This Is How You Break Your Own Heart According To Your Sign

Everyone, when we seek a relationship, we wait for the other person to come to discover a magical universe, to kiss and levitate us, and to merge into a couple that is the envy of the whole world. So far very good and idyllic. But in this whole movie, what is our role? We could say that collaborate in achieving all of the above. But what happens when we do badly in the movie? What happens when we boycott our relationships ourselves? When do we feel bad but for having made bad decisions or having had harmful impulses and words with our partner? This is how you break your own heart based on your sign. Read on and you will see what it is like when you are guilty of spoiling your relationship by hurting yourself.


Aries, yours is to go forward, always moving forward, always forward. This is how you follow your heart every time your stomach tells you that there is someone nearby that you like. And you go for him/her, doing everything on your part. And from minute zero you start to imagine plans and you almost see yourself with that person having fun with it (and even for a while everything is like that). Your mistake, however, is to think that wanting is power, and there are times when the other person may not want what you do, who may not feel the same. And you hurt yourself chasing a love that perhaps is not for you, thinking that by wanting it with all your desire you are going to get it. But no. Love is given when both want, period, and end. For what it’s worth, think about when someone loves you, and how YOU don’t give in because you DON’T LIKE that person as much as you do. Well, the other way around is the same. Be fair.


Taurus, you hurt yourself when you pretend that you do not want, or feel when you say that your heart “is closed for vacation.” When you are afraid of love, but because you have been deceived and you shield yourself from hurting you again. When you let yourself be carried away by past experiences, and you hit someone who comes into your life new. And even if you are together, you stop him, and you stop yourself, and you let yourself be carried away by your fears and your insecurities. Love is always there, you have to have faith and trust to always find it. And where one door was closed, many others will open for you, Taurus. Also, think that that person who wants to be with you is not going to be forever waiting for you to relax and stop weighing the pros and cons so much. It can get tiring and you may have lost someone important. Think about it and be brave. You can.


Gemini, many times you deny yourself love thinking only you are better than bad company. And although you are always open to having a relationship, you limit yourself to let yourself be loved, thinking about the future horrifies you, insecurities enter you and you end up putting distance. Or fooling around with other people to distract you, to feel more secure / and so that it doesn’t show too much that your heart could feel something else. This is how you break your own heart. The worst thing about all this Gemini is that you are just not okay, admit it. You like to have a partner and make lots of plans together. Being reluctant to fall in love or put obstacles in a relationship that begins the only thing that does is go against you. If you need time to find out what you want, ask that person. And this is how you break your own heart according to your sign …


Cancer, when you start to like someone, you know what you’re failing at. You know it because you have lived it many times. You have experience in starting relationships and in suffering a lot for them from very early on. Sometimes because they don’t give you what you want, sometimes because you boycott yourself. And you do it every time you cling to the past, thinking about that other person and that other relationship that made you so happy. And you compare and compare and you end up messing it up somehow. You do not give the option to make the new better, because from the minute one you start to put obstacles and detract from it. And also, you let your resentment show too much for what hurt you a long time ago when you were hurt, and when you created that resentment for feeling cheated. You deny yourself the opportunity that someone can make you very happy. This is how you break your own heart based on your sign.


Leo Your strong personality, the one that you think is above everything, pushes you to think that everything you believe, do, start or end is the best, the only thing, the law … Error because sometimes you are wrong. And sometimes it is in your relationships. And on impulse, you finish some of them because you do not listen to reasons, nor do you mature the decision, you just let yourself be carried away by your ego. The one that pushes you to save your back, even if your heart is broken. And also, you allow yourself to hide what you feel from others. And you sell them that you are fine, that you know what you are doing, that everything is under control… But it is not like that, you have put up barriers to love because you have made your movie that this relationship was not what you wanted. Because you saw a bug or whatever. And you are able to close your heart because that person has made you cry at some point.

Because with those new loves that come into your life, you draw false conclusions that prevent you from having a relationship that may have such a great future that you can’t even imagine it. And even if you feel things, you rush by ending a relationship that


Virgo, the past weighs heavily on you, exes too. And this is how you break your own heart. This is how you deny yourself many relationships that are perhaps better than those of the past. They are your fears of feeling for someone again, and an overactive mind that makes you think too much about everything that happened. You worry that something similar will happen again, you compare the new relationship with the old one, and in the end, you take the path that is easier for you, break up, be alone, even if it is harder. But he recognizes that there is also some stubbornness and insecurity. And your desire for perfection, which never lets you relax completely. Think if it is worth it that your head and your fears rule you instead of your heart.


