Why Are You So Intense When You Fall In Love According To Your Moon Sign

Why Are You So Intense When You Fall In Love According To Your Moon Sign

Sometimes, we have certain outbursts when it comes to love, it is as if something inside you decided for you and when you least think you have already reacted like a teenager in his first love. Don’t worry, don’t judge yourself cruelly, maybe it’s your moon sign doing its thing and that’s why you’re a little more intense when you fall in love. There are your emotions, the deepest and the ones that can make you someone completely different from what you usually are. Have you ever felt like this? After reading this it will all make sense. Why are you so intense when you fall in love based on your moon sign? To know your moon sign, it is important that you know your natal chart.

Moon in Aries 

You want to know everything, that is the Aries in love, the one who enjoys discovering things about that special person. Definitely, loving half is not your thing, the more passionate and deep everything is for you, the better. What you want is that no moment slips out of your hands. Sometimes it seems like you have an internal clock that is rushing you all the time. You say things the way you feel them, which is not always good because maybe the other person is not ready for so much. The best thing is that you take it easy, it’s fine to inject a spark into everything, but don’t overdo it. Let yourself be loved, that the other person also do nice things for you. Giving and giving without receiving anything in return is not healthy. 

Moon in Taurus 

You do not care if they call you crazy or exaggerated, but you are not one of those who are satisfied with a little delivered love. On the contrary, you show your loyalty from the first moment in which the relationship is formalized. The Moon fills you with power and elevates your emotional side, which causes you to have excessive lapses of romanticism. However, you have to accept that you are too stubborn when you propose it and you are not always the best at communicating your emotions, especially when you are not in a good mood and arguments are present. That can lead you to hold unnecessary grudges because it is very difficult for you to accept when you are not right about something. It is important that you control your temperament and avoid that due to trifles, your relationship ends.

Moon in Gemini 

The essential thing for you in a relationship is that both of you have the possibility to express what they feel without fear, you don’t like keeping anything with yourself, even when you know that it can be very uncomfortable for the other. You are a sensitive, curious soul and you adapt to everything that comes your way, but your partners are not always prepared for the freedom you squander at every step. The Moon can suddenly alter your emotions and all you want to do is get away. You seek to confirm over and over again that you are in control, that there is no tie that takes away your energy. The bad thing is that then it passes and you want to continue as if nothing else, so it is important that you take your partner into account since it can become very personal and hold a grudge.

Moon in Cancer 

There is no one who has a deeper connection to the Moon than you. He is the one who governs your walk and although there are times when it becomes a headache, you like your heart to be unrepeatable. You really enjoy when you give yourself to a person, you really are an open bookAnd you are not afraid to share your weaknesses because you know that it is the only way they can truly know each other. Your intuitive side is highly developed, that’s why you always listen to what your five senses tell you. Perhaps for some, you have the soul of a witch, but it is not something that offends you, on the contrary, it is very nice to realize that nobody sees your face. Many times you pretend this is because you want to see how far the other person is capable of going, but you will do everything you can to put them in their place. Let no one get into your relationship because you are capable of anything to defend it.

Moon in Leo 

Your audacity, determination, and the security that you squander when you are in a relationship are not up for discussion. You are not afraid of people knowing that you are very clear about your goals and that you are not willing to settle for a love that does not fulfill you in every way. Respect and support are essential for you. However, intensity is also required, you are one of those who love in an unexpected way and know how to steal smiles because you like to break with all kinds of routine. The only bad thing is that your emotions are very changeable, especially when you feel belittled. If the person is able to awaken your dark side, they will have to prepare to meet a temperamental Leo, the one who says very hurtful things and does not regret it. If you do it, you pay for it, there is no more.

Moon in Virgo 

You are a very discreet sign when it comes to falling in love, Virgo, what you least want is for people who have nothing to do to start giving their opinion, and for the same reason, you set limits from the first dates. Just because you’re so reserved doesn’t mean you don’t have an emotional side. Of course, the Moon awakens your sensitivity when it comes to loving, but you never lose your analytical part and that helps you maintain balance. What you want is to build something in the long term, that passing love is not your thing, because you always end up with a broken heart. There are many things that shake your life, but you don’t say it because what you hate the most is being seen as the victim of the story and that’s when unfortunately you prefer to shut up. Actually, you are very noble and you have your fragile side, but there are few people who are going to meet you.

