What Is The Makeup That Suits You Best According To Your Sign

What Is The Makeup That Suits You Best According To Your Sign

In bad weather red lips, women are fantastic, but with makeup they are a perfect work of art. Do you feel that something is missing in your life? Maybe it’s a bit of color here and another there. Each zodiac sign is lost in shadows, lipsticks, powders and a lot of creativity. Makeup is not for everyone, it is for those who dare to get the best of themselves. Only those who love the gentle way the brushes caress their face understand what I am talking about. Makeup is empowerment, it is the gallantry that a lady has to show herself to others. It is a hug to our self-esteem and, why not? Also a bath of self-love. If you have no idea where to start, this will help. What is the makeup that suits you best according to your sign?


Aries knows that true beauty is in his attitude, in the way he puts his pants on every time life has a new adversity in store for him. You are ardent, brave, determined. That is why your makeup should include luminosity, a bit of shine and intense lips that honor your daring part. Don’t be afraid of intense tones, dark shadows can add depth to your piercing gaze. You are so that your eyelashes are noticeable from afar and that your lips make a difference due to their thickness. Smoky makeup in dark tones is ideal to boost your vitality. If you are going out during the day it is better to wear a soft tone on your lips, but at night you can use something darker and you will look divine.


Taurus is the woman who honors naturalness, the more practical everything is for you, the better. That is why the ideal is to use a delicate makeup, in which the soft tones steal the attention. The idea is that your skin looks very fresh, with that touch of perfection that you love so much. Hence, you can use a little highlighter on the nose, cheekbones and part of the forehead, but do not overdo it. It is the type of makeup that does not go out of style and that you can use for any occasion. A matte tone in a natural or slightly pinkish color is very good on the lips, just to slightly highlight the contour of your lips. It is important that you curl your eyelashes and that you do not overdo it with mascara, just a light stroke is enough.


The woman who embraces persuasion from its roots is the one who cannot help but captivate with her gaze and the way she bites her lips. Gemini has a free makeup left, but one that is capable of highlighting their feminine part, because behind a strong personality hides a sweet and tender person. A sophisticated makeup is perfect, in which the outline is not invited, at least not exaggerated, if you use shadow. The best are eyeshadows that break with the conventional and make your eyes look bigger. Gemini is not afraid of vibrant colors, as long as you balance it with something natural on the lips. In the same way, if you don’t like shadows very much, you can try a graphic outline where you can play with the colors.


Cancer is the woman who is governed by dreams. She is the lunatic, the one who is carried away by the accumulation of emotions in her heart. That is the simple reason why you are the queen of creativity when it comes to makeup, the more to the test your imagination is put for you the better. Hence, a Fendi look is perfect for you, in which earth tones are the main thing. A scarlet tone in the eyes and a little intensity in the lips would be perfect. You can play around with this fall idea to steal your eyes. If you want to have something softer in the look, opt for the simple eyeliner and add a little gloss on the lips. Remember that the key is to find balance and feel comfortable above the opinion of others.


You are a diva and you know it, it is impossible not to become the center of attention in every place you step. You are used to captivating with your beauty and when it comes to makeup there is no one who has more Flow than you. You are impulsive, authentic and reckless, there is no color that is too much for you. The reddish ones make your aggressive and imposing side take more strength. Without a doubt, a fresh makeup is ideal for your personality. However, you have to put that bright touch, without falling into excess. You could try some shiny metallic shades, either on the lids or on the lips. But don’t do it in both places at the same time because it would be too much. If you want to shake looks in one night is what I would recommend.


Perfect even the makeup, Virgo, the truth is that exploring shades is not given to you. You prefer classic, discreet makeup that exudes elegance. Your obsession with what is correct means that you do not make a single mistake. You are one of those that can last for hours until your eyeliner looks exactly the same, nothing that one eye came out one way and the other nothing to see. Also, you bet on warm tones, nothing that is too flashy. You like to distinguish yourself by your elegance. Well-delineated eyebrows are your weakness, but nothing loaded, the more natural for you the better. In addition, you love on the lips, you like to highlight your look and the thickness of your lips in a very subtle way. Without a doubt, your eyes are the key to everything.


