What The Signs Would Be In Hell

What The Signs Would Be In Hell

Come on, we all have that evil side, even if we say no. Suddenly, you see yourself doing things that are not very well seen by the rest, but strangely they give you relief. The hell can it be fun if you’re with the right demon, is it? That dark side is as much within you as the light side, it is necessary to balance our emotions and also to put in their place those who seek to harm us without reason. What would you do if you end up in the flames? What would the signs be like in hell? Each sign of the zodiac would live it in their own way:


They say it doesn’t count as hell if you like how it burns. If Aries does step on that spooky place, get ready, because he is not willing to have the last place in line. It is a sign that was born to succeed and if it is underground it will do it like the greats. Don’t even try to dominate him, because he is the one who takes the throne from the devil without a bit of hesitation. He is not there to follow orders neither in this world nor in the one that they put him in. Aries is passionate, rapturous, impulsive, and does not take what comes out of his mouth for a game because nothing is a threat, if he says he will do something, it will be. He does not beat around the bush, always direct, always facing the front and with his pants on well to face the consequences. What did you expect?


After so many hells, not just any demon burns Taurus. It is such a minute sign that if it ends up in the least desired place, it will do so in the best way. Do not think that he will sit idly by waiting for the other to do what he wants with him. Rather, he will use his crude sense of humor to strategically win over certain souls. The objective of Taurus is clear, he wants to be friends with the leader, he wants to become his faithful companion, to clearly enjoy the benefits. It doesn’t matter if it takes a long time, patience will be on your side. Sure, his stubbornness will keep him at the bottom of the canyon, no matter how many times they try to bring him down. Don’t be fooled by her angelic face, you don’t know how crazy her mind is.


It is that simple, the madman loses everything except his reason, do not doubt the intellect of Gemini, because he is a master when it comes to placing the pieces and getting a checkmate. Hell does not scare Geminis, they have lived so many bad experiences that what they do best is defend themselves. He hates that they try to see his face, that they think he is inferior to fill certain positions. So if you end up in hell, you won’t go alone, you will take your pride and bravery by the hand. That’s when he dethrones anyone who tries to dominate him, he won’t give them the power to tear him to pieces. It is a sign that is not afraid of temptations, that laughs at danger, and is so changeable that before they try to train it, it is already focused on something else. Geminis do what they want when they want and with whom they want. Here or out of this world, there is no more.


Well, it never hurts to find the positive side of things, and boy, if Cancer one-day steps on hell, he will discover it. Because if it gets there, it will be the soul that looks for angels among so much evil. There will come a time when you feel so at home because you will clearly be surrounded by a lot of uncontrolled emotions. That part where you want to, but can’t do something different. You may not feel that you belong there, but you will come to the conclusion that if you are there it is for something and you do not plan to cry. Cancer can be so resilient that it becomes a pillar for many and when it least realizes it has already saved more than one from hell. Who knows, capable and even ends up falling in love with forbidden love, one of those that fill you and empty your soul at the same time.


Imagine that you, as a Leo, end up on the road to hell. Well, you’d be the prettiest sin, to begin with. Come on, the brightness of the flames will have to compete with your brightness because that does not go out even if you end up on Mars. Without a doubt, what will worry you the most is how good you look. You want to impress, that they realize that you are used to the good and that you will also be selective there. Perhaps your impulsive, rebellious and crazy side, will intensify. There it is possible that your fantasies take center stage, there is no one who judges you, nobody can throw the first stone because each soul by your side carries a sin. So, you learn to play with fire, in a tender, passionate, and even romantic way. You, Leo, do not stop the fire, you hug it.


If Virgo ends up in hell there is no demon to scare him. His intelligence is so superior that he is going to fool everyone in an impressive way. Suddenly, he will let everyone think that he has already adapted, that he is one more and that will be when he leaves. Virgo will not settle for hell when there is a heaven waiting. Deep down he knows that it was surely a mistake and, as always, he only has to solve it, so that it does not happen again. Enough with the hells, you live in life, dealing with insomnia, with a lot of crazy thoughts, with anxiety on the surface, with a bad love. He does not intend to tolerate an ordeal any longer. Sorry, but Virgo will gladly give the place to someone else.


