, otherwise you can quickly come across as arrogant. That’s why you should really be interested in your counterpart before you decide on a date. 


As a Virgo, you are known to have high standards for yourself and those around you. That’s why it’s difficult for you to just approach you on a first date and get to know your counterpart without judgment. We can only say: You will never meet someone without faults. So go on a date without judgment. 


You often make yourself very dependent on the opinion of others, which is why a first date can create complexes in you. Even a little tease can make you feel insecure. Stand by yourself, then the other person cannot meet you so quickly. Plus: practice makes perfect. The more often you take the plunge into the deep end, the more security you will get. 


You find small talk just totally awful and boring and long for in-depth conversations. This could of course be difficult on the first date, as you have to get to know your counterpart first and not immediately surprise them with an extreme closeness. Dear Scorpio, remember that small talk is a fine art that you could find fun in. 


You are a real adventurer and prefer to travel or do other challenging activities. Most of the time, first dates are linked to dinner, coffee or walks. Not your thing. If you can find a person who is embarking on a first date adventure, then you should definitely take your chance. 


For you, everything in life is a kind of competition that you have to win. You want to be funny, smart and charming and thus wrap your date around your finger. This can seem a bit strained on the other person. Try not to win when you date, but rather to enjoy the moment. 


As an Aquarius, you don’t want to talk about your feelings, but rather about philosophical concepts and politics. There is nothing wrong with that if you find the right partner. But also try to express your feelings from time to time so that the other person knows what you are doing. 


You like to get cold feet right before the date and cancel at the last minute. It’s not good for your karma at all, and if you don’t risk going on a bad date, you will never have a chance to have a good date. So just pull through and let yourself be surprised.

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