What Stuns Your Heart But You Don’t Say According To Your Sign

What Stuns Your Heart But You Don’t Say According To Your Sign

They say that faces we see, hearts we do not know. It’s true, over time you become an expert at dissimulating, making people believe that you’re okay because nobody likes to become a burden. However, there are things that hurt you to the bottom of your soul, fill you with fear, and overwhelm you. What is it that stuns your heart? Your zodiac sign knows it, but he doesn’t say it.


You know that when stubbornness takes over your actions, no one stops you. You are a very determined sign and you are not afraid of new beginnings. On the outside, you seem very independent, you love feeling good about yourself and not having to beg anyone. However, it hurts a lot when the people you love walk away from you, losing them breaks you to pieces, but you don’t say it.


Honestly, you are well aware that life is not rosy and that you cannot always have everything under control. You are a rational sign, but you are very concerned about unforeseen changes. Inside you have a breakdown, but you prefer to keep it quiet because you don’t want people to call you exaggerated. The instability does not fit at all with your life, you notice the discomfort.


If there is one thing that you find very sad about this life, it is having to pretend to be someone you are not. You are expressive and funny and you like to talk up the elbows. However, you get frustrated when the environment does not allow you to express your true self. You love meeting people, but not fake. If they are people who judge you and who want you to follow in their footsteps in everything, you prefer to avoid their company.


Sometimes, you have to resort to hiding what is in your heart, because you are so afraid of being treated badly. People are usually not ready for everything your heart offers. That is precisely what stuns you, knowing that you can be rejected just for giving your best. Cancer, don’t hide your risky side by pleasing those who have no idea what love is.


It’s true, you love it when people put you on their priority list. You are a sign that is not afraid of love, on the contrary, you enjoy the good treatment. Maybe it’s your charming side that allows you to fit in with so many people and that’s fine. However, you should not put all your stability in the opinion of the rest. You’re funny, but not a gold coin, not everyone is going to like you and that’s fine Leo.


Usually, you are a very realistic sign, you do not allow yourself to be enveloped by fanciful stories, and you like things upfront even if they often hurt. However, it stuns you not to be in control of everything. There are times when your thoughts betray you, they make you believe that you can dominate whatever you want, however, it is not real. You love structure and that’s fine, but don’t suffer for things that don’t belong to you.


At first, you are one of those who puts up one barrier after another when it comes to sharing your feelings because you do not want to be made fun of. However, once you feel confident you give your best, nothing stops you. What stuns your heart the most is being attacked from behind. The betrayal of a person you love breaks you mercilessly and in that case, you do not forgive, without exception.


You like to give the impression that everything is in your hands, you show yourself with a sensible, calm, and very confident attitude. I’m not saying it’s not true, but you’d rather use that facade than show that there are times when your world falls apart. Inside you are pure love and compassion, but you keep it quiet. Deep down you just want to find the right hearts, with whom you can step on the gas without fear.


Breathe deeply, without fear, without ties, without a voice that is trying to rule you every time you say or do something. That’s what you bet on, to let yourself go and allow your essence to do its thing. Therefore, it stuns your heart that they want to control you, the restriction practically gives you hives. You want to go out and live with your head held high and the desire to get goosebumps, that’s all.


It is very hard to assimilate that no matter how hard you try, be disciplined and focus positively on your goals, things do not always turn out in your favor. That hurts you too much, perhaps because it shakes your ego, it is not easy to experience failure when you are a person who demands too much. You are one of those who cares about everything and nothing, that makes your head and heart explode.


There are people who run away from abnormal situations, they like to follow rules and not allow chaos to interfere in their lives. However, you are different, you bet on something that makes you vibrate outside and inside. Feeling those chills running through you is something that brings you back to life in the blink of an eye. That’s why it stuns you that they try to force you to live in conventionality.


You are a sensitive sign, you guard yourself so much because you are exhausted from being singled out as the weak one, the one who lowers his head in the face of criticism and confrontation. You know that there are people who are very harmful and want you to help them with everything. I know that it stuns you to put a stop to them because deep down they are important to you, but it is not worth being treated like this. The moment you raise a barrier, those who are not worth it will leave.

What Stuns Your Heart But You Don't Say According To Your Sign

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