What The Color Of Your Eyes Says About You

Your Eyes Says About You

What The Color Of Your Eyes Says About You

The eyes are the window to our souls and we say many things with them without realizing it. The world around us is a moving picture of everything our eyes see, and technically speaking, half the things we talk, feel, do, and perceive are first reflected in our eyes. The color of our eyes says much more about us than we think, so if you want to know what the color of your eyes says about you, just keep reading:


Your eye color is very difficult to find. Your pure black eyes make you a born leader, you love to be in control of the situation and bring order when chaos is present. You are very mysterious, those eyes hide many things, of which you share very few and that is why you are really irresistible. You generate a lot of confidence and have a supernatural intuition. You are also trustworthy, everyone can tell you their secrets because they will go with you to the grave. You are responsible and reserved, and you like to stay out of conflicts, but you do not remain silent when it has to do with you. You like to take things very seriously, you work like nobody else to achieve all your goals. As you have read before, you create a lot of mystery in the world, but that does not mean that you are false, quite the opposite. You always show yourself to the world as you are, you have nothing to hide. Of course, your biggest flaw is that most of the time you tend to have trouble making friends or falling in love because it is hard for you to trust others. 


If your eyes are brown, you are a lover of fun, affection, and tranquility. You love to have a great time in all moments of your life, especially if you are accompanied by your loved ones. There is no one in this world who is more affectionate than you. Of course, you are quite independent, and you like to show affection, but you hate getting too attached to a person because you know that you are a free soul and you always do what you want. On the other hand, you are a super empathic person, you always put yourself in the place of others, and you have no problem stopping what you are doing and helping those who need it. You don’t have trust issues, what’s more, you believe in yourself more than anyone else. You don’t need compliments because you alone tell yourself everything you’re worth every day of your life. Yes indeed, You have a hard time putting your feelings into words and that frustrates you too much. You are that person that everyone can count on. Of course, be careful with that tendency you have to leave for tomorrow what you can do today because it can get you into more than one trouble.


If your eyes are hazel, you are an elegant, positive, and feisty person. You love everything that has to do with self-love and self-care. There is not a day that you do not look in the mirror to see that you are perfect. You don’t care what others think of you because that positivity that characterizes you makes you always come out on top of any comment or situation. You are strong and you fight more than anyone to move forward on your own and fulfill all your dreams. You do not have any kind of problem adapting to any situation because you are a brave person and you are not afraid of changes. You love to try new things and feel free at all times. You have a naughty and sensual side that conquers everyone, and best of all, you already know it. Yes indeed, You have a very strong character that sometimes makes you lose your temper very easily. You are 100% sure of yourself, but you know that you have to learn to control your impulses so as not to lose your mind. 


If your eyes are gray, you are a person with a very strong character, but also a very honest and wise person. As a general rule, you don’t like to play with the feelings of others and you take everything very seriously, from professional work to love. Thanks to that perception you have about life, you are quite balanced emotionally speaking. You like to have your feet on the ground and be aware of everything that happens around you. You are different and unique, you love that feeling of being special and standing out among so many people. You are not afraid to risk what you believe in because you are clear about your principles and you will never abandon them. Of course, your eye color makes you seem a rather cold and calculating person, so very few people trust you 100%. 


If your eyes are green, you are a strong person, but cautious at the same time. Everything around you seems like a puzzle of how mysterious you are, but you are also that fresh air that everyone needs in their lives. You have superior intelligence, you like to browse and learn from the world around you. You are not afraid of anything and that is why you live every day of your life with passion. Youth and vitality live inside you forever and no matter how many years pass, you are that person who always pulls the car to turn the darkest days into days full of joy. Most people agree that you are quite attractive and desirable, and you love that. You are quite respectful of everyone and you like to put yourself in the shoes of others in order to understand them a little more. That desire with which you look at the world is contagious and that is why everyone wants to be by your side. Of course, be careful with those unhealthy jealousies that you can awaken inside you because they can lead you to quite intense conflicts that do not favor you at all. 


If your eyes are blue, you are a person with indestructible strength. Everyone tends to judge you by your appearance because your gaze, despite being one of the most beautiful in the universe, can also be one of the coldest. Sometimes you can give the impression of being a shy and selfish person, but you are not like that. You just don’t like to express what you feel too much. You are a calm, intelligent, kind, and full-of-life person. The enthusiasm with which you live things no one can match you. You tend to have fairly long-lasting relationships because you like to feel love close, but you don’t have a problem putting an end to something that you know has no solution anymore. You are a very good strategist, you know exactly what you have to do at all times to get what you want, and you do it without thinking about the consequences that your actions may have. You have one of the most desired eyes in the universe, and you know it. You love being complimented for having pretty eyes, but you are something more than that and sometimes you get tired of hearing something you already know. You have many good things, but be careful with that tendency to want to do everything yourself, trust others a little, and let yourself go, there is only one life.

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