Top Of The Signs That Party The Most To The Most Reserved

Top Of The Signs That Party The Most To The Most Reserved

There are those who cannot help it, they enjoy the good life, good drinks, and good friendships. They are those beings that radiate so much positive energy that you see them and put yourself in a good mood. They tend to steal glances at meetings and are so spontaneous that they always have a good topic of conversation. This is the top of the signs that party the most to the most reserved.  What category are you in?

1.- Aries 

Did someone say party? Before the invitation, you already have a foot on the site. Honestly, Aries, you are not worried about not knowing anyone, you know that there is always an opportunity to let go and break with your own insecurities. You are one of those who think that what is not planned always turns out better. The less production they put into a meeting, the more fun it becomes. 

2.- Sagittarius 

Of course, you had to be in the first place. Sagi, coexistence does not scare you, on the contrary, it is a way of letting yourself go, simply being you and letting go in every way. New faces excite you, relive anecdotes, and tell jokes. Everything that helps you break the routine is well received in your day, you know you deserve a relaxation.

3.- Leo 

The truth is that a long time ago you stopped caring about a load of remarks made by people who don’t even know you. Leo, if someone only has negative comments towards you, you are not going to waste your time. You are light from the side that they see you, you like to be the center of attention, and being a leader is part of your nature. The party is very different when you are not there, your spark is unmatched. 

4.- Gemini 

It is no secret to anyone that you are one of the funniest and most exceptional signs of the zodiac. Probably, Gemini, it is your intelligence that always keeps you up to date, you are interested in many things and you do not like to be left with doubts. You are quite compassionate and empathetic, which allows you to connect on a deeper level with people, even when you barely know them.

5.- Libra 

What you like is to store a lot of memories next to yours. Once someone earns a special place in your heart, you do everything in your power to share a little bit of your happiness with them. You like to be present, listen, and push. You are the friend, partner, or family member, who is always there, firm, and ready to applaud the victories of those he loves. 

6.- Capricorn 

The fact that you are a reserved person does not mean that you do not have your moments of madness and entertainment. You are not afraid to bring out your inner child and let yourself be carried away to the fullest. You are a brave, intelligent sign with a unique sense of humor, but quite selective. Few people get to know your intense side at parties, but whoever does is mesmerized by your warmth. 

7.- Aquarius 

You are definitely one of the signs that hide the most mysteries. For example, you enjoy parties, attention, and conversations in which your mind is put to the test. You are not afraid of meeting wiser people, on the contrary, you try to learn everything you can from them. You are of few words, but once you feel comfortable nobody can shut you up and you love it. 

8.- Virgo 

Honestly, you and the party don’t go through life hand in hand. There are times when you feel like going out dancing, talking, and even yelling, but… other times you prefer to cancel the plan and stay home. You would not change your own company for anything, it has cost you too much to accept yourself not to enjoy a good night with movies and your favorite food. That is never a bad option.

9.- Cancer 

It’s true, you enjoy being with people you value. You are very loving sign, attentive and you do very nice things for others. For example, going to meetings when you don’t feel like it, but you give your best. Let’s say that lately, you have become more homelike, you prefer a more private coexistence, with lifelong friends and conversations until dawn.

10.- Pisces 

You don’t dislike parties, but it’s not your goal to end every weekend under a table after a couple of drinks. You bet more on something relaxed, where you can laugh and dance without losing your sanity. You know that distractions are necessary, especially in these times of stress, but there are many other things that help you break the monotony.

11.- Scorpio 

I know, people assume that your personality screams party, but the truth is that you are not one to walk in the hustle and bustle for pleasure. Yes, you allow yourself your escapades, but you also like it quiet. Sometimes seeing so many people stresses you out more than it relaxes you because you tend to be too suspicious to take the first step. Yet you have gone to memorable meetings.

12.- Taurus 

Let’s see, the fact that you are in the last place in this ranking does not mean that you are the most boring sign of the zodiac. Simply that there are few people who have the opportunity to meet your crazy side. You are quite special in that sense, you are not going to get involved with those who only drain your energy and at this point, you do not care about impressing anyone. That’s why you often prefer to stay home. 


Top Of The Signs That Party The Most To The Most Reserved

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