Top Of The Signs That Have Too Soft A Heart

Top Of The Signs That Have Too Soft A Heart

There are those who are so good that they prefer to be damaged before damaged. It is not easy to get up after your dignity is trampled, but it is much more complicated to deal with the guilt and pain of losing someone you once loved. At least that’s what some zodiac signs think. This top is one of the signs that have a heart that is too soft, it costs them twice as much to repair their wounds, but they trust that they will heal and they will not allow the evil of others to ruin the beauty of their essence.

12.- Scorpio 

Let’s see, the fact that you are in the last place does not mean that you are a bad guy. Your heart is pure and also soft, but you are strong and that is what distinguishes you from the rest. You have the ability to hide your feelings and teach people who hurt you a lesson. Those who know you know that you would be incapable of breaking someone, but you are not going to sit idly by watching them interrupt your life and make fun of your achievements. If they arouse your cruel side, you better get ready because it’s going to hurt.

11.- Aquarius 

Your heart is one of the most mysterious of the zodiac, you never show your true face at first. For someone to charm you, you need to spend enough time, you want that person to show you with facts that it is worth including them in your life. Of course, your emotions are beautiful, but they are earned by those who are able to show themselves transparently and without prejudice, there is no more. You don’t care if they call you cold, you know you’re not like that.

10.- Taurus 

It’s not that you can’t fall in love or have a lifelong friendship. You do, but your selective side prevents you from believing anyone. Over the years you’ve learned that there are a lot of pretty faces out there pretending to be sweet, but in reality, they want to take advantage of your noble side. That is the reason why you keep your feelings. There are few who know you deeply and the truth is that you love it.

9.- Gemini 

Sometimes, they think that you are a distant being and that you do not compromise easily. However, that has nothing to do with what is in your heart. You like to listen, love, and truly give yourself. What happens is that you are tired of meeting people who are not looking for the same thing. That’s when you have to show your assertive side and not allow yourself to be manipulated. In your soul, there is a lot of goodness, but you are not a single hair of a fool, you are not going to let them see your face.

8.- Libra 

You flat out have to have a couple of battles in front of the mirror every day, because you don’t stop when it comes to shaking hands with the other and they don’t always value it. Libra, people are bad and you are not going to change that, you had to learn it after a couple of pulls. However, you are already very clear that you are not here to solve anyone’s life. You already loaded too much that did not belong to you. If that’s why they want to call you bad, let them do it, deep down you know who you are.

7.- Sagittarius 

Your heart is special because it has the air of an adventurer and at the same time, it is capable of loving like no other. With that adrenaline that keeps you adrift in everything, you are very independent. That is the reason why someone hardly disappoints you, you are used to bad things and do not expect much from others. What you give is born from the soul and as long as they are loyal to you they will know your best version. The one that comforts and is full of wisdom.

6.- Cancer 

Right in the middle of this ranking and you have had the good fortune to find the perfect balance between what you say and what you do. You are a very strong sign, but what is hard about you is what is sensitive, it depends a lot on who the person in front of you is. You like to do things right and connect with genuine souls, but you know that there are those who hide behind appearances and that’s when you have no choice but to pull your nails. It’s simple, you don’t leave anyone.

5.- Pisces

Pisces, you and your emotions are one, you love to listen to what your heart tells you. If someone gives you a bad feeling, you are not going to waste time by their side. You are a sign that is not afraid to show fragility because you know that a lot of love can hide in fear. That is the reason why it is very difficult to say goodbye to you, you are impregnated in the deepest. With you there are no midpoints, you love or you don’t, it’s that simple.

4.- Leo

Generosity seeps out of every pore for you. Although they look at you as someone imposing, it has never been your intention to hurt anyone, on the contrary, if it is in your hands, you do help. You are not afraid of challenges, they become an impulse to improve your version and you are able to stick your hands in the fire for those you love. However, your heart is very soft, there are many things that break you, but you keep quiet and few perceive it.

3.- Aries 

Aries, your heart is overwhelming, it is the one that knows no limits and infects others. You like to put your emotions first and when your intuition gives you the green light, you let yourself go regardless of the consequences. The softness is not noticeable, but there are many things that make you bend your pride, especially when it comes to people you love. You have a hard time saying no to a sad face. You don’t like to see someone you value cry and you do whatever it takes to remedy it.

2.- Virgo 

They see you and you seem like the most reserved being in the world because inside you there is always a critic telling you that you can improve in this and that. The truth is that you like being like that because it has led you to accomplish everything you set out to do and you are still working hard on it. However, your heart is very soft, even if you try to pretend to be a firm rock, your feelings give you away and you end up doing wonderful things for others. Even by people, you don’t know.

1.- Capricorn 

Who would say, disciplined, persevering, and hardworking? Sometimes it’s much easier to hide in a bunch of activities than to face what your heart dictates. What happens to you because you do not want to end up giving in to people who are not worth it and you prefer to keep yourself busy so as not to fall into temptation. Capricorn, you know that if someone wins your love it is for life, so you prefer to be cautious before giving the best of yourself to the wrong person.


Top Of The Signs That Have Too Soft A Heart

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