These Zodiac Signs Just Don’t Want To Grow Up

Don't Want To Grow Up

These Zodiac Signs Just Don’t Want To Grow Up

Remain a child forever. That would be so much nicer than being an adult. But while most of us come to terms with the fact that at some point we will have to take on responsibilities, for some zodiac signs this is absolutely not an option.

Because these zodiac signs refuse to grow up.


Pisces are far too dreamy to want to face the reality of life. They long for the simple things in life: relaxation and lots of fun. And those things are easiest to achieve when you’re not really growing up.

That’s why Pisces insists for a long time that they are still young and have a big adult life ahead of them. However, the Pisces tend to forget that the freedom they hope for is always associated with a certain budget. And unfortunately, you have to work for this (or win the lottery – this option is of course open to the Pisces!)


Cancers are extremely nostalgic and like to mourn the “good old days”. Be it the first crush, the first time to party properly, or the first trip alone. Cancers tend to live in the past and are only too happy to forget the here and now. And in this, they are much older and have significantly more obligations. Cancers don’t like that at all, because if it were up to them, they would spend the whole day with their old diaries and photo albums and suppress the problems of their everyday life.

But dear crabs, a little tip: Even as an adult you can still experience a lot of first times and discover various things. Life is far from over after 30; so try to enjoy the now as well.


If there is one clear role model for Gemini, it is Peter Pan. Because the twins are at least as adventurous and extroverted and would like to plunge into a new exciting phase of life every day.

With this thirst for adventure, the twins are also hiding a great fear of growing up. Because they fear that their large circle of friends and the desire for new exciting experiences could gradually be lost. After all, extroverted twins need their environment to really enjoy a situation. That is why the zodiac sign is always looking for new friends and companions who also have the same urge for eternal youth.

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