Ranking Of The Signs That May Leave You In Seen

Ranking Of The Signs That May Leave You In Seen

What does it mean to be seen? Well, very simple: you send a message to someone, and that someone reads it but does not answer you. It has happened to all of us at some time and it is very annoying when you want to receive an answer. There are people who take it well and people who make a drama for it. Here is a ranking of the signs that can leave you an insight:  


If a Taurus leaves you insight, get over it as soon as possible. He is one of the most stubborn signs of the zodiac, so if his mission is NOT to respond, he will carry out that mission at all costs. See their silence as “see you later” or “leave me alone.” Even if you can’t wait, if you don’t want to answer, Taurus is very faithful to its principles and will stand firm in its decision. Whatever it takes.


Look, if Aries does not feel like talking or answering a message, he will make it clear. No answer, period. Aries has a habit of rushing through almost everything in life. When you have to work, when you clean your house, when you do everyday things, it does not matter, you go at full speed. You can read a message, say that you are going to reply to it, and realize that you didn’t reply within days. And nothing happens, it is like that, he is in a hurry and does not realize it.


If Virgo dits you for several days, it is probably because they have no idea what to say. Virgo measures a lot of what he says, what he does, and even what he thinks, so it is not surprising that it takes time to find a suitable answer. There is also the option that you are lazy to answer, that with Virgo laziness sometimes abounds a lot. Sit back while you wait for their response.


Two things can happen with Libra. He can leave you insight for days or weeks for no reason because he has forgotten and that’s it. Or you can do it because you do not know what to answer and want to find a suitable answer for the person who has written to you. If you do not answer out of pure pride, Libra will read the message several times even if you do not answer it, because even if you want to move on from the topic, you will not be able to get it out of your mind …


Aquarius is calm in nature and this can also be seen in their responses. You can read a message, say that you will reply to it in a few minutes, and realize that you did not reply to that message after about fifteen days. It is like that, he is a free soul who always goes about his business and sometimes he forgets and that’s it, there are no more reasons behind it. The surprising thing is to see an Aquarius online …


When Pisces doesn’t show signs of life for a long time, it’s bad. That means something’s wrong with him. Either he’s upset about something in particular or he’s not having a good day. He is a very emotional person and it shows even in his writing. It is quite rare that Pisces does not feel like having a good conversation, so if your fish friend does not answer, insist, because it may be that he ends up talking about what he really is. happens.


With Gemini, you never know. It is very rare for Geminis to see you for several days. If so, you are probably angry about something or upset with some action of the person who has written the message. There is also the possibility that you have nothing to do with that person and only need a full day of disconnection from networks.

8.- LEO

It’s very rare that Leo leaves you insight. Why? Because a good drama always calls you. He does not shut up when he feels that he must answer someone. Whether for better or for worse, Leo is one of those who types to leave his mark. Through a text message, you can say everything in detail, because the lion is very of or all or nothing. So if he does not answer you, it is because you are no longer in his life.


Lapses are quite frequent in the life of Scorpio, it is not surprising that he reads a message to answer a week after having read it. It may also take time to answer because he likes to always look for the correct answer, then misunderstandings come … Scorpio is not one of those who punish others with his indifference, because he cannot bite his tongue. No more no less.


If the archer does not show signs of life, it is probably because he opened the message inadvertently and left it there, forgotten. There is also the possibility that you don’t have time for that message right now. And nothing happens, Sagittarius is not going to stress. If the person who does not respond is angry about your delay, door. Sagittarius is not going to stress over those things.


If Capricorn leaves you insight, it is for something. Surely you asked him a serious question or he just doesn’t know what to say. You have to take your time to open up, write, and think. He always has many things in his head, hence he can leave you insight because sooner or later he answers. Now, hold on when I answer because the goat does not go unnoticed.

12.- CANCER 

For better or for worse, Cancer is always available and is highly unlikely to let you down. Even if you want to “make someone suffer” with your indifference, you cannot, because you may want to express what you think. Cancer cannot shut up, nor does it want to, silences do not help it at all. The crab is a human mistake, do not be surprised …


Ranking Of The Signs That May Leave You In Seen

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