These Zodiac Signs Only Talk About Themselves

Talk About Themselves

These Zodiac Signs Only Talk About Themselves

As is well known, there are people who have the gift of simply attracting every conversation. This can often be quite exhausting and, above all, frustrating. You can read here which zodiac signs particularly like to talk about themselves.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be room for other topics.


Sometimes you just have to pour your heart out to someone. Unfortunately, the bull is the wrong place to be. Because instead of listening and giving encouraging advice, his mind tends to wander as soon as someone starts a story. Because inwardly he is already sifting through all the experiences and moments in which exactly the same, if not worse, happened to him. As a result, the opposite of the zodiac sign feels absolutely not heard and is more frustrated than relieved to have gotten everything off their chests. Because in the end, the bull speaks only of itself.


Leos also find it difficult not to automatically direct a conversation to themselves. However, they always convince themselves that they want to share their experiences and that they might help the person by doing so. But most of the time it backfires. Because as soon as you are in a larger group, everyone only has ears for the zodiac sign. The story that it was actually about was nipped in the bud within seconds. This does not necessarily make the zodiac sign popular, but can very quickly be perceived as arrogant and narcissistic.


The Gemini needs to learn that sometimes it’s appropriate not to say anything and just let the other person do the talking. Because even if he listens for a short time and repeats one or two empty phrases, he can’t wait to finally report on his point of view – and in great detail. On the one hand, this could be because he gets bored super easily and, on the other hand, because there is a real entertainer in him who just can’t hold himself back. After all, he has to let the world know what great things he has already experienced.

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