Where to go according to your zodiac sign

We are all drawn to certain places that are on our wish-list when planning our trips, but sometimes we find it difficult to decide which to check off first.

Do we take the trendy fitness vacation or do we take refuge in the heart of a jungle? Are we looking for solace in a spiritual retreat or do we make new friends at a party on the beach?

Using astrology, we’ve made it easy for you to choose your next travel destination with this list for each zodiac sign.

Knowing your ascending sign and / or your moon sign can help guide you when choosing your travel destination as they will determine your physical reality.

If you only know your sun sign (based on the month you were born) that’s fine too, and this list will help you anyway.

Aries: Running Tour in Nairobi

Can’t stop, don’t wanna stop so don’t stop! Aries is the epitome of physical activity in the zodiac.

So this year take a trip that embodies all that energy: a running tour. Yes, you can see sights and do sports at the same time.

There are more and more cities around the world offering these fitness oriented trips.

So why not take the experience to a new level by running with some of the best athletes in the world in Nairobi, Kenya?

Known for their running skills at the Olympics, they will take you around their hometown and surrounding parks, where you can run with the greatest living creatures on earth: giraffes!

Taurus: Chocolate Experience in Quito, Ecuador

If ever there was a foodie under the zodiac signs, it is you Taurus. Enjoying the most decadent chocolate while learning about the beautiful country and culture it originated from is a must-do for you.

From artwork to wine tastings to private cooking classes that teach you how to make your own chocolate masterpiece, this trip has been tailored for an earth sign like you who loves order as much as luxury.

With a mix of cultural immersion and the natural beauty of the jungle landscape, you’ll be moving at the pace of chocolate – and doing it in the most delicious way possible.

Gemini: A literary journey through the English countryside

What could be nicer than traveling through books? To travel to where they play and where they were written.

See the sacred hills of Austen, the trickling streams of Shakespeare, the moors of Conan-Doyle and the forests of Pyle on this 12-day, customizable tour of the English countryside and London.

Every day you will be in a new, charming place, with lots of people to talk to about your favorite characters and authors.

Read along as you go and choose your destination based on your favorite literary landscape.

Cancer: Peaceful seaside cultural vacation in Tulum, Mexico

For everyone there is a time when the ocean simply calls for them and the body demands rest.

The land of Tulum holds sacred energy, both for the ancient Maya who lived there and for today’s residents who call it home.

Your stay here includes traditional healing practices like Mayan abdominal massage and mud baths.

Relax in solitude by the sea or take part in a yoga class with the sound of the waves in the background.

If you can tear yourself away from the serene beaches, you’ll have the option to tour the tallest Mayan pyramid in Coba, see oceanfront Mayan ruins in Tulum, and soak in the deep, still waters of a cenote.

All excursions are coordinated for you by the resort staff.

For cancer, the less you have to think about your journey, the better. Just sit back and enjoy.

Leo: party on a yacht, on the beach and in a nightclub in Ibiza

If you’re already not in the spotlight, Leo, then at least you want to be with other people who aren’t afraid to show as much as you are.

And what better place to be loud and be seen than an island party?

Here is your chance to see or experience the best of entertainment for yourself. From five-star restaurants to world-famous DJ sets and lavish beach extravaganzas, this is the place to dress up and wear a bathing suit, all on the same day and sometimes even at the same time.

The hotel is just steps from the beach and Eden’s coveted electronics scene.

Virgo: Wellness Reset and Spa in Arizona

We know what’s most important to you as a Virgo – your health and wellbeing.

How else could you do it all, you high-flyer, you? So take a moment and indulge in the best spa package and fine dining that goes with a desert break in the heart of Arizona.

This world famous resort has an aqua circuit that is second to none, with state-of-the-art facilities that promote your body’s healing ability and general wellbeing.

Take advantage of the evening sound healing classes for the ultimate sleep, then wake up to practice yoga on the lawn.

In between, you have the opportunity to have a massage, a Reiki session and a delicious, rejuvenating smoothie by the pool.

With the weather being glorious for most of the year, this sun-drenched state is getting the maximum amount of vitamin D so you will feel the lasting results of your health even after you return home.

Capricorn: ascent of the mountain in the footsteps of the Inca

The climb to the top of a mountain may sound familiar to you, Capricorn, but these mountains are very special.

They hold both history and great architectural achievements.

At the ruins along the Inca Trail, you will be confronted with technical impossibilities made of megalithic stones that will inspire you to give your all in every area of ​​your life when you return home.

You will be led by an individual guide who grew up in a local village and sees the land of the sacred valley through his eyes.

Just like the symbol of your sign, the goat, you will spend time by the Urubamba River and then ascend to the peaks that tower over Machu Picchu.

Celebrate your success in the city of the Incas, hidden hundreds of years from the Spanish conquerors.

Aquarius: Vacation as a volunteer for humanitarian purposes

All Aquarians have a heart for the planet and its people.

So taking a give back vacation is the best way to find fulfillment.

When it comes to volunteer vacations, you have many options to choose from.

Would you like to help supply a village with water by helping with a well and cisterns?

Or do you want to help women who want to grow their business? Would you like to set up a classroom for children who don’t have one?

Or modernize a medical center for a farming community? Let your heart be your guide as you decide to travel and change the world.

Pisces: Mermaid Dream Retreat

Which fish doesn’t dream of becoming a mystical, magical creature?

Since you are basically a mermaid already, this is the perfect way to turn that dream into a reality.

Enjoy an all-inclusive experience on the beautiful island of Fiji, where you’ll be flown in, have delicious meals, and be surrounded by like-minded, magical people.

The days include underwater movement lessons, photography sessions, cultural activities and a mermaid certification.

Leave the island feeling like a magical being – and with a tail that proves it.


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