When The Moon Touches The Heart Of The Zodiac Signs

Moon Touches The Heart

When The Moon Touches The Heart Of The Zodiac Signs

The Moon has a powerful effect on the personality of the zodiac signs. There are times when their actions surprise them because they end up acting in a very sentimental way. And it is that it is the one that makes you remember dreams, fantasies, and everything that has to do with sensitivity. However, that doesn’t mean you’re weak, it’s okay to show your vulnerable side. When the Moon touches the heart of the signs of the Zodiac:


You are not afraid of arguments, Aries, you know very well how to deal with the controversy that comes your way. He is very quick when it comes to thinking, the more direct and spontaneous everything is, the better for him. In fact, his headstrong and impulsive side of him is thanks to the Moon. Sometimes, it’s about risking everything regardless of the consequences, whatever the heart says. 


There are times when Taurus can’t help it, his sensible part tells him to keep his sanity above all else and that can make him think twice before doing something. However, it is the Moon that awakens the good in life in him. He helps him so that his feelings come out and he can be faithful to what his soul dictates, there is no more. 


The moment Geminis lose their minds is when they can do the most beautiful things for themselves. The Moon is the one that reminds him that his soul is versatile, intense, and very compassionate. He has the gift of sweetening his bad character and turning him into a very empathetic person. It is the Moon that makes him do crazy things, but many are grateful for it. 


In short, the sign that has the most connection with the Moon, which is why its feelings are very unpredictable. In fact, there are times when even he doesn’t know what to do with so much. However, Cancer’s heart is unmatched, he has that maternal, protective and at the same time intense touch, which makes being by his side very comfortable. 


Leo is usually very cautious in the way he treats others but loses power when the Moon interferes in his relationships. He is usually a very optimistic, proud, and generous sign, but when his feelings are present, his ego falls to the ground. That’s when the kitten that he always hides appears, the same one that exudes tenderness. 


The reason why Virgo does not yell at the world about their emotions is that they are a very reserved sign and it bothers them that they think about their life. Not to mention that he cares about everything, he is not selfish, and he is capable of putting himself in the other person’s shoes and that is when melancholy takes him by surprise. The Moon showers him with all the love and he ends up giving in. 


A sign that does not need to pretend kindness is sociable, educated, and tries very hard to find peace and harmony. Although, there are times when his diplomacy is counterproductive because he usually adjudicates problems that do not correspond to him. It is the Moon, the one that makes reason stay aside and only focus on giving love to those who need it. 


Scorpio’s character is volcanic, the type of person who doesn’t leave anyone and when they mess with those they love, their most poisonous side comes out. He doesn’t think about it, he can become very wild on those occasions, because he hates immature people, who only unhealed their traumas on those who are not to blame. 


Sagittarius shows the Moon even in the pores. In the first place, that desire to see everything positive gives it away. He likes to add joy to those around him, even when tears are the only attendant. It is a very understanding sign, but especially spiritual, so he prefers not to lose his sanity and work to find calm. 


Being such a focused sign, it is very rare that you lose your mind when emotions take over your actions. That’s not to say that he doesn’t have feelings, he just likes to analyze the good and bad points of everything he does. He is aware that the days are not perfect and that it is inevitable to cry or get angry, but his strong character prevents the Moon from ruling at all. 


The way in which Aquarius relates is very sociable and friendly, but always on their terms. Don’t you dare want to invade his space because the only thing you are going to receive from him is indifference? It is not a bad sign nor does it lack feelings, it is simply very selective. If you really want to be part of their days, you will have to earn it, there is no more. 


The Moon and Pisces have a very close relationship, it is thanks to her that she can overflow her most sensitive side without any guilt. Pisces is the sign that he inspires, the creative, strong one who is not afraid to let his imagination run wild. He is kind, and romantic and doesn’t think long before letting himself go, as long as his intuition tells him that everything is fine, he doesn’t stop. 

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