Virgo And Aquarius Compatibility

Virgo and Aquarius actually have one of the lowest compatibility of all the zodiac signs. And, for the relationship to continue, there must be a lot of love between them. It will not be impossible, but it will be difficult. For Virgo, a lover of order, some Aquarian eccentricities can get on his nerves. These are opposite signs and both will be seen as a challenge to be able to impose themselves on the other. Virgo will pretend to bring order out of chaos and Aquarius will pretend to put chaos in the established order. Because yes, because he is rebellious and because order, sometimes, bores him. This is Virgo and Aquarius compatibility.

Aquarius has a tendency to make predictions for the future and also analyze everything. Although he often freaks out with himself, if anyone needs advice, he will give them the best. This ability fascinates Virgo, surprises him. Often times, even if you don’t do it publicly, it underestimates you, and often those surprises steal a smile from you. On the other hand Virgo is very critical. And although Aquarius does not usually pay attention to criticism, there may come a time when he is truly affected and completely moves away from Virgo.

Virgo can feel quite unstable with Aquarius. It gives the impression that sometimes, he does not know what he wants, and this kills him.

Despite these (big) differences, Virgo and Aquarius have some things in common. They both have a great humanitarian side that leads them to want to help others. The problem is the difference in the ways of living, the guidelines set by Virgo can get boring Aquarius. The life Aquarius leads can “scare” Virgo.

In bed, Virgo and Aquarius are totally different. Aquarius is fascinated by the new, the unknown and this can scare Virgo a little at first. But immediately, he will let himself be carried away by the special character of Aquarius and under the sheets, there will be sure understanding.

The best between these two signs, without a doubt, passionate affection relationships. The worst, the way of seeing life so different ..


Virgo And Aquarius Compatibility

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