What Signs Is Aries Really Compatible With?

Compatible With?

What Signs Is Aries Really Compatible With?

Aries is known to be a fire sign, with incredible intensity and passion and you need to find someone who is able to keep your flame alive and make you feel like you are living the best life possible. It is true that it is not so easy to find a person who will give him everything he needs. But there are four signs that Aries is really compatible with:

Aries + Aries:

The best thing for Aries is to date another Aries, another person who knows what it is to be totally in their shoes. The relationship between two Aries can be really very powerful. Both are very independent and impulsive people. And together as a couple, this is magnified even more, which means that there are no problems between them. There will be times when you both want control over the other and others when you will feed on your energy. They can give the best or the worst of themselves.

It is very possible that this relationship will turn into a road of ups and downs, but that is just what Aries looks for in a relationship. Aries looks for something that is not monotonous, that has its moments, and that is changeable. Perhaps the worst thing about this relationship is that they are both very energetic and explosive, which will cause them to clash when they disagree or when they are trying to express different opinions…

Aries + Gemini:

The best thing about this relationship is that they both need each other. Aries needs the oxygen of Gemini and Gemini needs the heat and fire of Aries. They have just what they need to complement each other. They are two really very compatible signs. What Gemini likes most about Aries is that he is always ready to lead and take the reins. And Aries likes Gemini to let go and not be offended so easily.

A strong personality like that of Aries is not easy to carry… Aries loves to say what he thinks, whether it is good or bad, but Gemini is very strong and is capable of ignoring comments that he knows do not contribute anything. Also, both of them highly value communication and will always be looking for something new and exciting. They will share a fun and sincere relationship.

Aries + Leo:

The connection between Aries and Leo makes the relationship super explosive. Both fire signs are signs with a lot of heat inside. Both are super independent signs but they know how to value each other’s love and company. What Aries appreciates in Leo is that he is very open-minded and has a free spirit, which is exactly what Aries needs most in a relationship.

Both of you will feed off each other’s creativity and intelligence without feeling intimidated. Perhaps Aries is a little more impulsive than Leo, but in turn, thanks to this, Leo will be the one to stop Aries a little bit. Of course, always commit crazy things and have fun in the best way. Also, Leo is not a person who holds grudges, so Aries won’t have to worry about everything he says or does…

Aries + Sagittarius:

Perhaps this is the best combination for Aries. They are super compatible because they both share the good things about the fire signs. Both are curious, spontaneous, and loving. The best thing about all this is that Sagittarius will be able to keep up with Aries and vice versa. No one will ever be left behind or leave the path.

Sagittarius will teach Aries to live life and stop worrying so much about things that don’t matter. Neither of you is in a hurry to commit, so you will enjoy the relationship in your own way and at your own pace. It will be much easier to enjoy each other’s company. While Sagittarius is more of a mental sign, Aries is a more action-oriented sign and this will bring a lot of intrigue and balance to the relationship.

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