What Makes You Shake From Fear According To Your Sign

There are fears that stay deep inside, that make your heart go a thousand an hour. Fears that deceive you, make you believe that you are not enough, that you cannot and that it is not worth trying. Every day we fight our fears. This is what makes you tremble with fear according to your sign: 


You are strong, the person who has fire in character, that in the worst moments your resilient side comes out to defend itself and show that once again you can with everything. However, there is something you cannot deal with, the distance from the people you love . When someone special leaves you, you can lose control, you pretend nothing is wrong, but you are afraid that the relationship will not be the same again. You try to hide it but you fall asleep crying.

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You are the one who enjoys the organization, the plans keep you calm, but when something breaks with the routine you can get upset, the change scares you , not having control and knowing that there is a possibility that everything will go wrong. Your survival instinct is affected, it is difficult for you to make decisions under pressure and reinventing yourself is something that causes you stress and anxiety. Also, your personality is shy, you don’t adapt quickly to new people.


There is something with which you cannot, is the fear of not being able to show yourself as you are. You detest people who have to pretend, who live on appearances to meet the expectations of others and it overwhelms you to finish the same way. You are a restless soul, who does not follow the pack, who was born to be heard and you do not want to end the bitterness of company just because you do not have the courage to show yourself without any mask.


Cancer is synonymous with home, company, who honors affective relationships. So what terrifies him the most is being alone, he enjoys the people he loves. You don’t feel comfortable spending a lot of time with loneliness,so you find a way to fix it, but the journey can lose control. Remember that Cancer is very emotional, when they feel excluded it is terrible, because it affects their self-esteem and dignity.


The sign that is blessed by the immense sunlight, is who was born to be seen here and in China. Leo works hard to excel, to show that he has the ability to achieve everything he sets out to do. However, something that terrifies him is going unnoticed, that his efforts are not valued and that his emotions are minimized . He wants to be the center of attention and has a hard time accepting when he is not. Leo does not tolerate being treated like one of the bunch.


If there is something that Virgo can’t stand, something that makes his knees shake, it is certainly when they begin to meticulously enter his life, until the point reaches where they make decisions for him. Virgo has the gift of power, he likes to control each of his steps and knowing that another person is the one who will do it, makes him feel like the most insignificant person in this world. Virgo seeks tranquility, not someone who tries to handle it. 


Libra gives you his mind, heart and soul. When he loves, he does it in the purest way, but if someone betrays him, he becomes the most insecure person in this world. He is the one who knows very well how to put a shell in his next relationship. It terrifies him to think that someone he trusts, to whom he has told his fears, sorrows, joys, his dreams,ends up hurting him in the most cruel way. Libra is afraid of ending up crying again in a corner.


Scorpio is the sign that can teach coldness classes, who goes through life relating without having to fully involve the heart. Butbehind that mysterious personality hides a soul that is afraid, the idea of ​​showing his vulnerable side terrifies him, because in reality he is very sensitive and does not want to be hurt. Scorpio is one of those who does everything possible to see the person they love happy, but does not want them to use their weaknesses against them.


A sign that has dreams to cover the entire sky, envisions its life in a big way, and works hard. He is the one who takes advantage of any opportunity that involves adventure. However, there is something that makes her knees shake. Deep down, he is afraid that everything he imagines will never come true. It is the person who is thirsty for freedom, to do whatever he wants and not to follow the rules. You are terrified of being with someone who prevents you from achieving it.


The sign that takes steps very cautiously, who honors perfection and demands every second. There is something that keeps you awake, that terrifies you and that you do not want to tell anyone. Capricorn is afraid of failing, failure is something he does not know how to deal with and although he is a hard worker and gets back up, he goes through a very bad streak. He is always thinking about doing it in the best way and when he makes a mistake he loses control, he feels horrible.


Aquarius is transparent, he is the person who prefers to lose friends than to pretend something he is not. Honesty is her best accessory and for this reason she is very afraid ofending up in a situation where she has to pretend. He is a very spiritual person, he has a bohemian, creative side and when someone tries to catch him and subject him to monotony he turns off his smile instantly. He doesn’t want the life where you become just another machine.

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Pisces is a very sensitive sign, it is the one who can feel bad or good, just by feeling the vibe of people. So itscares him when others do not support his opinion,as if they were against him or simply had no case to express himself. He is very respectful and argues in the best way, but there comes a time when he cannot handle criticism. He can’t handle the idea that there are people who don’t have a single ounce of empathy.


What Makes You Shake From Fear According To Your Sign

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