What You Love Most About Your Single Life According To Your Sign

Being single at some times is not bad at all. Some signs think that, others take it a little worse. The latter, obviously, are the signs that are more of being in a couple. But like every situation you have to see the better side of it, if you want to know what you love the most about your single life according to your sign, read between these lines. This is what you love the most about your single life according to your sign:


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Aries, you know how to enjoy both being in a relationship and being alone. In a Relationship you like to be, in addition to for obvious reasons in terms of sharing feelings and affection, because you have a partner for your many plans. You are very independent but you like contact, touch, share … When it comes to being single, you enjoy your freedom and do whatever you want, without being held back by the other person. It is a stage that you assume without drama, with your usual courage because you can handle that and more, and because deep down you think that it is better to be alone than in bad company.

As you also usually have a good network of friends and family with whom to share your energy, because you are never very alone, nor do you worry too much. You also recycle, you oxygenate yourself, because surely you have been with someone before who has touched your nose. And you rearm yourself for when someone comes into your life, who you know will come … because yes, you know.


Taurus, you are one of the signs who like to be in a relationship. You enjoy life 100% but as a couple, as you enjoy it a little more and a little better. For this reason, when you have to be single, at times you do not get along very well, although since you are very intelligent, you end up relaxing, you adapt to the situation and you begin to see the good side of it.

To begin with, you take the opportunity to see your friends more, because when you have a partner, you recognize that you focus a lot on life with her, and on plans together and alone. With these friends, you also take the opportunity to vent, because surely you have just left a relationship. A relationship where surely the other person has not made the commitment like you, has been more frivolous, or has cheated on you in some way. Apart from seeing friends and enjoying them, time alone, at home, calm and with your things, is a pleasure that you regain when it is your turn to be single. And someone special has to come because as you take the pleasure to be with your ball, you do not move so that the new love does not enter through the window.


Gemini, what you love most about your single life is the amount of time for yourself that you suddenly find yourself in. Because when you are in a relationship, between social life, life as a couple, and social life as a couple, you barely have time … to work? With that intensity with which you live, you are that Geminis do not stop for a moment, and since then you are quick to get projects or obligations ahead, you end up complying with everything. But at the cost of stress, nerves and even a little bit of anxiety.

So, in times of singleness, you take the opportunity to be more focused on work, to catch up on taking the car to the workshop, doing more sports, cleaning the house from top to bottom and… resting! The time you have left is for social life, because that, may you never miss it! Because it nourishes you with good spirit. And if you don’t have a partner, you’re not going to stay home crying about it!


Cancer, you sure that when you do not have a partner you dream of having one, because you like the moments shared with that person that you like so much, or with whom you have fallen in love. That is a reality. But there is another reality, and that is that when you do not have a partner, you get along really well. You will have some nostalgic day but they go by quickly. And if it does, you throw yourself to a few tears and like new.

Deep down, you know that you are always there, taking care of others, especially your partner when you have one. So if you don’t have it, take the opportunity to spend time with yourself, or with your friends, or doing nothing and enjoying your home or your hobbies. Hopefully someone doesn’t call you saying they need you, because you won’t be able to say no. But if nobody claims you, you will appreciate spending time… with you. A pleasure.


Leo, you like to be single to be able to go out to meet new people, and of course, to conquer who you like. Conquering someone should be the second thing you like the most in the world. The first is love, being reciprocated, and having someone to do what you like, but with the pleasure of having their company and their complicity (and their love, of course). So, when it’s time to be alone, days and nights are the best setting to show you.

You will invest more time in your appearance, you will do more sports, you will need to do everything it takes to look good, and then show yourself to the world and feel that you dazzle. Because it’s like that, you like to show off, and you don’t think that’s a bad thing. Others like to show off their studies or their deep and highly cultured conversation. You too, you also brag about that and everything. Because the truth is that you like to show off all your achievements and everything you value. What is the problem?


Virgo, what you love the most in your single life is … EVERYTHING. You like being single, so that we are going to fool ourselves. And he says it to the Zodiac, with that slogan that proclaims you as the sign that best bears his singleness. There must be a reason. As an example, go ahead that you are emotionally cold, that you do not let your emotions rule your life.

When you have to let yourself go, you do it, but you don’t live at the expense of what you feel, or what your body asks of you in terms of affection pleasures. And then, since you are a person who has something to do, either for work or leisure, then you do not miss a partner at all. And with what you like to think, or be your ball thinking or studying … you are dying of pleasure alone. In addition to the fact that in a couple you eat your head a lot with fights and heartbreaks, so alone, you feel that you are liberated from all that you like less.


