What will break your heart in 2024. According to your zodiac sign.


Why will your heart hurt next year? Find out what the stars have in store for you and why you will be disappointed next year.


Your heart will break someone who will never belong to you. Dear Aries, you will spend the whole of 2024 chasing after someone who doesn’t really want you.

But in the end, you will realize that the only chance you have is to leave this person.


If you have the zodiac sign Taurus, you will enter into a new relationship sometime in 2024. But unfortunately, this partnership will not fulfill you. Because that’s not what you really need.

You expect engagement from your partner because you want to have a serious relationship. However, this partner cannot give you this and we will, therefore, break your heart.


In 2024 you have to learn to let go of the people you love. You are in a back and forth with someone and that is not good for you in the long run. You hope deep down that this person will change.

You hope that everything will finally be fine and that everything will go in the right direction, but that will not happen.


Cancer is similar to the twin. Someone from your past will give you great heartache. However, this is not the person you are currently in contact with. It is someone who has ever broken your heart.

Back then he left deep wounds that you now have to work up. Because this person will return to your life in 2024 and mess things up.


The lion also has lovesickness in 2024. This will be caused by a relationship in which he is the sole fighter. Clearly, the relationship is too one-sided, so it cannot work.

The bad thing is that the lion will take a long time to notice. The relationship will make him feel completely lonely. Head up, dear lion! Good times are coming soon!


This may be the last thing you want to hear. However, it is the truth. Because in 2024 someone will break your heart. Virgins are careful and protect their hearts very well.

But now and then they are too careful with the people they get involved with. After this abuse of trust, you will be afraid of love. Unfortunately, you will want to protect yourself so well that you let a good person go.



It is difficult for you to make compromises and therefore you will lose your partner next year. The person who loves you very much will give you up. Because you were just too stubborn and never gave in.

Don’t expect everything to always go the way you want it to. Then it can happen that you chase away other people around you.


The scorpion will also lose someone he loves very much because he makes some mistakes. You should always take responsibility for your mistakes and apologize for them.

Instead, you will try to blame your partner for your mistakes. That will chase him away from you. Go deep inside and think about what you might have done wrong.


You will fall in love next year. However, you cannot express this infatuation because you are afraid of a serious relationship. Since you cannot accept how much you feel for this person, you will convince yourself that you are afraid of losing your freedom.

You think you have to leave this person. You will soon regret this decision.


You are not meant to be loved, you are convinced of it. You should investigate here. Where does this belief come from? Someone from your past probably convinced you of it. In 2024 you will yearn for a deeper connection.

However, your mind will put a spanner in the works. He doesn’t want to let romance in your life. Your heart will not be broken, but you will be overwhelmed by your loneliness.


Something will also stand in the way of Aquarius, and that is his own ego. This will give him a lot of heartaches next year. Forget your pride! You shouldn’t let anyone treat you badly, but you should let go of the things that make life difficult for you.

Do not focus on who wins the fight, but focus on the best for your relationship.


Next year you will see that you are fighting alone in your relationship. You give yourself completely to your partner and get nothing in return. You will realize that you have earned a lot more and that your partner doesn’t really want you anymore.

If you don’t realize this early enough, you’ll be unhappy all year round. Rather open your eyes early and stop ignoring things.

What will break your heart in 2024. According to your zodiac sign.


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