Top Of The Signs That Tell The Truth Even Though They Lose Everything

Top Of The Signs That Tell The Truth Even Though They Lose Everything

It’s funny, people tend to fill their mouths demanding sincerity, but when you do, many leave. Few are prepared to deal with the truth. However, things are not solved by lying, or by pretending that everything is fine. Those who live hiding what they feel sooner or later end up breaking, sinking into anguish, and there comes a point where the knots in their throat decide to loosen. That is why there are zodiac signs that do not tolerate falsehoods or hypocrisy, they do not think to put their mental, physical and emotional health at risk, due to the lack of values ​​of others. This is the top of the signs that tell the truth even if they lose everything:

1.- Sagittarius 

It is simple, Sagittarius does not see the need to keep anything, if they do not agree on something they say so. If you hurt him, he is not going to stay with his hands crossed, life is hard enough not to set limits and when the truth is in his mouth, he lets himself be carried away. He has an impulsive side, that does not think and that is able to anesthetize the pain that may come after being honest. He would rather end up crying thousand times than live in a lie. Do not tell Sagittarius to be quiet, it is impossible for him to pretend that nothing is wrong. If you don’t tolerate such transparency, you are with the wrong person.

2.- Aries 

Aries does not bite its tongue as a joke, what it detests the most is keeping up appearances, pretending a perfect world is not in its information. It is a sign that cannot be contained, even when you know that if you are honest the other may end up crying. He does not care, it is better to see a person you love suffering for a while for truth than to let him continue living in the midst of falsehood. If you want to know the most brutal side of Aries, without a doubt, it is when he says what he feels, he does not know another way to express himself. If you put something away, you feel like you are suffocating, because the least you want in life is to play the role of a hypocrite. That never.

3.- Leo  

If there is something that Leo does not leave for the world, it is his authenticity. He does not intend to fall into the game of filters. Lies are not welcome in his life, he does not care if he only stays with a few people. Those who do not tolerate your honesty can leave without a problem. What’s more, Leo, open the door for them, so that it may be so. They often say that they have no feelings, but in reality, they value their emotional and mental stability so much that they do not intend to deal with people who do not have values. You may feel bad about the rapturous way things unexpectedly come out of your mouth, but you never regret telling a truth.

4.- Virgo 

The only thing I can tell you is to be very careful when relating to a Virgo. It is not that he is evil turned into a person, however …  he has no intention of receiving the approval of anyone, he says things as he thinks them. He is very determined and has the gift of putting feelings aside when saying something. Relax, that does not mean that he seeks to hurt anyone, but he does not keep things. The more natural the better. It does not matter if it is something very strong, it is the first to light the flame and burn what has to be burned. Forget it, Virgo, he is not the type of person who covers anyone’s back, much less lying.

5.- Taurus 

It is evident that the bull of the zodiac will not fall for such low things as lies. The truth is that it is a sign that honors stability, hates when they involve it in bickering, which leads to nothing. There is nothing simpler than the truth, because it not only frees you, it invites you to discover new opportunities. Taurus does not intend to live hiding anything, if the other person cannot deal with it, it is his problem, but he does not intend to change that. Maybe it is a bit special to say what you feel because you do not always touch your heart, but in the end, you know that it is brave to put honesty first even knowing that you may lose everything.

6.- Cancer 

Cancer is one of those who fully trust that although those who tell the truth are a minority, it has been the best of decisions to be on that side. When he has something to say he does it without minimizing anything, he does not want to harm, because it is a very emotional and empathetic sign, however, he chooses to see the person broken rather than to see him lying in the face. He has no doubt that telling the truth is a kind of catharsis, it may make you cry for several nights, but in the end, you will be yourself again and with the assurance that you will not allow anyone to trample you again. For Cancer, this is much more important than keeping quiet to avoid a conflict, which then gets worse.

7.- Scorpio 

Scorpio does not beat around the bush, he knows very well that only those cowards who need to flee from reality use lie. For no reason does he want to be part of that team. It is an intense sign, perhaps too much for some, but when he throws himself into the ring he does so without thinking and goes for his goal. Scorpio believes that the clean and healthy truth is a very subtle way in which life pushes you out of some places because it knows that there is only pure falsehood. It is the type of sign that is not afraid to start the conversation, if it has to face it it will, no matter who it is. And it is that the lie is linked to betrayal, envy, all that bad vibes that Scorpio is not willing to tolerate.

8.- Capricorn 

Less is more, that’s the way Capricorn goes through life. You do not want to fall into the pun in which you try to create a lot of fantasies that only exist in your mind. You are a sign that does not speak much, but when you do you go straight to the jugular and without mercy. You do not know any other way to communicate that is not honest, you do not think going against your principles just to save someone else. Also, Capricorn always has many things to do. By all means, you try to stay calm, and keeping something to yourself only upsets your nerves. The truth even if it hurts, even if it breaks friendships, loves and even family ties, it will always be better.

9.- Aquarius

Fortunately, Aquarius is not the type to explode with hurtful words. Over the years, he has learned to find calm when his bad mood takes over. However, that does not mean that he is hiding something, he can be brutally honest, even when his intention is not to create conflict, he prefers it, because he knows that the problem can get bigger. Aquarius is very strong, however, it hurts him to hurt the people he loves and does not believe in that white lies. He believes that if they omit something or disguise it, it is because they really do not have a good intention. He may not always tell you what you want to hear, but it will be the most honest thing that comes out of his mouth and that is valued.

10.- Libra 

Let’s see, the fact that Libra is at number ten on the list does not mean that he is a liar, it is just that he is too empathetic. You have a hard time seeing the people you love badly, even when you don’t know them well. Sometimes you decide to leave out certain information because it is not so serious and it may help to keep things right. The downside is that their protection can later be counterproductive and the same person who tried to save, can end up hurt. Libra, you are good, but people do not always understand it, and sometimes they are even cruel. Better not think about it so much, say things, and whatever happens.

11.- Pisces 

You are the one who feels between a rock and a hard place. That is, you have that side that loves truth and transparency, however … there is a weakness in your emotions, it is impossible for you not to think about the other. Sometimes you do it in an exaggerated way because you really care about people’s well-being. However, you do not gain anything by hiding what you know, it is very ugly to betray someone like that. Perhaps it is not your intention and your neutral way of relating tells you that it is the best, however, it is like a domino effect, sooner or later the truth will come to light, and there the person who is going to look bad is you. And all because you touched your heart so as not to hurt it.

12.- Gemini 

Finally, we have the charm of Gemini. A zodiac sign that is not a liar, but also does not waste time in finding out anything, let’s say that his way of seeing life is more relaxed. As long as you don’t get into their stuff, respect yours. Gemini knows that many times he has kept some truths to himself, because it is not his job to face the situation, especially when it comes to a couple. In the end, they get back together and Gemini is the one who remains as the bad guy from the movie. On those occasions, he prefers to stay out of the way and have each person scratch with their own nails. Also, he is sensitive, he does not want to be the reason why someone he loves falls apart. However, if you tell him something, you have nothing to worry about, it is practically a grave.


Top Of The Signs That Tell The Truth Even Though They Lose Everything

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