What Your Ex Misses About You

What Your Ex Misses About You


You leave a mark Aries, that is something inevitable, but what your ex will miss most about you is that desire that you put into life in everything, that courage to face anything, that incredible independence. You have never needed anything or anyone to meet your goals, and that is something that draws a lot of attention. Your ex has probably become a homebody with little social life. That didn’t happen with you, you gave pure energy, outings, parties, freshness, and a lot of emotion. It is inevitable that now he may think that his life is a real bore without you. Well, sorry, he has run out of Aries.


You give Taurus security, and that, after all, is missed. You may be stubborn, a tough nut to crack, and your opinion may not be changed by anyone but you knew what you were doing and your ex is probably more lost now than a fart in a hot tub. Seriously… And he will miss even when you were arguing because you knew you were right, and you were! And he will miss those kisses and those hugs, that comfort he had with you, those afternoons on the couch and a movie… he will even miss the fights because he knew that afterward the reconciliation was brutal and united you twice as much. Things as they are, nothing was missing by your side. But now, he’s missing you.


Seriously, Gemini, when someone’s relationship with you ends, their world turns off, it’s as if it stopped shining as if the passion had died out. But what your ex will miss about you will be those conversations that lasted hours, that way you had to speak, to charm everyone, to convince. The joy, the non-stop, the desire to always do different things, the fact that you did not say no to anything, everything was welcome in your life, any plan, any proposal. Also, your life has always been very exciting Gemini, and the best thing is that it will continue to be, that of others, without you, perhaps not so much.


No matter how many people your ex meets in his life, he will end up understanding that since Cancer loved him, no one will love him. It will be very difficult for your ex not to look back throughout his life and realize what your relationship was like, deep, and intense, with its ups and downs like all but pure. very pure. He will always have pangs of remorse, thinking about how he must have let you get away, how nice it all could have been. There was Cancer understanding, there were surprises, incredible details, lots of laughter, conversations until a thousand in the morning, there was a desire for progress, there was a love that, now, it will be difficult for him to find again.


They can deny it, Leo, they can try to turn the page or they can try to lead their lives but you are impossible to forget. You were always ready for anything, with you there were no limits in any sense, there were laughs day after day too, you didn’t take life as seriously as some people, you enjoyed yourself to the fullest and supported your partner like the most, in everything, in whatever he decided. He was her number one fan. You were not afraid to say yes to everything, investigate, try, and travel. And best of all, even if you were outgoing to the max, the person who was next to you knew that you would not let him down, he knew deep down, that you were the most loyal person on earth. Your ex has lost a lot, a lot, but that’s life. You, sooner or later, will continue to shine. Your ex may not.


That desire to improve does not have any other sign. And your ex will miss that very much, Virgo. Perhaps you are not foolish, perhaps you are not laughing all day and you do not show what you have inside, but when things got difficult, you were in charge of solving them when your ex could not handle everything, you threw a lot of it on your back of his problems when he didn’t know what decision he had to make, you were there to help him understand and understand what was best. More than one should put a Virgo in their life because in difficult times they are the ones who have the most tables and the most experience to get what is ahead. Your ex, he doesn’t have that anymore.


With you, everything was understanding Libra, you were extremely charming, you fought and pulled your nails for your partner, and you would have faced anyone who wanted to get between you. When you love, it doesn’t matter if the world is against you, you go to the end. In addition to that, what your ex will miss the most will be your generosity, giving everything for nothing, your power of communication, how you made friends even in hell, your desire for progress, and even your hobbies, yes, those hobbies that sometimes they got on his nerves but that now they would have had a meaning in his life. But that’s already the past. And it probably won’t be there again.


You are that balance between good and evil Scorpio, you could be the worst person on earth, yes, but only if they hurt you… With your ex, you were faithful, generous to death, passionate, and thoughtful. You did not mind sharing everything because, for you, your partner and you are one. You gave the best advice in the world and despite the fact that for the rest you could be cold, with your partner you were warm, close, a good friend, a perfect lover. You fought until the end to solve everything. You didn’t run away like others, you always showed your face. And also security, a lot, and you opened his eyes when he had them closed, and you explained to him what he was worth, that he shouldn’t let himself be trampled by anyone, and you repeated to him that you loved him as you had never loved anyone. He has missed so many things…


It’s so complicated for someone to forget about you Sagittarius… It’s impossible for them to forget the desire for adventure that you always have, the spirit of living to the fullest that is also contagious, that criminal sense of humor that makes even the most serious go crazy with laughter You were the master at making something plain and simple the most fun in the world. Able to do everything for the person next to you. Your ex has to miss many things, the times you forgave him, the times you overlooked many things just because you knew that pride and all that damn only accumulate more bad vibes. With you, life was simple Sagi. Your ex can’t say that anymore.


You can have many bad things Capri, but you got ahead with everything. That worldview, that responsibility that you had, anyone who had been by your side would know that nothing bad could happen, that he would be protected. Your ex probably misses that a lot. The long talks talking about everything and nothing, the way you had to teach, how you fought to the death for your ideas, for your dreams, how the opinions of the rest slipped by. You were a good match, you could offer enviable tranquility, impeccable. And Capri’s perseverance, because, whatever will happen, you would have fought to the end… But the end has come. And there is no longer Capri. I’m sorry about your ex.


You are one of those people who make the rest of Aquarius better people, and any ex who has been with you knows it deep down. You were patient, you always tried to put yourself in the other person’s place, to understand him, even though you knew he was crazier than a goat, but you were always there to help, with whatever little or much you had… Your ex will miss you a lot. sensitivity, how you saw the world, the little desire to fight that you always had, your gaze lost in infinity trying to find new paths, together, something that revived love, that made it stronger, something that made you better people, to both. He will miss the good vibes you gave off, the fact that you hardly had any enemies, he will miss your art, he will miss you.


It seems that you are not capable of creating dependence on the rest of Pisces, but you do create it, and a lot. When you love, the way you give everything is incredible, even forgetting yourself sometimes, and that is only appreciated when you are no longer there. Your ex could miss so many things… Starting with your way of seeing the world, and how little resentful you were with him/her. Even though you were within your rights, you preferred to fix everything, play it down, and not have a bad time. He will miss your smile, the ease you put into everything, your naivety, how sometimes you didn’t see the evil in the rest and you limited yourself to downplaying everything. He will miss your momentary impulsiveness, your kisses, your caresses, your massages, he will miss living with you.


What Your Ex Misses About You


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