What Each Zodiac Sign Values ​​in A Partner (Emotionally)

What Each Zodiac Sign Values ​​in A Partner (Emotionally)

There comes a time in life when the tears run dry and the emptiness in your chest disappears. You’re done with being honest, giving everything, trying to make your partner smile – and in the end, it’s never enough. It seems few are willing to deal with your scars and all they do is reopen the wound. 

What does each zodiac sign value in a partner on an emotional level? Find out!

Capricorn zodiac sign

Capricorn is the one who always goes ahead with their heads held high, who pays attention to details because they don’t want to make the slightest mistake. He is very demanding of himself and expects no less from those around him.

However, he needs a partner to help him keep his balance, someone to remind him that not everything is work and that life is also about letting go. A partner who lets him see his mistakes and helps him to improve.


Aquarius is a mystery brought to life. It is very difficult for him to overcome this distance because he does not know how to deal with prejudice.

What does he need from his partner? He needs someone who gives him emotional security to talk about everything. Someone with an open mind who doesn’t play drama and doesn’t let their way of thinking scare them. 


The Pisces is the one who puts sensitivity first, it is a soul that prefers to behave conservatively at first, afraid that the other does not understand their perspective on life.

That’s why he needs a partner who is willing to understand what he’s going through, someone who doesn’t judge, who listens, and who is committed. Someone who doesn’t constantly complain.


Aries is the one who dares to love without fear. He’s loyal, he’s free, but he always returns to the arms of those who inspire, support, and admire him.

In order for him to bond emotionally, he needs that person to throw himself into the ring as well. Someone who understands they’re broken but won’t give up on it.


Taurus is the stubborn zodiac sign who doesn’t have time to waste because his list of goals is long.

He has an ambitious side that has become his purpose in life. That’s why he needs a partner who has the empathy to put himself in his shoes, someone who understands that he wants to work hard and occasionally loses himself in an intellectual conversation. 


The Gemini is the one who has the courage to take off the mask. Some call him moody, desperate, and adrenaline-pumping, but few dare to touch his heart deeply.

What does he value in a partner? Geminis need a person who isn’t afraid to hold their hand, that they’re comfortable showing their sensitive side.


Cancer is the one who can lose himself in a sea of ​​tears, but he also has the resilience to sink into the depths of his sadness and pick up the pieces from there.

It is the sign that is always ready to give everything. Cancer won’t let go of you, so it needs a partner who has the courage to listen to it, that in the worst case it won’t run away or become defensive. 


The lion is always on the move, has a lot to do, but he doesn’t give up. He’s the impulsive, the brave, the one who’s ready to love in incredible ways.

He makes his partner his priority and he does everything in his power to see him happy. He appreciates someone he can talk to about anything. A calm soul who has the maturity to deal with problems.


Virgo always has her head here and there. Her organizational and analytical skills prevent her from taking things lightly.

She’s the one who indulges in love, but she doesn’t lose herself in romance. Because of this, she needs a partner to talk to when she gets stuck with her analyses.


Behind an elegant, brave, and social soul hides a fragile heart. Libra is the one who gives it all when it comes to love.

She’s very sensitive, has wounds she doesn’t talk to anyone about. This zodiac sign has to really trusted and for that this person has to give her security and patience. But most importantly, that person must be able to listen.


Scorpio is the dark soul, the one that few understand and that shows a hard face. It’s such an emotional sign that it needs to put up a huge barrier to keep everyone from seeing its weaknesses.

What does Scorpio value in a partner? He needs a partner who can show love. It’s not enough to hear that he loves his Scorpio. Scorpio wants facts and they want to feel reassured that the person will always be there for them.


Sagittarius is pure energy. He’s the one who has the gift of lighting up life in a second. However, there is a part of him that few know, the vulnerable part, where many unspoken tears lurk.

That’s why he needs a partner with whom he can talk about what scares him, the ghosts, and all the cruel dreams since childhood. All is not luck for Sagittarius and they need a partner who understands that.


What Each Zodiac Sign Values ​​in A Partner (Emotionally)

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