Top Of The Signs That Prefer Not To Surrender To Love

Top Of The Signs That Prefer Not To Surrender To Love

Life is like that, a coin in the air and when it comes to delivering emotions, things get much worse. In reality, you never know for sure what awaits you on the other side, the same can be a love that fills you with joy, as someone who comes and cruelly removes your wounds. That is why as time progresses you become more skeptical, you no longer want to be anyone’s toy and if someone does not have the courage to respect you, you are not going to waste time. It is not that you hate falling in love, but for the moment you prefer not to give yourself over to love. Your zodiac sign faces it his way and this top is proof that you are not ready yet, there are several things to heal. This is the top of the signs that prefer not to surrender to love:

1.- Aquarius 

They are the same people who have taken away the desire to show your vulnerable side. You are no longer the one who places their emotions on a silver platter for them to do with as they please. Aquarius, you are a sign that has learned to hide what you feel, because there are few who really care about you. There are people who tell you to do well, but as soon as you turn around they are already talking bad about everything you do. That is the reason why you prefer to put on pause that of giving yourself to love, you are not running away, you are finding yourself. You are learning to deal with your demons, to face everything that hurts you and what makes you great. It’s a process where you’re healing so beautifully that it would be crazy to allow someone to refill everything you’ve cleaned with garbage.

2.- Gemini 

The one with a bad reputation, honestly, people’s negative comments make you laugh. Most have no idea what you’re made of and dare to judge your steps as if they’ve known you all their lives. Of course, that you love and when you do it you know no limits, you give yourself until you remove the last layer of your insecurities. However, there are times in your life when you prefer to get away a little, detox from all those past loves that made you feel like the worst person in the world. It seems very irresponsible to you to get involved with someone again when you clearly don’t feel ready. You don’t want to give yourself over to love, because you want to find it in yourself, in that Gemini that he was forgotten for allowing someone else to decide for him. You gave too much and it broke you, but it also taught you not to trust so easily.

3.- Virgo 

Who said that you run away from commitment, on the contrary, you don’t want to meet someone who doesn’t have the slightest idea of ​​what it means to give loyalty to the other. When it comes to effective relationships you are also a perfectionist, you do not plan to risk your heart for someone who does not even have a love for it. From time to time you prefer not to surrender to love because they have hurt you too much and you also need to repair. You are strong, not even you doubt that, there are many times that you have ended up defeated while crying in an armchair. However, you always get up, but you are not willing to get used to it anymore. You no longer want to experience so much pain again and that is why you now decide to go very calmly. There is no rush, the person who instead of harming you will arrive. Only then will you give your heart again.

4.- Capricorn 

The fact that they see you focused on your projects does not mean that you do not have the heart to fall in love. You are also one of those who let yourself go, but not lightly, you do not want to end up giving the best of your personality to someone who loves you today and tomorrow who knows. You bet on true ties, those that don’t exhaust you, those that come calmly and not like a hurricane knocking down your emotions. You are an independent sign, you never beg for attention and if you decide to take someone by the hand, it is because you really found qualities in that person that you do not see in anyone else. Your love is safe and that is why you prefer to get away a little because it is the way in which you can find what is really worthwhile. You don’t want to tell someone how much you love them so they ignore you. You need much more than a bunch of flowers to give yourself back.

5.- Aries 

Come on, you have to accept it, you have bad luck, you end up intertwining your emotions with loves that do not correspond to you. You definitely hate the impossible, but there is something stronger than you that makes you fall in love with them to the bone. Fortunately, you have become much more aware and you no longer intend to allow them to come and destroy you in that way. You prefer not to surrender to love because you want to pause your fire, the one that does not think and lets his intuition take him to any path. Not anymore, life has taught you that there are times when you have to go slow, focus on yourself, and allow the way your vibe increases to attract the right person. You are intense and brave, but your impatient side can betray you. You’re doing it right, you’re learning to master it and that’s much healthier than taking refuge in love when you’re not ready.