Libra, what you love most about your single life is that you have much more time for yourself, for your things, to discover new places or new people, to study or even to take a personal growth course. When you are in a couple you also enjoy it a lot, because you adapt great to what life offers you, to the people who come to you. However, since you are usually someone who gets carried away a lot, as a couple you live a little for the other person. You don’t know how to say no if he wants to go out, if he wants to stay home, or if you do this or that. As you have a good time in any way … But of course, being single, the time for you multiplies, and if you want, you even abandon yourself to laziness and stay at home day after day, enjoying series, a hot bath or baking cakes.


Scorpio, what you love the most in your single life is what you learn from yourself. You like to have a partner, to merge into one when you fall in love with someone, and to live with that person moments of passion and desire, of complicity and intelligent conversations. When you have to be alone, it is difficult for you to find where to put those expectations of love, touch and affection. Your friends or family serve to nurture you with some hugs, but it is not the same as with a partner. So, stoically, you wear it and learn new facets of yourself in terms of courage, regeneration, examination of conscience … you take the opportunity to make yourself strong, like someone who has to cross a desert dying of thirst. And when someone comes into your life, you will be someone better and cleaner to give yourself up again and live love.


Sagittarius, you, what you love the most about your single life is FREEDOM. With very large letters, because feeling free is your most precious value. For other signs, perhaps freedom to be able to go out more with friends or be at home alone, but for you freedom is that and much more. It is being able to fly far, do kilometers, meet new places, new people … As a couple, it is true that you can do all that … Almost, but no. As a couple, there are two of you to decide the destination, the budget, the days, the itinerary, and when you go together, you always interact much less with other people. Or maybe you have different schedules when it comes to getting up early or staying up late.

When you travel alone, even if you go apart with other people, you decide for yourself, and you do what you want 24 hours a day. You take the group into account, of course, but you have no less emotional involvement because they are not your partner. And if you want to extend the trip, you will already manage with the work issues, for example. In a Relationship, you are always subordinate to the other person, and if you don’t have more days to travel, are you left without them too? Remove remove.


Capricorn, you are someone who always bets on having a partner, rather, on having a partner and being stable, not one every two months. But when you don’t have it, you don’t miss it so much because in your life there are very important priorities in terms of work and all-time obligations. And when you are alone you notice that you have more time to focus on all that. Besides that you can better avoid social life. Because you go out a lot, and so much stay, and so much getaway, or staying up late is not that they drive you crazy. From time to time yes, because they relax and help to disconnect. But when you have a partner, it seems that there is more social life, especially since your partners, almost all of them, always like to go out much more than you. That is why you enjoy your single life, how well you are alone at home when you don’t have to go to work.


Aquarius, what you love most about your single life is that when you are not with someone, you notice that you have more time to do whatever you want. And to think about your things, to work … In a Relationship there is always a part of your life that belongs a little to the other person, or rather, a part of your time. You have to go out there, see other friends, love, quiet moments even at home … and you love all that, but as you are someone who has freedom in your veins, there are many times when you overwhelm yourself. little, and you would like to disconnect, or close your eyes and see yourself alone and your ball.

For this reason, when you are single you enjoy your freedom a lot, so much so that out of pure happiness, you take more hours out of the days, you have more time, you have a certain euphoria and … very important, do not lose focus. Because when you’re dating someone, if it’s not for one thing, it’s for another, but there are always fights, tension, conflicts of interest, tell me you love me, you don’t love me anymore…. Ugh, how comfortable you feel when you are alone!


Pisces, it seems more ideal to you to always be dating someone or in a stable relationship than to be alone. But of course you have some time when you have to be single, either because you have ended a relationship, or because you have not found the person who persuases you, but since you are someone who knows how to adapt very well to circumstances, you know how to relax and enjoy. At times you even enjoy thinking about which person destiny will bring you, or what the new relationship that comes to you will be like. Because it will come sooner or later you know.

You are always receptive, so you do not deceive yourself or want to deceive others. Well, you do tell them a story about how well you are alone and what some people are left with when you give yourself a little. But you know that you are not so good alone, and that as much as the relationship is not perfect, it makes up for you. Because yes, because you get a lot out of many moments and sensations. And nobody can take that away from you.


What You Love Most About Your Single Life According To Your Sign

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