This Zodiac Sign Will Cause Your Zodiac Sign 2024 A Lot Of Pain

This Zodiac Sign Will Cause Your Zodiac Sign 2024 A Lot Of Pain

There can be several reasons for heartbreak, but the most painful is when someone you love leaves you.

Astrology can tell you which zodiac signs to avoid this year because they will give you heartache.

Find out!

1. Capricorn: Aries and Libra

Aries moves quickly and charges ahead. He wants the relationship to move faster than he should and will be moving way too fast this year. And once you allow love, he will drop you and break your heart. 

But Libra would also be a bad choice for Capricorn. He will not appreciate the things Libra appreciates. These two just don’t share a sense of what they think is worthwhile in their lives and as a result, are likely to walk out of the relationship heartbroken.

2. Aquarius: Scorpio and Taurus

Aquarius is very stubborn. He loves to debate and so do Scorpios. It could be that these two will clash over their opinions this year, and that could end in their relationship falling apart. 

Aquarius is a very changeable sign and will also struggle with Taurus’ rigidity. That could make Taurus a frustrating partner for him this year which would only bring him heartache.

3. Pisces: Gemini and Taurus

Geminis intellectualize everything and they often talk without emotion, while Pisces emotionalizes things and needs to have an emotional connection as well. So, Pisces might find that a Gemini only communicates in an intellectual way, and that will lead them to believe that they don’t really love them. 

Taurus will be extremely self-centered towards you. This will lead to a big breakup this year and will end up hurting you the most. 

4. Aries: Gemini

With Gemini this year, it’s like watching something tragic in slow motion. Having your heartbreak in slow motion is the worst. He is a fickle lover as he goes back and forth trying to figure out what he really wants. And if you assume that once he broke up with you, he disappeared from your life, then you are wrong.

5. Taurus: Leo

The Leo is almost too pushy and cheeky for a Taurus. They are both stubborn zodiac signs and both need a lot of attention. This can cause them to clash. The lion will break the heart of the bull as he will starve him with his long arm and will hardly pay him any attention. 

But Aquarius will not be a good choice for Taurus either. He’s sensitive, but he keeps his feelings under wraps. That is why Taurus will not know where he stands with Aquarius.

6. Gemini: Virgo and Pisces

Virgo will bring you pain this year because they will ignore you. You might have hurt her first, but she won’t be able to get over it and wants you to feel even worse than she does.

The fish might also try to make you feel bad by blocking. He’ll just leave without a word. And it will break your heart.

7. Cancer: Libra and Aries

Libras are very sociable, they can be a bit changeable. Not that Libras are superficial, but sometimes they just like to chat with everyone. Cancer, on the other hand, requires a deeper connection. That can cause friction this year and cause cancer pain.

For a Cancer, an Aries is probably not sensitive enough. They can get angry about things, and they may not be emotionally sensitive enough for this gentle sign. His freaks could break cancer’s heart this year.

8. Leo: Taurus

When two stubborn people are in a relationship, it can make things really difficult, which means that even if they are attracted to each other, they break each other’s hearts. Better stay away from Taurus, dear Leo. It won’t do you any good this year.

9. Virgo: Virgo and Sagittarius

Virgos are very detail-oriented – also when it comes to their partners. That’s why the relationship between two Virgos can feel a little superficial. They won’t be able to make themselves happy because they get too fixated on the details.

A Sagittarius has real panache. But that might be a bit much for the Virgo, who is more reserved and humble. Sagittarius could break the heart of Virgo this year by simply doing what he wants without involving Virgo.

10. Libra: Capricorn and Cancer

Libra stands for social interaction and sociability, and domestic Cancer likes to be at home. Since Cancer may feel neglected, they tend to cheat in a relationship with Libra, which will break Libra’s heart.

Capricorn is a bit too driven and serious for easygoing Libra. Libra values ​​creativity and art and beauty, and Capricorn values ​​more serious achievements. That’s why Libra will be disappointed if they don’t get approval from their Capricorn.

11. Scorpio: Leo

Leo and Scorpio share some similar traits. You can feel their presence as they are quite imperious when entering a room. And sometimes too much of a good thing can just be too much. The traits they share are what ultimately separate them. Better stay away from a Leo, dear Scorpio. He will only break your heart!

12. Sagittarius: Pisces and Virgo

A Sagittarius would find the Pisces a little too indecisive. It could be that Sagittarius isn’t the only one in Pisces’ life. And that will crush the shooter.

But Virgo will not be a good choice for Sagittarius this year either. She could let him down when it comes down to it. He will realize that there is no real love between the two – and he will be devastated.


This Zodiac Sign Will Cause Your Zodiac Sign 2024 A Lot Of Pain

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