What Sign Pisces Should Away From

What Sign Pisces Should Away From

There is someone with whom things do not always end well. There are signs that are not the best approach if you want to keep the peace of mind and drama out of your life. Sometimes it’s better not to play with fire when you know you’re going to end up getting burned. You can’t risk it again, after having suffered so much, after they’ve made you suffer so much. What sign should Pisces stay away from? Here is the answer:

Pisces, admit it. You cannot, nor do you want to follow the rhythm of life of Aquarius. Even if you try with all your might, his rebellion consumes you. Seriously, you can’t control so much momentum from one, you don’t know how to manage so much disobedience from the beginning. Aquarius is the perfect trigger to get your head lost along the way. He can attract you because of his crazy freedom, because of his mysterious looks, because of his honest words, and because of his way of seeing life. But deep down, you feel that Aquarius consumes you very little by little, and that, Pisces, is the last thing you need.

Aquarius has the appearance of a cold and hard person, who goes free and cares nothing, but who hides a very sensitive heart, afraid of being seen and wanting to be loved from start to finish. Because of that, he can draw your attention. You feel it, you intuit it from the beginning. But it is mission impossible, Pisces. Why? Because there is nothing and no one who can dominate the heart of Aquarius. For you Pisces, it is very difficult to see how someone closes in on himself. It’s very hard to see how he leaves, how he escapes from your hands, and that you can’t do anything. You want him to talk, to express what he feels, to vent with you. You really want it, but you know that with Aquarius, that is precisely impossible, a heart as hermetic as his, does not change overnight, so either you accept it, or you let it fly.

For you Pisces, water is perfect. Yours are the ones who understand you best. Cancer and Scorpio know what it’s like to have a much bigger heart than the rest. They understand. But surprisingly, there is also the earth. That security that you lack so much and that would do you so much good. It wouldn’t be easy, but it wouldn’t be impossible either. Think about it.


What Sign Pisces Should Away From

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