What Is Bullying About Each Sign

What Is Bullying About Each Sign

We all have that something that makes others feel affected at certain times with our attitude or way of speaking. Of course, in the horoscope we find personalities more imposing and stronger than others, but at some point we all show something that leaves whoever is in our presence out of place. Let’s see what is affected about each zodiac sign …


If there is something affected about the ram of the zodiac, it is that he speaks what he thinks and cares little about how others perceive him. Aries does not mince words, at most it will say phrases like “I tell you with all the love in the world” and others, but it will let go and it will stay so hot. This is not done to harm anyone, but if something affects you or seems disproportionate, you will not be able to keep it inside and if you try it will burst. This is Aries, clear as water …


Taurus is peaceful as long as they do not try to fight him, there he will snort and attack whoever gets in front of him. He does not tolerate abuse, nor is he willing to suffer it in his flesh or to have it done to anyone in front of his nose. When Taurus gets angry he imposes, affection and scares him because his face changes, his tone and he seems a totally different person than he is. The bull of the zodiac is noble by nature, but it is better that they do not touch their morals because the worst will come out of him / her.


Gemini is generally a love person, less when he sleeps, or rather when they wake him up. Depending on whether you have been rested, whether or not it has been enough, you may feel better or worse than you may be called to get up and do something. If you wake up in a bad mood, you better get away from him or her. Geminis can only affection someone right now, they transform in a way that is amazing and says very hurtful things through their mouths for the recipient.


With his usual people, Cancer cannot affection, those who know him well know the virtues and defects of the crab and, without a doubt, the good outweigh the bad. Cancer will only affection strangers, it is so reserved with people that it does not trust that it is difficult to deal with him or her. However, there is something about his personality that makes you want to meet him despite this. It is a somewhat mysterious sign, but not because it is intended, but because it requires time to open …


Leo’s presence alone imposes itself, he has such a fierce confidence and attitude that he seems capable of stopping anyone. Leo is fun, but when someone doesn’t like him or doesn’t feel confident, he can be the most serious person in the world. This sign shows that it knows what it wants and also what it does not tolerate, it is capable of affection the most timid even the most savvy. They call him arrogant, but the reality is that he is only arrogant with those who deserve it …


Virgo is synonymous with successful man or woman and it is precisely for this reason that it can affection some other person. In general, this sign has great achievements in almost all areas of its life, it is very organized and it carries out its purposes. Virgo is not close to everyone and not because she despises anyone, but because her image impacts her and her personality is not tolerated by everyone. He has a heart of gold and when he is treated with affection, he gives everything he has and more, but he is something hermetic and not everyone is in his circle …


The image of Libra is precisely what makes him affection as he does not imagine. She is so elegant and always so pristine that it seems difficult to keep up with her. The reality is that nothing to see, it is a very folksy sign that likes to deal with all kinds of people, but yes, without losing its forms and refinement. Libra is in the continuous search for balance and will not mix with people who do not provide peace and tranquility….


Scorpios are so reserved initially that no one can imagine how smart they are until they meet them. When he decides to open up, he speaks with eloquence and with a vocabulary that leaves anyone who is his listener speechless. It is a sign of strong and resistant appearance, so just by seeing it it already imposes itself. However, when Scorpio affection is when he begins to talk about some topic that he seemed to have no idea about. With the scorpion of the zodiac, the saying of “appearances can be deceiving” is undoubtedly true …


Sagittarius is a lively and witty sign that always encourages those around him, but does not tolerate disrespect and will make it very clear to whoever is necessary. The archer of the zodiac always maintains the forms and that is why when he loses them he affection whoever sees him. Sagi hates to put himself in this way as if he were a madman / a, but it is that only then does he manage to make himself respected when someone tries to exceed.


Capricorn does not impose on anyone with its mere presence, it is very correct / a with others and never messes with anyone by the face. Now, if he sees inappropriate behavior or that affects him or her, he will draw all the cards he has up his sleeve and will affection anyone who has wanted to pass as his adversary. Capri has a heart of gold, but she does not have the hair of a fool or a fool and she will not allow anyone to pass over her …


Aquarius dresses and behaves in a unique way that makes him stand out from the crowd. His presence affection those who do not really know him, the good thing is that he does not take long to make himself known and he is so humble that he is close. The water carrier of the zodiac has style, but he is a simple person with whom you can talk about all kinds of things. His open mind and how talkative he can be captivating everyone …


Pisces does not affection anyone on his own because he is very friendly with everyone, however, many people love him and he is always surrounded by friends. This is the reason why this sign could affection others, his or her people and he or she are like a pineapple, they protect each other and are always united. No one can harm Pisces unless he / she allows it because they will always have people by their side willing to defend them. In any case, although he is very sensitive, he is also very strong and can overcome all the obstacles that life puts on him …


What Is Bullying About Each Sign

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