This is how you get the zodiac signs to do whatever you want

This is how you get the zodiac signs to do whatever you want

 Some zodiac signs just make you gritty! You ask them a small favor and they do… nothing. Because often the signs are rather stubborn or see no benefit for themselves if they would comply with a request. We’ll tell you here how you can still get them to do what you want.

Convinced: This is how the zodiac signs do everything you want them to

Of course, it is never good to manipulate people in a certain direction. Every now and then you have to resort to little tricks if you want something. Here you can read how to get the respective zodiac signs to do something for you. But with one of them, all efforts are in vain. Can you already guess what character that is?

Capricorn :

You will have to beg for a Capricorn to do something for you. Make them feel like they have some power. You might not earn their respect by doing this, but you will definitely get what you want.


It takes a lot to convince this zodiac sign that what you’re asking them to do isn’t really what they’re supposed to do. Then they will want to do it immediately. They don’t like it when something is forbidden to them. They are rebels. Aquarius people will not be able to resist doing the forbidden.


Make them feel like they are doing something good and very generous. Whatever it is, tell them they’re helping those in need and you’ll get whatever you want from fish .


You want an Aries native to do what you want? Just make it look like it’s her*his idea. Aries are born leaders, they always want to take responsibility for everything. So if they feel like they are doing that, you will get everything you desire from them.


With Taurus you have to go on the charm offensive! Get creative, maybe cook them something tasty, create a cozy atmosphere or buy them some presents. Then the zodiac sign is in ecstasy and you can ask it for anything you want.


Confusion tactics are the order of the day: first you have to confuse them a bit and give them a lot of options. Then you offer them what you actually want and make it seem like this alternative is dangerous and forbidden. Gemini will always choose risk. Promised.


Granted, that’s a bit manipulative, but it works 10/10 times for Cancer-borns: just cry, that’s their love language. Cancers are very sensitive. So when they see that you are sad, they will do anything to make you feel better.


Make sure that lions know exactly what’s in store for them when they comply with a request from you. So tell them about all the benefits they could get from it. It can also help if you give her a compliment or two.


It’s not so easy here because Virgo people can see through you easily. But if you make them realize that you can never do it without their help, they’re bound to jump on it. The zodiac loves to be the savior in need!


You have to smear a little honey around the mouth of Libra -born people if you want something from them. Make them feel good, compliment them on their looks and personality, it will lift their spirits and you can ask them a favor.


Better not try to manipulate a Scorpio. Because when the zodiac sign realizes what you are up to, it will make you stew for it. Unfortunately, Scorpios will only accept requests if they like you very much or if they feel that you could otherwise harm them. So better ask another zodiac sign.


If a Sagittarius isn’t doing what you want, just ignore them for a while and let them feel like you’re having a good time without them. The zodiac sign will almost certainly want to be there and then respond to your wishes. Just to be part of the whole.

This is how you get the zodiac signs to do whatever you want

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