What Makes You Unpleasant According To Your Sign

What Makes You Unpleasant According To Your Sign

Not everything in us is beautiful, there are certain things that make us look very unpleasant, and deep down we know it, but it is very difficult for us to assimilate it. We have learned to live with that dark side, yet we hurt those we love because we are unable to control ourselves. Has it happened to you? What is it that makes you unpleasant according to your sign? You should start working on it because even you have felt bad about your outbursts. Okay, nobody is perfect, the important thing is not to excuse yourself with the typical phrase “that’s how I am.”


If there is something that changes your sense of humor in seconds, it is just when things do not go as planned in your mind. Do you realize how heavy that sounds? It is not worth demanding yourself at that Aries level, much less unloading all your anger on people who are not to blame for anything. You know that your temperamental side shows no mercy to anyone and in those moments you behave like a child with an uncontrollable tantrum. The downside is that you can say very hurtful things and even if you regret it later, the damage becomes irreparable.


Come on, you’re not kidding yourself, you know that you have a pretty intense side when it comes to getting what you want because you like good things and you’ve never been a conformist. If the point is to work hard to indulge your whims, don’t hesitate for a second. However, your ambition can bring out the worst in you, because you focus so much on a goal that you neglect the spiritual part. It is good to have an income that meets your needs, but do not forget that your emotions matter and also those of the people you love. Take some time to let go and ask yourself if you really deserve all that stress over something material.


Sometimes many people who love you fear you too. Don’t take it personally, but you know your character is worse than a whirlwind and you never know what attitude you’re going to wake up with. Your outbursts can lead you to make very intense decisions, the kind that changes your life, and then it is very difficult to take a step back. Those two faces of yours can turn into pain and you know it. Start by not minimizing; The fact that it passes quickly and then you continue as if nothing, does not mean that others are going to take it in the same way. Take a deep breath and be more empathetic, because not everyone is going to act as you expect and explode, it is not the solution.


Your emotions are sacred, deep, but very unpredictable. There are times when your intention is good, but you cannot control yourself and that can lead to very intense reactions. You are not always the sign that puts solidarity and love ahead, you also break. The Moon does not help much and your sadness may take you away from the people you really love. The fact is, that by fleeing from the situation you will not be able to achieve anything, much less if you let your thoughts betray you by returning again and again to the past. You no longer belong there, you changed, you are not even the same as yesterday, and saying goodbye to your old version is a duel that you have to practice every day to truly heal. It is good that you give yourself the opportunity to be wrong, but do not let yourself fall, you are stronger than all that Cancer.


It is true, in your heart there is no evil, Leo, you are not the type of person who is waiting for someone to take a wrong step to make fun. On the contrary, when you know that you can help, you do not hesitate to do so. Courage has led you to stand out from the rest and your generosity has earned the admiration of many. The problem is that your ego is very treacherous, it makes you believe that if you are not given the attention you want, you are not enough. That makes you very competitive, even when you don’t say anything, but you keep seeing in what new area of ​​your life you will become the best. You are fun and talented, you don’t have to be a beast just to shut up. Remember that it is your essence that counts, not what you do.


It seems that you have an angel and a demon on each side, both very meticulous. The truth is that when you propose something to yourself, you are one of those who delve deeply because you hate missing out on any minute detail. However, that can lead you to exaggerate and not take into account your own needs in order to meet the goal. Your standards are very high, that’s fine, but remember that it is not justifiable that you abuse others. Physical strength is not always required, also the world is cruel and you know it. You have a side that is very sarcastic and does not respect anyone. It is not worth the righteous pay for sinners. That is your ugliest side, the one that many consider unbearable. Even yourself.


If there is something that does not lie, it is your energy, you are a very easy person to love and admire because you give yourself from the heart and you are always looking for a way to put yourself in people’s shoes. Your character is relaxed, you don’t need a million luxuries to have a good time, but… when you dislike someone, it also shows and you don’t get to fake smiles. The only ugly thing about you is that you have an impulsive side that leads you to adventure all the time. That is, you don’t think much, you just let yourself go and that can make you fall into instability, which deep down you don’t like. It’s like you’re looking for a new thing all the time to stress yourself out, even though you know it will make you sick. In those moments it is better that you have your space because you can say things that are too intense.


The contrast in your personality even seems unbelievable. You can be a warm, dedicated, sweet, and loving Scorpio. However, you have a scary side to the coin. When you propose, you put a barrier so high that it is practically impossible for someone to cross it. Your heart becomes a glacial one and for something to move you, it will be very complicated. It is the most effective way that you have found so that they do not look at your face, but you have to realize that not everyone who approaches you wants to hurt you. Scorpio, you don’t need to bring out your controlling and manipulative side to set limits. If someone bothers you, go away, you don’t have to lose your sanity for those who are not worth it. Don’t hide in that evil mask.


There are times when so much indifference on your part causes you to end up having totally arrogant behavior. Sagittarius is not worth it, because the fact that other people do not follow your lifestyle does not make them less. It may be that your arrogant side is the reason why some tears appear and the worst thing is that most of the time you do not realize it or you do not want to pay attention. It’s okay to trust your abilities and not let people see your face. But please do not exaggerate, because like everyone else, you hold defects that must be worked on, and while you decide to ignore their good intentions by looking only at the bad, many only approaches you to help you. Being on the defensive can bring you down Sagittarius.


Let’s see, nobody is going to say that you are not intelligent, on the contrary, it is something that defines you from the first impression, but that is not synonymous with not making mistakes. There is a part of you that is extremely foolish and can become a stone in the shoe because you do not accept when you are wrong and you are able to argue as long as necessary to show that you know about the subject. Capricorn, you are living under a lot of pressure just because of your ego, don’t let it manipulate you like that. You are not just the pile of medals hanging around your neck. Your emotions are also very valuable and you know it, but when was the last time you did what your heart asked you to do?


‘I’m not going to change, it’s hard to realize that that phrase has become one of your favorites, especially when you feel judged. You are so used to not sharing the ideas of the rest, that you have already become too fussy and are only seeing a way to show that you are weird and do not think to do anything about it. Aquarius, you have to know that it is not a competition, you do not have to go against the rules all the time to shut up. Your ugly side is when you cling and do not let anyone enter the depths of your heart, because you are terrified of being hurt, and you prefer to be a thousand times the person who does not live together, does not have an opinion and who criticizes internally. You know that you are not boring and pretending will lead to bitterness.


I know that it is very difficult to assimilate that the world is cruel, that it does not give you the confidence to relate a lot with people. However, you are sinking Pisces and you know it because you have created your own world, in which fantasies adorn everything. It’s okay to stray from time to time, but don’t get lost so much, because life is running out for you, Pisces. Not all are bad, not all are good, that is already known, but only he who is capable of accepting thorns can enjoy roses. Do not settle and do not evade what is happening at the moment. There are many who have big smiles ready for you, but you do not let them in and thus you will not achieve anything.


What Makes You Unpleasant According To Your Sign

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