Moon in Libra 

You are idealistic, considerate, and have the ability to put yourself in the shoes of your partner, Libra. When you fall in love, you do it from friendship and in a very genuine way, you do not want to show something that you are not and it shows since you express your emotions without fear. Although, the Moon can make your tears take over the situation at the least expected moment because it is impossible for you not to feel the pain or the joy of others. You are very transparent and you don’t always need to show it in words, because it shows in your eyes. You don’t like arguments, but some days you feel very lonely, wanting to be hugged and let everything pass until things are better. You are patient, understanding, and not one to throw away a relationship. If you leave, it is because your love is over or your dignity is at risk.

Moon in Scorpio 

You are intense, funny, passionate, Scorpio. Without a doubt, when you love you to do it in a very real way, you do not like to feel that you appear to be something that you are not. Masks are not allowed in your relationships and the moment you feel that your partner is not being sincere, you put the cards on the table. You are not given that to pretend that nothing happens. It is difficult for you to open up and it is not fair for someone to throw away your effort. Your emotions are unpredictable, there are times that even you get upset because your battery dies from one second to another and that is synonymous with instability. You do not like to feel insecure, because you are very suspicious and anything can change your story. You are crazy and very in love, but if they do not value it, you go.

Moon in Sagittarius 

In your heart there is room for everything, you have that touch of adventure, restlessness, and a lot of passion. You like relationships in which they are delivered from the soul, you do not want superficialities, you want to immerse yourself in the world of the other person. You are intrigued by his thoughts, what terrifies him and what he dreams of. You are not the type of partner who minimizes emotions, on the contrary, when you listen you become calm for anyone. However, there are times when the Moon awakens your liberal side, you yearn to experience that no one has you under their command that is why your partner may feel a little bad, not because he wants to blackmail, just that he would like a little consideration and that you do not escape out of anywhere. Your partner may understand that your space is sacred, but remember that emotional responsibility is essential.

Moon in Capricorn 

The Moon can throw your emotions into a stir, but not enough to destabilize your world because you are an extremely intelligent being and you love to stick to what logic demands of you. Being practical and reserved is not something that costs you work at all. However, when the Moon does its thing, it helps you express all those feelings that you usually shut up and that relaxes the situation with your partner because they do not always understand that you are very special and they can judge you for being too cold, even if it is not like that. . It is important that we notice the difference between being cold and disinterested, the fact that you do not show your affection does not mean that you are not detail-oriented and do nice acts for your partner. In this way, it is how you express yourself and it is a privilege for those who can notice it.

Moon in Aquarius 

For you, logic is not an ornament, you are an expert in controlling emotions and you do not let them see your most sensitive side in a short time. Let’s say that even if you don’t say it, you like to put your love to the test, you want to be sure that it is someone who is worthwhile because deep down you are a being who gives himself with all his strength, but you do not intend to give him what Best of you to those who only come to unload their traumas and find a way to make a new wound. Your heart is pure, it likes to help, especially when it comes to those people that you care too much about. However, you tend to walk away when you feel pressured or they want to cage you. You do not like to be imposed, you are not for something so toxic, and even if you are in love you leave.

Moon in Pisces 

You surrender without fear, from empathy, romanticism, and intuition. The energies do not lie to you, and you decide to stay or not, next to a person from the first date. You have the gift of perceiving their intentions and a weakness for saying what you feel. Your heart is very restless, it is not willing to wait for someone to change to meet the expectations that you have always dreamed of in matters of delivery. You find it most annoying to have to walk after someone to treat you as you deserve, the least you want is to be a burden. If they can’t love you, don’t waste your time, there are many more options. The fact that you are sweet and in love does not mean that you are going to put yourself at the feet of people so that they do whatever they want with you. Behind your delicacy hides a very brave being, who has gone through so much, that he is no longer afraid of a new change. Never underestimate Pisces.


Why Are You So Intense When You Fall In Love According To Your Moon Sign

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