The more aesthetic the makeup looks, the better for Libra. Kindness, charm and simplicity are noticeable when it comes to getting pretty. And it is very nice to appreciate your face because you honor a work of art. The personality of your sign should bet on the romantic, that is, soft colors but with a daring touch . Pink tones are perfect to highlight the sympathy of your soul. That pinkish touch on your cheeks is perfect. On the eyelids you can play with pink and brown tones to blur in a very natural way. On the lips something relaxed, nothing that attracts much attention, because your smile is your best accessory. In the same way, the mascara is light, to avoid any type of lump. And ready! Perfect


You are like that, temperamental, brave, daring. You are the one who was not born to follow anyone’s rules, life is already complicated enough to still take the time to please the other. Your makeup screams your personality and that’s why you have a soft spot for dramatic style, shades, and colors that make your electrifying gaze intensify. Dark shades suit you very well, as well as imposing colors: black, purple, red. If you are going to use that type of shadows, sand and beige tones on the lips would go very well, something that highlights your spectacular side. The smoky eyes make it clear that you are a persuasive soul and that if you want you can put lipstick on your lips. Why not?


Sagittarius is the creative one, the intense one. Call her crazy, moody, call her whatever you want, because in the end she doesn’t care and, when it comes to makeup, she makes it clear that breaking the rules in her passion. It is the woman who does just what the rest do not dare and that is when she wins admiration. Sagittarius seeks to be outgoing, look in the mirror, and honor freedom. That is why graphic makeup could fascinate you. He is the one who dares to mix vibrant colors: oranges, blues, metallic. In addition, play with the sizes, that is, a more pronounced and elongated outline. Similarly, the glitter does not bother you. It does not need to be something highly charged, it can be light, but with those unique details, very similar to the flashes of the Universe.


Capricorn women are elegant, discreet, but very radiant. They prefer soft makeup, with light covers and a little shine that highlights their daring part. They go for the classic though, they like smoky shadows, but in shades of brown, nothing that gets too pronounced. They go for the practical, a thin eyeliner, even only the corners and the mascara, just a single pass. You like everything to look as natural as possible, but always hiding imperfections, such as dark circles or some other mark. Capricorn does not need anything exaggerated, the intense shades are left for special occasions and in the day to day, he bets on the casual. The sober colors and the classic lipsticks are more than enough to look perfect.


Aquarius is the one who breaks with ideals. She loves going against the tide and of course when it comes to putting on makeup she puts creativity above all else. She is the woman who bets on color, it really turns the mixture of tones into a carnival. A makeup where long eyelashes are the protagonists, the more volume the better. Of course, without lumps and with an illuminator that gives just the right glow to your skin. You don’t need so much color on the lips, just a light shade is enough to give it a natural touch. You are obsessed with everything that is fashionable, everything with which it can be expressed without any prejudice. You know that your face is a canvas and to bring it to life you paint yourself. All kinds of decorative cosmetic is more than welcome.


The Pisces woman, the dreamer, the delicate one, the one who honors everything feminine. When it comes to putting on makeup, you are very selective, you want something sweet, but without losing the waste of your sensuality. What you pay attention to the most is your base, something that has good coverage and gives you that porcelain skin . Your palette of shadows is with soft colors, you do not abuse the concealer and focus the attention on the eyebrows, something that gives you a sophisticated touch. As for blush, you blend it very well on the cheeks. To make your eyelashes perfect, you only need to curl them and two strokes of mascara, that’s it! On the lips you go for a shade a little darker than your skin color and with a little shine to give it that romantic touch.


What Is The Makeup That Suits You Best According To Your Sign

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