What The Signs Have Gained They Learned By Losing

What The Signs Have Gained They Learned By Losing

People tend to see the achievements and assume that everything has fallen from the sky because they do not know your history, all those times in which you have looked up despite having a broken heart. You’ve been torn to pieces so many times you’ve lost count. However, do not give up, wipe your tears and keep moving forward. What the signs of the zodiac have gained, they learned by losing and with hope on the ground. Please don’t you dare tell them it’s luck, it’s their effort.


I tell you this without any embellishment, directly, and for it to sink into the depths of your heart, you should be doubly proud of yourself, because you do not stop. You are a brave sign, capable of embracing your fears and facing failure, even if it confronts you with all its impulsive and crazy side. You fell, you’re not ashamed to say it, but you’re ready to get back on the road.


Sometimes, things don’t turn out half as well as you plan, that not only frustrates you but also fills you with tears and to be honest, makes you want to throw everything out the window and run away. However, you have the ability to reason, put things on a scale and find a solution to everything in the blink of an eye. Complaining is no longer an option for you.


Undoubtedly, curiosity lives in your heart, you are always willing to try something new and you are not afraid of criticism. Along the way, you have met many people who want to see you on your knees, but you ignore their feelings. You love adrenaline, the more they tell you that you can’t achieve something, the more you want to do it and that’s when you can show what you’re made of.


You may be going through the worst of the streaks, and the sadness in your eyes and the anguish in your chest confirm it, but that is not enough reason for you to throw everything away. It has cost you a lot to protect your heart from the negativity of people, those people who say they want to see you well, but not better than her. Fortunately, they don’t feed you, so their opinion no longer interests you.


No matter how hard you’re being pounded, nothing stops you when it comes to showing off what’s inside of you. You are used to being a leader and you are not afraid of falling, you have already been to the depths of failure, and look at yourself, you are still at the foot of the canyon. You are unstoppable and you know it. The fact that someone has problems with your determination is not something that keeps you up at night.


There may be days when you feel down, without the desire to undertake, and with low self-esteem, but in any case, you find encouragement even in the smallest thing and you hold on. Perhaps your perfectionist side is the one that never lets you let your guard down and you appreciate it. You fight for your dreams and that is admired. You are winning, after so many losses.


In short, your insecure side does not help you much, because it makes you think a thousand times over the same issue before taking a step. On the one hand, it’s okay because you don’t take anything lightly, on the contrary, you analyze the pros and cons in a meticulous way. You are very loyal to your convictions, if something does not fit, you prefer to turn the page and start over. That courage is what keeps you on top.


If there’s anyone on this list who doesn’t give up easily, it’s you. There are many stones that people you don’t even know have put in your path. However, your persistence has been bringing them down little by little. Sometimes, you don’t know how you do it, but you find the strength to keep moving forward. You are very clear that success is not certain and that is why you are prepared for any bad point.


You don’t shake your hand or your heart when it comes to following your instincts. You know that life belongs to those who dare, following the expectations of others has never been your thing. You prefer to stay with only a few than to get involved with people who honor falsehood. Your personality is overwhelming, but you never lose ground, you have your goals very clear.


Your mind may be in chaos and the things you structure may not turn out as you visualize them, but that is not reason enough to let yourself fall. You have the ability to differentiate very well between what suits you and what does not. You know that it is not always about success, the bitter taste is also necessary for life, because it helps you to value, but also to move away. It is part of growth, there is no more.


Your aspirations are not the kind that is left hanging in the room by your door, you want them to come to light and that is why you put all your efforts to make them so. Risks do not stop you, on the contrary, they become a challenge and you love challenges. Deep down, the only thing you want is to work at your best version and show the world that you are capable of fulfilling each one of those ideas, the ones they call madness.


It is true, it is not very easy for you to ask for help, you have a beast inside you that tells you that you can do it alone and that there are many others who need a helping hand. You are used to helping, you do it from the heart and that is the reason why life always rewards you twice. You are not worried that things will go wrong, because you know that it is temporary and that there is always a new opportunity.

What The Signs Have Gained They Learned By Losing

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