On many occasions, we accept everything around us because we feel obliged to do so. But that is over, sometimes it is necessary to set limits for our own good. It is very important that we stop to think who are those people who add and which are the ones that subtract from our lives. If you want to know how and when they eliminate each sign, people who do no good in their lives take note and learn not to exceed those limits.


Aries is a person who has a very special character. Many people never understand Aries impulsiveness and sometimes that impulsiveness is too much. Aries is quite transparent and does not beat around if he has to tell you something, he goes straight to the point. That is why he loves the sincerity of people.

If Aries eliminates you from his life it is because he has caught you telling lies. Aries may come to trust you fully, but when you lie to him, it’s over. He can’t stand being betrayed and when he concludes that he can never trust you again, he simply removes you from his life.


Taurus is a person who is committed to everything he does. When you set a goal, you don’t stop until you reach it. He takes things seriously and does not like to play with anything and especially anyone. If Taurus agrees to have a relationship with you he/she will expect the same from you.

If Taurus sees any sign that you are being unfaithful, he will do everything in his power to find out. And believe me, you will end up knowing. As soon as he finds out that you have been unfaithful he will eliminate you from his life completely. Taurus does not understand how someone can skip commitments so lightly and more when someone is being hurt.


Gemini is a very versatile person, everyone thinks he has a double face, but they are wrong. What happens to Gemini is that he knows very well how to adapt to any situation that may arise. He knows that adapting will live in a happier way and his happiness is above all. In addition, he is a very expressive and intelligent person and knows how to distinguish very well what is a real problem from what is not.

If Gemini sees that you begin to mount an unnecessary drama for a barely insignificant thing, it won’t take long to turn your back for two seconds. Gemini fails to understand how people create such unpleasant feelings as unnecessary. As soon as you feel that you treat him badly, he will eliminate you from his life forever.


Cancer is a person that is characterized by being especially sensitive. Cancer loves his roots and everything that has to do with his family. He takes extreme care of all his loved ones because they are a fundamental pillar in his life.

If Cancer sees that you disrespect his family in any way, be sure that you are out of his life. For Cancer, his family comes first and as soon as you try to confront his loved ones Cancer will come to his aid and will have no qualms. For Cancer, nobody is better than anyone, everyone is the same and does not support people who are throwing at others as if nothing, friend, you are out of Cancer’s life.


Everyone knows what Leo is like, Leo loves to get attention. Enjoy being special and unique and know that it is because no one can take your eyes off. Leo doesn’t need anyone to know what is special. Leo is a bit self-centered, but in the good sense of the word, he thinks a lot about himself/herself, but he does not forget those around him.

If Leo is threatened and sees that he only receives insults, betrayals, and above all he sees that you want to stand out more than him/her, be sure that you are out of Leo’s life. It will not support someone who needs to step on others to stand out. Leo has earned all that he/she alone and will not let them take it away as if nothing.


Virgo is a very perfectionist person. He takes things too seriously and will always try to make everything as he wants it to be. He is very detailed and will leave nothing untried. Virgo believes that the meaning of life is trying to make everything right, that there is nothing to spoil it.

If Virgo sees that you are trying to change it or that you want to ruin something that has been preparing time, it will eliminate you from your life. It will eliminate you so fast that it will not give you time to find out. He will not support someone who tries to change him, Virgo is the way he is and if you don’t like it, you know where the door is.


Libra is a person who needs to be in constant balance. Your life is going well when you have everything in perfect balance. At the moment that something starts to wobble Libra does everything possible so that everything is in order. In addition, Libra is one of those people who will always look for you before looking for him/her.

Of course, if Libra begins to see that you are betraying him and that you are breaking all your promises, believe me, that you have little left to be out of his life. He can’t stand disappointments and when someone does it he feels so bad that he feels the need to not have him around. If Libra sees that he cannot trust you, you have nothing to do.


Scorpio is a person who inevitably everything he feels does so intensely. Scorpio sometimes tries to control himself in that sense, because he knows that taking things that way, the only thing they bring is negative feelings. But the real problem is not that.

If Scorpio sees that people take advantage of that intensity to ruin him and blame him for something he/she hasn’t done, it’s over. Scorpio recognizes all his mistakes, but he will never recognize something he has not done. So the moment I see that you are trying to frame him, it’s over, you’re out of his life and everyones.


Sagittarius is an extremely social person and everyone knows that. It is something that goes in its nature and cannot be avoided. In addition, Sagittarius loves adventures and is always looking for new experiences to brighten his life. As for a relationship of any kind, look for someone who cares about him/her.

If Sagittarius sees that you do not take the relationship seriously and that you only look for yourself, be sure that you are out of his life. Sagittarius despite being an independent person, cares about the people he cares about and if he/she doesn’t see the same on your part, you don’t deserve his company.


Capricorn is a person who knows he has a lot of talent. That talent has been building throughout his life little by little and with a lot of dedication. It has taken Capricorn a lot to get to where it is and it is clear that it will not let anyone trample on it.

If Capricorn sees that you are trying to stop everything he does and control it, you are done. You will be out of your life instantly. Capricorn is very clear to who wants next to him and who does not, and only wants those people to support him to move forward. That is why he will be expelled from your life as soon as he is caught.


Aquarius is a person who is known for being very independent and living his life in his own way. Aquarius lives in a very special way without harming anyone. He knows that many times he can create uncertainty in others, but he will never stop being that way because he is happy being as he is.

If Aquarius sees that you begin to question everything he does and his way of living, you probably have less time left in his life than you expected. If there is something that Aquarius does not support is that they do not understand their way of life and what is worse they laugh at it. Aquarius doesn’t have time for those things, buy yourself a life.


As we have said more than once, Pisces is a person who is constantly dreaming. Pisces loves to avoid a moment and dream about the life he would like to have. That way he is closer and believes that this will attract him to his life. Pisces is not understood by many people, because they think it is always in the clouds, but Pisces is happy like that.

If Pisces sees you laugh at his dreams, you have nothing to do. Pisces knows that he is not doing anything wrong dreaming and does not understand why you have to laugh at it. The moment he begins to find himself uncomfortable and attacked, he will make you disappear immediately from his life because it makes no sense to be in it.

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