Toxic friendship: These zodiac signs are incompatible

Making best friends for life is not always easy. Everyone longs for a friend with whom you can go through thick and thick and whom you can always rely on.

True friends show genuine interest in your life and always care about your well-being.

But we often count among our friends those people who cause us more harm than good.

We often meet people who make us feel like our friends, but they turn out to be highly toxic people.

With jealous remarks and well-meaning but mostly bad advice, friendships with toxic people can quickly become a major burden.

Astrology can determine the compatibility of two friends based on the characteristics of the zodiac signs.

Our zodiac sign can tell us whether two people are made for each other as friends or partners or whether their relationship is doomed to failure.

While some zodiac signs are made for long-term friendships, some zodiac signs can never become good friends simply because they are not good for each other.

Few zodiac signs can be more prone to toxic behavior due to their dominant traits and be destined to have friendships that don’t last forever.

Therefore one should avoid one or the other zodiac sign as a friend.

These zodiac sign combinations have the potential to lead to toxic friendships and should rather stay out of each other’s way.

1. Aries & Cancer

The most important thing these two zodiac signs have in common is their good heart.

Both are known to be caring and always happy to take care of their loved ones.

They are good listeners and always make time for the worries and problems of those around them.

Since the Aries often expresses his opinion very openly and can be reckless, he can often hurt the feelings of the sensitive Cancer.

In this friendship, arguments and constant anger are inevitable.

Aries tend to be impulsive and quick-tempered and want to do things right away, while Cancerians are more cautious and tend to reconsider everything.

Both signs want to take control every now and then, and that can lead to stress.

Cancer people are not exactly known for their spontaneity to like the daring Aries.

Eventually, these two signs will get on each other’s nerves, so they’d better avoid each other.

2. Taurus & Capricorn

Since these two zodiac signs belong to the element of earth , they are down to earth, dependable and reliable.

Both are also characterized by their tenacity, so that sooner or later they will find that these two stubborn heads will constantly clash and they will often burst their necks.

Nobody will take the blame for their behavior, but rather blame the other.

In addition, they are not exactly willing to compromise and rarely tend to be flexible, so that their friendship has little chance of success.

Because they are so similar and have the same outlook on life, they will not get out of this vicious circle.

They will have difficulty resolving their problems and conflicts in an understanding way so that their friendship will be doomed.

3. Gemini & Taurus

Geminis are very sociable creatures and have a large circle of friends.

But since they are very volatile, they maintain far more acquaintances than true friendships for life.

Their need for social interaction makes them devoted friends.

They would love to spend every free minute with their friends, but this could easily make their friends feel choked.

The problem arises when Taurus refuses to want to have fun anytime, anywhere, which is very important to the Gemini-Born.

The typical Taurus can be entertaining, but they need a break every now and then, which the restless and sociable Gemini can’t always relate to.

Geminis are easily influenced and unreliable, which is sure to annoy Taurus over time.

The point of contention in their friendship will likely be the fact that Gemini will often move or leave Taurus because something will always come up for him.

He will fight back with all his might because his feelings have been hurt so they better not be friends.

4. Cancer & Libra

Cancer people are very emotional and overly sensitive, so they always want a deep connection with a friend.

They need constant affection and intimacy and want to keep their friends as close as possible.

While Libra-borns are caring to some extent, they can often be insensitive, which can hurt the feelings of the overly sensitive Cancer.

They do not trust the stability of their friendship and therefore they constantly need confirmation.

Being friends with a Cancer could become annoying and annoying because you always feel pressured to prove your loyalty and reliability.

While Cancers don’t want to hurt anyone, it also sometimes happens when they have their mood swings.

This friendship is like a roller coaster of emotions and will end in an emotional turmoil.

5. Leo & Leo

If two Leo-born meet each other, this friendship does not have a very good chance of success from the start.

The typical Leo loves to be the center of attention and that all eyes are on them.

You are gorgeous and amazing. But if both friends constantly want to attract attention, a power struggle between the two inevitably ensues.

The problem is that both are competitive and domineering, and are used to always ending up victorious.

