When Capricorn Falls In Love Secretly

When Capricorn Falls In Love Secretly

It is difficult to hide certain feelings. Each zodiac sign manages in one way or another those feelings that arise when they begin to feel something for another person. Falling in love in itself is difficult, but it is much more so when you do it in secret. This is what happens when Capricorn secretly falls in love:

When Capricorn falls in love secretly, he does not want his world to collapse so he tries by all means not to happen. Try to control your mind, do not get blown away or delusional. Sometimes he even fights his feelings. He is terrified because of something as beautiful as love. Something that has hurt him so much knocking on the door again.

Capricorn knows that when he falls in love he gives everything, that he even loses his essence if the person with whom he has fallen in love wants to play with him/her and is not someone to be trusted. Capri is a true strategist, he plans his whole life but he knows that no one is in charge of feelings, he knows very well that not even she/he is in command of feelings.

When they begin to secretly love, they ask themselves thousands of questions about the future, about that person who has stolen their hearts. He imagines what life would be like walking hand in hand with another person and at times he gets excited. But on the other hand, he thinks that perhaps he cannot withstand such pressure, that his lonely life offers him many good things, that he does not have to think about anyone else, and that he can do whatever he wants without giving or asking for explanations from nobody. No need for stress or fights and discussions. Capricorn loves, but won’t let you find out anytime soon. It will take time to understand where you are, what you want, and whether that relationship will take you somewhere better than where you are.


When Capricorn Falls In Love Secretly

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