This is the kind of love you need – according to the zodiac signs

Do you wish to melt completely with a partner – or do you need a lot of space for yourself in the relationship? Your zodiac sign reveals it

Aries: power love

The zodiac signs with the horns are tough and love to live out their strong personalities . Aries instinctively looks for partners who appreciate exactly that in them and who give them their full attention. But they also have to be self-confident and strong in order to blow the ram’s march from time to time.

Taurus: Entangling love

Taurus-born love to be conquered and appreciate it very much when the other treats them carefully and courteously. For this, the future partner of a Taurus has to be patient and be happy to get involved in the game that the Taurus loves so much.

Gemini: extreme love

The Gemini can’t stand monotony , especially not in love. He will probably not opt ​​for an affection two-up training, but for a constellation that is connected with more tension, fun and adventure. If he gets involved with a partner, he should never bore the twin.

Cancer: pure love

Quite unlike twins, Cancers are completely in a two-way relationship . They want to love and be loved, that’s what keeps them alive. A partner not only has to accept this, but also actively “participate”.

Leo: Dramatic love

Leo is a proud leader, even in love. This is especially true for the Leo woman, who likes to be treated as a queen by her partner . With men who are too soft and feminine, however, the proud lion queen has no fun. Your partner has to offer her at least the strength that she shows him.

Virgo: Pure love

Virgo is a clear and structured person. Emotionally, she wishes for love that doesn’t require great deeds and words . A good conversation or a deep kiss is enough for the Virgo to feel love.

Libra: Harmonious love

In love, too, Libra are looking for stability. A partner must therefore above all keep them in balance. Libra needs a lot of contact, attention and harmony.

Scorpio: Passionate love

Scorpio’s love is pure fire , whoever has experienced it once will never forget it. Because no other zodiac sign is as passionate and sacrificed in a relationship as Scorpio.

Sagittarius: Free love

Sagittarius were born to fly. A partner is not allowed to bring them back to the ground (of the facts), but needs to give them proper momentum so that they can climb as high as possible.

Capricorn: Protector Love

Deep down, the Capricorn wants a strong shoulder, a protector who is always by his side. Only then will the Capricorn feel safe in love – and then he will not let go of her either.

Aquarius: self-love

Individualism is the most important thing to an Aquarius. He will not let himself be bent in a relationship, but needs someone who loves him for who he is. So that he can love himself too.

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Pisces: dream love

Pisces like to get lost in their dreams – and what better subject is there than love? A fish needs a co-dreamer, an accomplice, who also gently brings him back to reality


This is the kind of love you need - according to the zodiac signs

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