From the first moment that Libra steps foot in hell, they will feel hives from head to toe. Perhaps it is pretended that nothing is wrong because even in the worst moments it keeps its forehead high and sophistication ahead. But that place the only thing it will do is put its balance at risk, it cannot deal with so much injustice and with the cruel stories of those around it. Libra is art, it does not want conflict, it wants peace and the flames will never give it to it. If he stays there it is to become nothing, he prefers to ignore everything until it is his end. The scale sinks, it is forgotten and with it the only thing that remains of Libra leaves. It is more than evident that he does not belong to that place and that his goodness is going to make everyone uncomfortable.


The consequences of living a crazy life. The moment Scorpio feels the heat of hell itself, a million fragments of what he did on Earth go through his mind. No, don’t think he regrets it, because he did what he wanted. Because he was not silent, because he charged dearly to those who broke his soul, because he clung to his dreams no matter who interfered in the way. He also helped form his heart, showed his vulnerable side, and loved as if there was no tomorrow. If that’s why it ended up on fire, go for it! Face the consequences bravely and without fear of being singled out. Once in hell, Scorpio becomes fearsome, but also a protector of weak souls and that is when, from being no one, he becomes the leader they long-awaited.


You cannot send Sagittarius to hell and pretend that he continues with his little angel face. That place changes you, shakes you, makes your character become fearsome. That is where evil embraces you and makes you forget your essence. Sagittarius does not belong there, because his anger lasts a couple of minutes, because he lets things flow and does not think to wear himself out fighting with the other. He doesn’t want enemies, he wants to find the most peaceful group out there, to immerse himself in his imagination and ignore everything. If it ends there it is because they surely confused it with another sign because Sagittarius does not get dirty, let karma be the one who decides everything. He is so carefree that he is not going to get hooked on the bad.


Yes, the one with a strong character, the one who does not allow himself to be dominated by anyone, the one who works very hard, even if that is synonymous with getting away from things he likes. That is Capricorn, the sign that has the face of few friends and that when someone hurts him if he finds him in his 5 minutes of evil, it can be very cruel. But… from there to end up in hell, it’s too much, it’s really not a place where you feel comfortable. Your pride is great but no bigger than your heart and that may be the only thing that can save you from such terrible grief. Capricorn sees it as a lesson, he is not going to throw himself and cry in a corner, he will find a way to repair the bad thing he did in life until he is given another opportunity to return to Earth and do things in a better way.


Aquarius is not bad, what happens is that many times he has no other option than to act from the wound. That’s when he can be cold, it seems that he does not care about your emotions, but the reality is that he does not know how to deal with them. Hell is the worst of punishments, the one that does not deserve an Aquarius because it was already quite complicated to live in a world in which people did not understand their way of thinking, to still find so much hatred and resentment. Hell is synonymous with drama and that is what it does not tolerate. Aquarius just wants to be happy, to let his rebellious soul do its thing without hurting anyone. Deep down he knows that his spirituality is the only thing that can save him and he is not going to let go of it.


No matter what circumstances Pisces is in, instead of being afraid, they will always have faith. The truth is that stepping on to hell is the thing you least expect, isn’t it enough with all the worries that Earth gives you? For Pisces, it is so distressing to end up in such a place, because their need to help and bring out the best version of those around them causes them to experience one load after another. So, the best thing you can do is ignore it, you are going to pretend that you are not in hell and that the same tomorrow you have the opportunity to get out of there. If you treat him well you can have the most loyal person under the flames, but … if you are cruel, prepare for his passive-aggressive side. Pisces is so cunning that even the devil should hide his weak point because he will find it very quickly.


What The Signs Would Be In Hell

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