What Each Sign Does When It Wants To Get Away From Your Life

What Each Sign Does When It Wants To Get Away From Your Life

There are endpoints that break you, that leave cracks in your soul and lumps in your throat. Because deep down you know that the relationship does not give for more and it hurts. It hurts because it means that you have to say goodbye to a part of you, because habit weighs heavily and when love ends, turning the page is a challenge that many escape. They are the brave, those who decide to move away and each sign of the zodiac does so in a very particular way. What does each sign do when it wants to get away from your life?


Aries moves away when their energy is not the same, when you notice that they give you fake smiles. The moment he stops enjoying being by your side, in which you become one more in his agenda. When your messages get cold and shorter and shorter. It takes time to respond and curiously always has a pretext to avoid deep conversations. He is preparing to say goodbye.


Taurus is not very sensitive when it comes to saying goodbye, it is not that it does not hurt, it is that he has a higher level of practicality and does not get hooked. However, when he wants to get away he starts having one plan after another, because he wants to evade you. His agenda becomes the most requested and when he has a space for you, he is no longer the same person who used to have fun, now he dresses seriously.


Gemini gives himself in a very peculiar way, without fear, he does not need any title to give you his love in full hands. You realize that he wants to get away when his changing side shows up, when he makes excuses not to see you. He is no longer as affectionate as before, avoid even touching your hands and if we talk about kisses, things get worse. Your cold side is the one that takes control.


Cancer is passionate, emotional and very intense, they do not take relationships to match, if they decide to give you their heart it is because they truly love you and become unconditional. However, when they no longer want to be by your side they become the most absent. Their details disappear, they no longer have time to send messages and silence becomes their best face.


Leo is irreverent, he has no intention of looking good with anyone and when it comes to ending a relationship, he may seem like he is extremely cruel, but he prefers to be direct before falling into a game that will only hurt the other. Leo tells you things upfront, begins by asking for time to realize that he is correct and little by little he stops responding to your messages.


Virgo is the one who does a clean in a personal way. He knows perfectly well that the bond is over, but he looks for a way not to hurt the other. So he begins to live his duel in silence , says goodbye to the moments lived and eliminates from his days everything that has to do with that person, photos in networks, in his room. Then be ready and finally say goodbye.


Libra is the one who is always there, he likes to become the shoulder of the people he loves and they seek him to take out all the pain that eats away at their soul. However, when he wants to walk away,he becomes very curt, stops sending messages,and congratulations on important dates disappear. Libra is silent, it moves away as it passes, but once it does, there is no turning back.


Scorpio focuses on dealing with his own demons, a goodbye costs him a lot, because, although he is very resilient, he is also very emotional with the same intensity. Scorpio pretends to be always distracted, emphasizing that they forgot their plan. It is a subtle way of telling you that you are no longer a priority in their days. Now they have very short conversations with you.


Sagittarius is slow but sure. When you decide to remove a person from your life, you do so cautiously because you do not want to hurt, although it is known that grief is inevitable. So he begins to exclude yourself, you are no longer part of his meetings, he does not take you much into account on social networks and it is no coincidence that he begins to go out much more with other people than you.


Capricorn plays it safe, begins to distance himself when he becomes very serious. He no longer has time to talk and when he does his answers are very curt . He has nothing to tell you and his smiles are fake. He is always in a hurry because his plans await him, you are no longer so important that he gives you a space in his agenda. Now you have other priorities.


Aquarius is free, like a dove in flight. The truth is that from the beginning he remains strong, because he is an expert in raising an emotional barrier. What he does is start dating more people, he becomes very sociable and leaves your world. His goal is that you begin to notice that he can have a life after you and that he does not depend in any way on anyone.


Pisces is not good at goodbyes, because it is very emotional and the person may think that they are not sure of their decision, but it is actually the way they can say goodbye. You need to cleanse your soul to close the cycle. First he is going to reject invitations, he is looking for a way to tell you that he no longer wants anything, but without you ending up in pieces. He leaves in a healthy way


What Each Sign Does When It Wants To Get Away From Your Life

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