In the long run, it’s impossible to maintain a balance, so it’ll crash pretty quickly.

A friendship with two of the same captivating personalities becomes toxic over time, so the two of you won’t be friends for long.

When things go downhill in this relationship, neither of you is going to want to look bad so there won’t be a big fight or anything.

If this friendship ends, it will most likely be calm and small enough that when they meet in public, everyone will assume they are still close.

6. Virgo & Aries

Virgo at the beginning of friendship will be very impressed by the adventurous spirit and zest for life of Aries, but over time she will become annoyed by the impulsiveness of Aries.

The entire Virgo philosophy of life is to take your time and not rush anything.

They act first when they know the opinions of their people and when they have made the right decision

Virgos take their time, they want to ask everything, and they only act when everything is in the right place, unlike Aries.

There is often an argument between these two zodiac signs that the scraps are flying, and there is a good chance one or both of them will say things they will regret but cannot take back.

7. Libra & Scorpio

Scorpios are mysterious and have that certain something that is very attractive to other people.

Everyone wants to be friends with the charming and friendly Libra-born because they are easy-going and open.

Scorpios are easy to get jealous and insecure in a friendship, and will do everything possible to get their friends’ attention.

Their obsessive behavior will drive the scales on the run, and they will soon find a new friend.

The Scorpio will feel betrayed and will eventually withdraw.

Their hot temper and lack of emotional stability make friendships difficult to maintain because you never know what they will do next.

8. Scorpio & Gemini

Both Scorpio and Gemini are extremely intelligent and passionate.

They captivate and fascinate people with their stories and their eloquence.

The funny Gemini will be able to loosen up the Scorpio and not take everything so seriously.

Gemini love Scorpio’s ability to bond and the way they do almost anything with passion.

Over time, however, Scorpio will become increasingly annoyed that, in their opinion, Geminis are unable to be serious every now and then.

Scorpios aren’t always all about fun; they take their sense of responsibility very seriously.

You won’t be able to bear it in the long run if the Gemini friend encourages you to just let go and celebrate life.

9. Sagittarius & Virgo

These two characters are smart and have a good sense of humor which is why they can be best friends easily.

However, Sagittarius will feel like the Virgo is constantly criticizing them for the way they live and for not following the rules that the Virgo made.

This will drive Sagittarius insane and they will feel hemmed in by the perfectionist Virgo.

Although you will admire her, your friendship with the Virgo will end up feeling claustrophobic to you and you will run away.

10. Capricorn & Sagittarius

Sometimes opposites attract, and that’s the case in this zodiac combination.

As long as Capricorn and Sagittarius both honestly say what they want from a friend and how willing they are to accept that friend’s differences, that relationship can work.

Capricorns can be funny too, and they love to have friends like Sagittarius to help express this side with.

But sometimes Sagittarius is just too frivolous and casual for Capricorns.

If Sagittarius inadvertently does something that hurts the Capricorn, the Capricorn will stew on it for a while and then explode like a pressure cooker because of it.

Sagittarius will not understand this and if these two cannot talk to each other about their problems and questions, resentments will grow and the relationship will become toxic.

11. Aquarius & Leo

These two zodiac signs are confident and special in their own way.

The lion’s proud demeanor will often get on Aquarius’ nerves, which can lead to heated arguments between the two.

Their stubborn nature will keep them from giving in and settling the argument.

Frequent arguments are inevitable in this friendship, so these two zodiac signs should rather go their separate ways .

12. Pisces & Aquarius

These two characters are extremely creative and imaginative, and they will be able to chat for hours about art, music, and theater.

The open-minded and freedom-loving Aquarius will quickly feel hemmed in by a Pisces friend because, in his opinion, they are too emotional, sensitive and clingy.

Aquarius wants the Pisces friend a little more strength and self-confidence, which will hurt the feelings of the Pisces.

At some point Aquarius will not mince words and say something that will disappoint Pisces, and an argument will ensue.

Pisces will try to restore friendship, and the two may try to stay friends, but they will be unable to repair the damage and they will never be as close as they were before.

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