When Flirting Is Fatal According To Your Sign

When Flirting Is Fatal According To Your Sign

Not everyone knows how to flirt but what’s more, even if you know how to do it, sometimes things turn out FATAL for whatever reason: due to circumstances, because we have drawn our weapons at the least opportune moment, or even because we have been ourselves without measuring anything at all. There are times when we are terrible at flirting and when we give ourselves time to damn we would love for the earth to swallow us. But also one. When flirting is terrible for you according to your zodiac sign:


Sometimes, when it comes to flirting, you go without an Aries filter, too direct with everything, as if you know what you want and not what you don’t, and you are not afraid, to be honest with the other person. You can make somewhat awkward romantic comments, and yes, be quite affectionate for many.


Sometimes you go so slowly when it comes to flirting that the other person doesn’t know if you want a friend or are looking for something else. That’s why many times you stay in that friend zone all the time. You do not make anything clear, you are afraid to do it and find yourself rejected. Instead of being lovely, you’re sweet, instead of daring and forward, you’re friendly and want to cuddle all the time.


You are one of those who sends too many contradictory signals Gemini. The same you send a super passionate message one day and the next day you are ignoring it. The rest have a hard time understanding you. The truth is that honestly, you too. The truth is that they think that nothing matters to you and that you move simply for what you feel like at all times. But you have your head full of indecision.


You are too intense Cancer and when you flirt, it is true that you already start talking seriously, in an intense, deep way, and without small talk that does not contribute anything to you. That can scare the others a bit. They see you as someone with a certain culture, interested in / or in more things than they could imagine. For many, this will be something perfect, others will think: “where did it come from?”


You are super forward when you flirt with someone. You don’t hold back, you go after that person, and sometimes that can be quite an affection but you don’t always say something. What’s more, you hope that it will be that person who finally launches. You are fire and that had to be noticed somewhere. Also, if someone gets into your head, you don’t stop, your looks can melt the ice… You will send all the possible signals.


You can be a little shy with all Virgos, and more when it comes to flirting. Possibly that is your most natural and attractive charm, which seems to be so, but that person is never completely sure, which in the end, makes him more aware of you. Waiting for some sign perhaps. Sometimes it’s true that those people never find out what you feel for them… To say the least.


You plan everything so meticulously that when you are about to take the step, you realize that person fell in love, got married, and had children… If Libra, you eternalize… Sometimes you don’t have to plan everything to make it perfect, sometimes you simply have to live and let yourself be carried away by the moments and the desire. Not to mention that some of you Libra need a little drink to dare to say what you really feel. Perhaps with Drinks, you also forget about the issue of perfection. But beware.


When you’re flirting and you’re at your lowest, instead of reaching out and starting a good and interesting conversation of your own, you give them basic compliments that they’ve probably heard a million times and start moving in totally exaggerated ways to get their attention. , you touch your hair, your hands, you take looks like “here I am, and I’m lovely”. What are you doing Scorpio? Haven’t you learned anything new this time? Well look, it’s okay, we all have bad days and times when we flirt like crazy. Tomorrow will be another day.


You know how to flirt but of course, like everyone else, we have our days. It often seems that you are better at doing it when you have a few extra drinks like that’s where you loosen up. But it’s not really you, Sagi, and the problem is that, if you do it that way, many times others think that you’re not serious, that you’re really just looking to chat for a while without much pretense.


Sometimes you’re a bit of a dark Capri, and when you’re actually trying to flirt, you’re scary. And it is that not everyone understands your sense of humor, not everyone understands your irony and your sarcasm. When you are in this mode it is true that you drive them away. You were just trying to be funny.


Okay Aquarius, even if others don’t believe it when you want something with someone you can become too romantic and even cloying. That facade of a cold and distant person falls directly at your feet. But often, that romanticism is also scary. That of showing up unannounced at her job or surprising her with that poem you wrote may please but also SCARE.


Like everyone else, you’re terrible at flirting from time to time. And this happens especially when you get bored with text messages, calls, Whatsapp… It’s okay to talk to someone but not all the time. As much as possible, you want to share your time with him/her and this can seem a bit sticky. You will drive away Pisces. Trust me.


When Flirting Is Fatal According To Your Sign


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