These Zodiac Signs Just Can’t Ever Say No

These Zodiac Signs Just Can’t Ever Say No

Boundaries are important and help us and our mental health to keep our distance. But some zodiac signs find these limits extremely difficult.

Because they just can’t say “no”.


Cancers have a strong tendency to self-doubt. They are never quite sure if they are really accepted in their environment and always doubt that they belong. This turns them into real “people pleasers”.

Because the crabs are sure: if they only do their environment enough favors, they will be accepted more quickly. What follows is a plethora of commitments, favors, and to-dos that crabs pile up; just because they don’t dare to say “no”. Unfortunately, this property is quickly recognized and exploited by many, which makes sensitive crabs very difficult.


Libras only need one thing in life: harmony! They crave balance and always hope that everyone around them is doing well. To make this wish a reality, Libras will do ANYTHING that their loved ones wish for.

The scales don’t have to be asked at all; they see a problem or an unfinished task and do it. This is a truly commendable trait, but Libras need to learn to look after themselves as well. Because with all the worries about your best friend, your partner, your neighbor, and your work colleagues, one thing quickly gets neglected: the scale itself.


Pisces is probably one of the most emotional signs of the zodiac. They tend to really think through every situation and through their strong imagination they manage to knit a horror scenario out of a small “no”. Because what if you hurt the boss’s feelings, or even worse, the relationship worsens in the long term? It is precisely this fear that makes the Pisces avoid the word “no” completely.

Because they are certain: it would be better to have a few more tasks on the to-do list than a destroyed friendship. Dear Pisces, we can reassure you: just because you say “no” once doesn’t mean that your friendship is over – and if it does, it was clearly not the right one for you!

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