6.- Sagittarius 

You are not afraid of losing yourself for a person, Sagittarius. On the contrary, you like to experience all that accumulation of crazy emotions that make you go back to your roots, it’s your inner child that gets carried away, period. You love when they give you the place you deserve when they respect you and make you feel loved. That is what falls in love with you, the ability you have to promise and deliver. You don’t like being chained and that’s why they say you don’t fall in love, but it’s not true, you simply want them to respect your freedom. You are adventurous, and fun, your spirit never stops, and that makes you unattainable to many. There are few loves that will be able to fill you with life, but when someone arrives you will not stop being you. At the moment, you prefer not to give yourself over to love, because you like to quench your thirst, to explore everything around you and you don’t want to have to worry about being accountable to anyone. Maybe later.

7. Leo

It is clear that you love being the center of attention, but not as people usually describe it. They are definitely not even close, you like to applaud your achievements because it is a way in which they recognize your effort. You don’t want to be better than anyone, nor do you want to enlarge your ego. It is a matter of reciprocity, you are always there for the people you love and you expect the same from them, that’s why you celebrate. That is one of the reasons why you prefer to give yourself time in matters of couples, you do not give yourself because you do not feel appreciated enough and that becomes disappointing for anyone. You offer the version you deserve, if he treats you with his toes you will show your arrogant side, but if he shows you that he genuinely cares about you, you will fall in love with his affection.

8.- Taurus  

It is obvious that you do not intend to remove the love of your life because you know that it is a key piece to continue advancing in every way. However, Taurus, you like to set the rules of the game, you are not going to allow them to fill you with their bad energy or make you responsible for ghosts that they have not been able to let go of. That’s what you run from, the wrong people, the ones who aren’t ready for such an honest bond. It is patience, your best virtue because it helps you stay calm, no matter what happens. You are not in a hurry, the person who really deserves your attention is going to arrive. For now, it is worth focusing on yourself, on what you fear, on what you dream of, and on the goals, you want to achieve. The love that follows in your footsteps and does not want to lock you in a cage will come. It is not that you do not want to give yourself, you prefer to go slowly but surely.

9.- Pisces 

The sign that embraces love from its roots, the one that is not afraid to say nice things, take walks by the sea, look at the stars, all those things that are not bought, but that remain lodged in the depths of the heart. . Your love is not taken from a romantic movie because it also has dark moments, but at least you make an effort to build a deep bond. You are the one who dreams, who is not afraid to shout his expectations. The one who allows his emotions to do theirs. That is you, always brave, intense, and passionate. Of course, you believe in love, even in the one that lasts forever and since you believe so much, you prefer not to give yourself, at least for the moment. You don’t want a love of a while to dive into your depths. For that you better talk to yourself, you want magic, not crumbs.

10.- Libra 

The vibe of people inspires you or takes away the desire for all of Libra, there is no more. There are those who drain you and make your desire to fall in love go overboard. Sure, they haven’t been cruel enough to let you down, because a part of you still hopes you’ll end up sheltered in the right arms. You are not afraid to give your heart, what happens is that it is very difficult for you to take the step towards commitment and even more so when it comes to a ghost that appears and disappears from your life. You are a very indecisive sign and if someone does not give you the assurance that he wants to be by your side, things get much worse. Also, long-term relationships make you a bit nervous, you don’t want to end up with someone out of obligation, much less dependent on that person.

11.- Scorpio 

The loves that come into your life usually feel too confident because they see you as someone daring, sensual, and very intense. Of course, fire defines you, you are not the type of person who stops at nothing, and when your instincts ask you for permission to do their thing you let yourself go like a snowball falling down the mountain. However, you have your reserved side, you do not let yourself be conquered by any kind of kisses or hugs. First, they have to get into your mind and be able to understand what you’re going through. You like people who don’t minimize your emotions and who do whatever it takes to put themselves in your shoes. Sometimes, it is necessary to put up your shield and not give yourself over to love, because there are those who only come close to filling your path with bitterness. Until you feel the peace you are not going to throw yourself into the ring.

12.- Cancer 

Runaway from love? That’s definitely for cowards. You are no longer here to hide what you feel, you already had that season in which you pretended that you did not care about the other person, but you got tired of that absurd tactic in which only hearts are hurt. You are the sign that has the guts to express emotions and when you fall in love you trust that you can be happy. Of course, you pay much more attention to red flags, but at the end of the day it’s all about love, living with doubt, you never know how the story is going to end. However, you take a risk, because life goes away and your best years too. You prefer to live a new duel than to stay in comfort without feeling anything and letting the worthwhile moments slip away. With you, it’s now or never.


Top Of The Signs That Prefer Not To Surrender To Love

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