Libra, that tendency of yours to love (sometimes, not always, of course) others more than yourself, leads you to make mistakes in your relationships. That romantic streak of yours with which you surrender so much to your partners makes you weak in some way. As long as you want to please them, you end up practicing a certain submission. Actually, you behave like this because you want to make everything in the relationship easy so that it has continuity. You don’t want to disappoint that person in any way, and you end up hurting yourself. First, because the deliveries without limits are not good for oneself, they are servile. And second, because there are many very selfish people who tend to take advantage of people as dedicated as you. Be selfish, Libra, even if that defect is not part of your way of being. And overcome the fear of loneliness and unrequited love, to give in just to have someone by your side. You hurt your heart by detracting from yourself, think of it like that. You are not alone. You have you.


Scorpio, recognize that you have a weak point in your intense and dedicated way of loving. Something wonderful when it is reciprocated. But something difficult to find because it is not easy for there to be people who love as passionately as you (unless it is another Scorpio). So when you really fall into the arms of someone long-awaited and happily chosen, your dedication is absolute. So much so that you don’t even think that you have the wrong person. Love is wonderful when it is shared, but heartbreak hurts a horror, and you know a lot about that. Because you can suffer from the same intensity that you love. And this is how you break your own heart: by blinding yourself with the wrong person. Or, in your most radical version, distancing yourself from the right person, the one you THINK will not know how to love you as you need. Don’t trust it, you know a lot, Scorpio, but you don’t know everything. And that is why it is how you break your own heart according to your sign.


Sagittarius, you break your heart when you give it to someone several times even if they have disappointed you one or more times. You give them a chance to hurt you again, and you hurt yourself every time you give in. When you fall in love, a personality change occurs in you that turns you from someone tough and independent to someone who rebels to let that love go away (when you love you live between happy and surprised by what happens to you). You become dependent, but not on that person, but on what you think is important: having found someone who makes you feel like you’re in paradise. If it turns out well, you will be grateful for having bet so hard, but if it turns out badly, it destroys you because you hold on with a thousand reasons not to recognize that you have made a mistake. In addition to giving the opportunity to who you wanted your love to be,


Capricorn, you need to love more than you think. It is difficult for you to recognize yourself / a, and even more to recognize it to others. And partly you hide it out of a little shame and a little honesty. Shame because what really interests you in life is getting a good job, money, and a good house. And love too, but you see it as more secondary. And you are ashamed to say it like that, to show so clearly what your intentions are. And honesty because you don’t like to fool anyone. If you were dishonest, you would persuade whoever you wanted and fill their ears with beautiful words. And then you would go to your thing. And if that person follows you on your way, fine, and if not, then such a day as today. And that’s why you say you spend so much time finding someone or falling in love like a beast. So as not to fool anyone, not yourself either.


What damage you do to yourself Aquarius when you say you do not need love. And what is worse, is that you say it so much to others that you end up believing it. And you know that is not true. Yes, that independence, the chosen solitude, all that is very good, but a hug, a touch of the skin, the company of someone, the support when you are bad or when you want to make a plan, all that is pure life. So when you lock your heart with seven keys, you alone break your heart. You still feel calm, and with no one to question your freedom, and with your emotions at home and under control, but recognize that you are not well and happy. Just by recognizing it, you will already be taking a step forward to accept love. And to let it at least … touch you.


Pisces, you hurt yourself every time you cling to the past. Every time you put yourself on guard when your relationship is getting serious, and take a few steps back. And all because past loves are etched in your soul. And they don’t let you move forward, they pull you back. You compare the new arrivals with those who are no longer there. You close in a band with your memories, you keep talking about that person with a certain shine in your eyes, but commenting and gloating in all the damage they did to you. And with all that you do not advance. And what is worse, you imply that you are someone who is defined by their loves, when you should be someone unique, and the people you have been with, just a compliment to you. And you are sad to be alone, but you do not want to be in a relationship with someone, and there you hurt yourself. Learn to enjoy when you are alone, and if you want company, accept love again. And to the past that they give him. This is how you break your own heart based on your sign.


This Is How You Break Your Own Heart According To Your Sign

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