Misunderstandings inevitable! These zodiac signs get everything wrong in October

Hypersensitive, irritable or just looking for a riot !? Sometimes you have the feeling, no matter what you say, that the person you are talking to is trying to misunderstand you. In October there are especially three zodiac signs that (want to) misunderstand everything. The horoscope reveals which zodiac signs you should be particularly careful with your statements. 

These zodiac signs get everything wrong in October

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Cancers are especially affectionate and domestic. They always have an open ear for friends and family and treat others with empathy. But the zodiac sign is also extremely sensitive. This is particularly noticeable in October. Cancers are extremely tense in the coming weeks due to professional and / or personal changes. The challenging time is particularly noticeable in the mood of the watermark. You are now getting a lot of things down the wrong path … Watch out! 


Perfectionist virgins are on the one hand meek and sociable, but if something does not go according to plan or if they misunderstand a comment, they also like to display passive-aggressive behavior. Especially now in October, Virgos seem to have a very short fuse. But instead of addressing problems openly, virgins withdraw into their shell and sulk in silence. But: Better times are coming !


It is well known that twins have two faces. On the one hand, they are open, curious and communicative, on the other hand, twins can go straight to the ceiling from now on. Then the world is no longer happy and beautiful, but everyone seems to have conspired against it. Especially in October, twins believe that no one is good to them. Even the smallest criticism sees the air sign as a personal attack. Long discussions and frustration are inevitable. 

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