When The Signs Go On Holidays

When The Signs Go On Holidays

Each sign of the Zodiac has a different profile from the other, and in this case when the signs go on vacation, too. Some are the ones who put together the plan, others are the ones who follow it, some are more comfortable leading, and others don’t feel like being the one to organize everything and prefer to say yes to everything. Do you want to know which one is yours? There it goes:


It is true that although you need to relax a lot on vacation, your addiction to action makes you move, and you look for new things to do all the time. Perhaps you take risks and do certain activities that for others could be very dangerous, such as diving among dolphins or sharks, or practicing kitesurfing… Then you’ll throw yourself on the beach as if nothing happened, but there has to be some action. If not, you feel that the vacation was in vain.


Taurus, you are a person who needs to plan everything but it is true that on vacation you may let others also contribute and take away a bit of work from you. Of course, you will have some plans marked with activities that cannot be missed by the world. You have your controlling point and although you let others have control at any given time, you are very clear that what you want to do, you will do it yes or yes.


With you there are never any problems, you sign up for everything. Perhaps you can be a little hesitant when coming up with an idea or a plan. But what is clear is that you will not say no to anything. That they want to eat here, well here we go, that they want to go there, well go ahead. With you, it is effortless to travel because you never cause any problems at all.


Your profile, Cancer, is that of the mother or father of the group. You try to make sure that everyone is having a good time and more so if it was you who came up with the plan. You are a super protective person with yours and you will not lack detail in the bag just in case. You are one of those who has sunscreen, a spare towel, or something to eat when you need it most. And you will not hesitate to share it.


Leo, you are the one in the photos, you have your cell phone always ready to take the best panoramic view, you stop every few steps to take pictures, of the landscape, of your friends, and a selfie around here too. Although sometimes it can be a bit tiresome, later everyone appreciates it because if it weren’t for you, they would have half or half of the graphic documentation of the vacation. And you know.


Look, you could be quietly on vacation spending absolutely everything… But you can’t. Virgo, you have one foot there but the other in your usual place of residence. Yes, even though you know that vacations are for resting, you still check your mail or answer phone calls when you think they are important (although they are not that important). You are too responsible. You really have to disconnect, 100%.


Libra, you are the person who carries the suitcase overflowing with things (just in case). If you go for 3 days of travel, you will take a bag for a whole week. In addition, since you are such a flirtatious and detailed sign, you will take precious photos and reels or stories that you will later upload to networks. You love to collect moments and experiences. And yes, let the world see them and somehow envy you a little bit.


When you are on vacation things change, you want to experience, live, enjoy and learn. You open up a lot to others, perhaps because deep down you know very well that the thing will stay there and that it will be rare for it to go further. Be that as it may, both in summer love affairs and in friendships, you always make new friends. Be it the waiter on duty or the hotel receptionist. And many of them end up being on your social networks for a long time afterward.


You love to learn new things Sagi, especially in gastronomic terms. There is no food that you do not try from the place you go to. You want to know everything about the places you visit, you know its history, its people, and much more if it is a country other than yours. You always want to learn something new so you are probably proposing plans all the time. Something you saw on Google or on TripAdvisor. You read a lot of opinions on everything.


Admit it, Capri, sometimes you’re a bit of a complainer about everything. Okay, the usual thing is that if you have chosen the place you have a great time, but the problem comes when you have to follow others… That’s not so cool anymore. In addition, it always seems that something is messing everything up: you have little battery left in your phone, or the way to get there is too long, or maybe it’s too hot…


When you travel you like to enjoy yourself and be comfortable and as a general rule, you tend to be a bit of a freak when it comes to dressing. You may not be as smug as others and would rather be prepared than look pretty. In the end, everyone ends up envying you. They had to have followed you Aquarius, they had to have done the same as you to really enjoy and stop posturing so much.


Holidays are to have fun and you certainly will not miss anything you want to do. Come on, if you have to flirt, flirt with whoever you want. Sometimes it happens to you that you meet people who you later fall in love with, even if that love only lasts a few days or a few weeks. What happens on vacation stays on vacation. Wherever. You have it clear.


When The Signs Go On Holidays

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